Chapter 18

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Fairy and First Time…… and Part 1
It has been five days after Wareware wa Uchuujin da~

I’m currently confined to the baby crib.
Reading is currently prohibited, Theo and Ellie are behaving obediently.

As usual, Ena is gallantly looking after me.
Well, this time was a bit…… no, considerably……






It happened three days after Wareware wa Uchuu…… three days ago.

After successfully confirming the theoretical proof, it happened when I returned to studying words and doing control practices…… I think.

There’s a reason for ambiguity.

Naturally, reading was underway as usual, but this time, the reader was Theo, and when he was approaching the middle of the book, Ellie noticed an unusual phenomenon.

Theo seemed to notice late because I was sitting on his lap.


“Lily? Your face is slightly red? What’s wrong? …… Disaster!”


She noticed my “heat” when talking to me anxiously and placing her hand on my forehead.

To be frank, my memories from that day are vague.




It seems that Ena, Theo, and Ellie made quite an uproar.
It seems that Kuti also made quite a fuss, but because the three can’t hear her, she was being noisy all by herself.

It appears that the confusion was too much for Theo and Ellie, so Ena drove the two to their room.
Because my physical condition required quietness, she has driven the two out.

Kuti has taught me about this later.

When I came to, doctor Randolph was near me.
As I could see only the top of the old man’s chest, I figured that I was placed into the baby crib.
It’s not that the baby crib is high, the old man is just little.
Well, he’s an elder, his height must have shrunk.

Do they shrink……?

Besides…… this is weird, I was on Theo’s lap just a moment ago……

Ah, somehow my thoughts are weird, my head feels blank.
I can’t think well.

“Ah, you are awake. It’s alright Lily, it’s just a slight fever. The doctor gave you medicine, so you will get better soon, okay?”

Ena who noticed I woke up told me with a worried smile.

Did I pass out of fever?
Well, I’m a baby, it’s reasonable, no problem.
I have received the medicine.

I hope it’s not bitter.


Ah~ Somehow……. my consciousness…… faint……


Before my consciousness went completely blank, I saw Kuti saying something with an anxious expression.


…… Again…… With a bit louder voice, please……


With such thought, my consciousness fell into the darkness.




Dark, dark, I don’t know whether I’m standing or laying down.


I feel similar to that fellow who fell down……


I remember what happened when I fell into the sea in my previous life.
But, I was extremely panicked that time, I wasn’t this composed.

Right, I’m very calm now.
I’m able to think calmly.

…… Theo was reading me a book just a moment ago…… no, was I laying in the crib and getting examined by the elder?

I tried to draw out the vague memories, but vague memories are vague after all.

Just where is this place?

…… I just looked around, but…… everything is dark.


But, I’m not scared…… how can I not be afraid in such dark place?

Ah~…… That’s right…… hasn’t it been like this for the past year?
All I see is the white of magical power.
Isn’t everything else completely dark?

While thinking so, a white light suddenly appeared in my field of vision.
It steals all my vision.

It was pitch black, it completely turned into pure white.

It’s so white I can’t open my eyes.
I wanted to hold the light in my hand, but I couldn’t as my hand passed through the light.

The pure white light keeps passing through my body.


I can tell the “shape of the light.”


Small, extremely small, they flow yet don’t settle.
Almost as if was a “colony” of microorganisms.

The colony moves like a living creature and has the strength of enormous numbers.
I can feel something like a vigor of a life form.

The light disappears before I notice.

When I looked around, familiar “words” were floating.



“Startup conditional branch forced termination forced increase forced decrease minimum value global maximum……etcetc.”



What is…… this……


A significant amount of words is floating around me.

As if they were surrounding me, protecting me.

The words are clearly in my former mother language.
Yes, I recognize them.

They are different from Kuti’s words, I’m clearly familiar with them.

I can’t grasp the situation at all.

But, even in such a situation, I have no fear.
A mysterious sense of relief, do I feel like that because I’m being protected?

Although I’m in a confusing incomprehensible situation, my thoughts are smoothly moving.


I am even confident to receive Kuti’s foolish tsukkomi!


While thinking about things that don’t matter for escaping from reality, I continue observing the surroundings, there seems to be something “below” like on the ground…… anyway, something’s there.

At this time, I finally realize that my sense of equilibrium was restored, but that was pretty much useless.

I tried moving to that place below, but I can’t move my body well.


What’s going on, really……


Because I’m floating in the air, I tried moving as if swimming, but my body itself doesn’t move as I command.

Haa~ Even though I finally found a ground…… I got stuck floating in mid-air.
Humans are fond of ground~ Anyway, descend~!

I shouted in despair, but just as my body doesn’t move, my voice doesn’t come out.
However, this was somehow effective as I was slowly descending on the ground.


Oo…… going down, going down…… seriously, what’s going on!


After a little while, I reach the ground.
When I hit the solid ground, there was no problem in standing up.

My body finally got freed after reaching the ground.
I moved my arms and legs, then I noticed.

My hands and limbs are “that of the previous life.”


I got startled, and my consciousness stopped for a while, but I soon recover.


Somehow…… everything’s possible oi, haa……


Caring, not caring, I got somehow disappointed at myself who resigned to this mysterious phenomenon and let out a small sigh.

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