Chapter 16

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Fairy and Name and
Sixteen months has passed.


Two big events happened after I was able to hear the fairy.

One of them was the birthday party of the person whose birthday we have not celebrated yet, my father, Alek.
He didn’t celebrate his birthday last year, but it was a grandiose celebration this year.

It seems his birthday party last year was suspended because of work.
Few things I didn’t understand appeared in the conversation.

Among them.


“It’s really nice that the things I had to clean-up didn’t pile up this year.”


He was so impressed he cried.

