Chapter 17

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Fairy and Theoretical Proof and
Seventeen months after birth.


The official name of magical power (Temp) has been confirmed, so I decided to call it “magical power.”
I only got rid of the (Temp), though.

I have temporarily named it with a name often used in different world genre, but to think I was dead on.

Although I had considered that this might be a different world because of Kuti’s existence and my “magical power.”
I still couldn’t wipe out the thoughts about whether the world I currently am in is actually a different world.

So I was curious when the pronunciation and meaning were the same as in my previous mother language, as the words “magical power” were words used only in games. As expected, does “magical existence” has a different meaning in this world?
I may be thinking too much, but what’s curious is curious.

Although I say that, I can currently research only by either asking Kuti or reading books.
The majority of my knowledge comes from Kuti and books after all.

Books on magical power don’t have a tendency to be chosen for a reading, so I have faint hopes.
It’s unclear whether they even exist.
I have already asked Kuti before, but she has answered me that she doesn’t know the meaning of the name “magical power.”

As a result, we have reached the point where we can advance towards the conclusion.
I have decided to shelve the problem until a solution appears.

Speaking of which, I didn’t pay much attention to it when studying the words, but the number of times Claire enters the room has drastically decreased.

It’s not like I really miss my mother, but is she perhaps busy at work? I think that may be the case.
Even though she visited me three times or two times a day, she has been recently visiting me only once every seven days just like Alek.


Big shots have it hard, I irresponsibly settle the problem.


I think that studying words is more important, but because Ena, Theo, and Ellie are constantly with me, I don’t really feel lonely when Claire is not here.
Naturally, Alek’s rating has fallen to the extent of an uncle that comes to visit once in a while.

Studying words with Kuti currently progresses by Kuti writing the sentences that are being read, and if there was a word which I don’t understand, she would explain.
Because I wasn’t interrupting the reading anymore, it advanced at a quick pace.
I think it won’t soon be necessary to study words anymore if it continues at this pace.

Still, words I don’t understand occasionally pop out, and if the sentence’s structure is idiomatic, the meaning changes, so it has to be taught.
Therefore, I still have a lot to learn.




Today’s reader is Ellie, but we are just finishing, so it’s time for a break.

My weight also seems to be increasing smoothly as the seven years old Ellie is having difficulty lifting me up.
The nine years old Theo still has some way to go.

I should already be nearing 10kg, but there’s no weight scale so I can’t be sure.

Because of that, Ellie has recently got quite tired after high~ high~ play so Ena forbade it because it’s dangerous.
Just carrying me seems quite a chore.

She fundamentally has to be sitting when accompanying me.

“Yes Lily, oopsie tootsie, oopsie tootsie~”

Oneechan yo, I can already keep my balance and walk well, ya know? I will be troubled if you keep underestimating me.

Crying in my mind, Ellie takes my hand we start walking practice.
I can walk properly without having to balance.
But, I will not insult Ellie’s feelings, and because I want to erase the incident at Alek’s birthday party I am guilty of, I want them to see my growth as normal as possible.

Besides reading, there’s a lot of skinship with siblings.
Hugging and kissing are the norms.
Holding hands to balance is a matter of fact, and as much assistance as possible is given.

They seem to do it so joyfully and seem to be having so much fun, so even though it’s annoying, I won’t shake them off.
It’s similar to a kind of resignation, I let many things go past recently.

Well, it can’t be helped because I also love these siblings.




Because Kuti knew about “Cloudy Eyes,” I thought that she might have met people with “Cloudy Eyes” during her mission, so I asked her about it.

“I have seen three people with Cloudy Eyes about 100 years ago. But, all three of them couldn’t perceive me, nor were aware of magical power.”

I thought it would be like that from her behavior when she learned that I have Cloudy Eyes, but actually hearing it is a bit disappointing.

In other words, the disease “Cloudy Eyes” doesn’t have any side effect of being able to see magical power.

I have concluded for now that there’s no relation between “being able to see magical power” and “Cloudy Eyes.

It’s only temporary because my only basis comes from Kuti.
I can’t deny that there’s insufficient information.

It may be unavoidable that the number of projects to be covered with dust grows steadily.
The best I can do is not to forget and dust them off clean when the right time comes.




The study of words has considerably calmed down.

I train magical power by writing words and releasing large amounts of magical power before sleep.
I don’t do anything besides that.

So I thought about returning towards one of the magic practices and decided to verify my theory.


That theory being,


“Whether the separated magical power is recognized as part of the body or not.”


The verification method is relatively simple.


“Do I hear Kuti’s voice or not?”


The ways I’m able to hear Kuti’s voice are as follow,
・Part of Kuti’s body is in contact with my ears.
・Kuti’s magical power…… Spirit power in Kuti’s case…… is in contact with my ears.
・By strengthening my ears with magical power.


Kuti doesn’t separate her spirit power when using it.
When I write letters, I’m conscious of the consumption, but I am sure to separate it all the time.

It’s easier to separate in terms of control and consumption, but controlling the detached part is hard.
Well, although the expandability will increase,

The control is somewhat different, and I want to confirm some of the theories this time.
How much different is spirit power from magical power, and how similar are they?

And, whether I could hear Kuti’s voice with the detached spirit power touching my ear.

It’s not really significant because I can just strengthen my ears, but there’s no loss in trying.
It’s not a theory that can be said to be a theory, it’s quite doubtful if it will even be perceived as part of a body, but in short, theories are cool, and it would be easier if it’s recognized as part of the body. Those are the reasons.


There was also a reason for waiting for the studies to calm down.
That’s because it’s difficult to explain the separation of magical power with a limited vocabulary.
I know now a considerable amount of words and sentences so there shouldn’t be a problem.

Because spirit power and magical power are similar but different, I don’t know whether my method of separating magical power will work for Kuti, but I feel it’s better than not trying.
I just recently learned that Kuti is using spirit power.


(――And like that, I separate the magical power from my body.)

“…… Hmm…… Perhaps it’s like this~!”


It was difficult to explain by writing, but it seems to have transmitted.
When I strengthen my vision and observe the movement of Kuti’s spirit power, the thing which was connecting got separated.
There’s not much difference between our movements.
Rather, it’s completely the same.


(Yes, with that kind of feeling, try releasing it. It felt a little different from controlling in a connected state for me, but I quickly got used to it. Do your best.)

“Fuuo~…… Li, like this~! Aa~aaah~ certainly, it feels different~ Like this~! In this way!”


Fairy-san releases the separated spirit power while trembling purupuru.
Quite adorable.

However, although it took me a while to control the separated magical power……
This child, she did it just like that.

Kuti……! A fearful child!


(Then, make it touch my ear, let’s confirm whether I can hear your voice or not.)

“Ro~ge~r. Horya~!”


Whether spirit power is easy to control, or Kuti is simply incredible, that I don’t know well, but she doesn’t have any problems controlling the separated spirit power, so we verify my theory at once.

With Kuti’s shout, the separated spirit power charged towards my ear.

There’s no reason to be so vigorous, though……

Well, far from hurting, I didn’t feel anything.


(Then, I will cancel the ear strengthening, so Kuti just keep on talking.)

“Good, alright! Come at me!”


I check with Smugface Fairy-san and release the strengthening.


“Ah~ Ah~ Ah~ Wareware wa Uchuujin da~”


I’m completely unclear why she said something like that while lightly hitting her throat.
Is it because she’s Kuti?


(That’s enough, I can hear you without a problem.)

“Fufun! Something like that is no problem for me, you know! You can praise me more, you know! It’s okay to praise me more, you know!?”

(Yes, yes, admirable, truly admirable, Kuti is the strongest~)


The verification of theory ends with me praising the Smugface-san who’s puffing her non-existent chest out.

I would like to test if other people would be able to hear Kuti if she uses her separated spirit power on them but now’s not the time.
Unnecessary risk should be avoided, I want the verification to be more secure.


Besides…… there’s no reason to teach people of Kuti’s existence.


Fufufu…… I want to submerge a bit more in the superior sense of being the only one able to see and hear her.


Incidentally, when forming words of magical power, I intentionally try to write more girlish.
I also intend to address myself as “Watashi,” and make my sentences softer.



I mean, look, I’m pretty much a “girl” now?



…… Two accidents have already happened in this one year because of my carelessness, I should be more careful from now on, so something worse doesn’t happen…… Is not what I’m thinking!

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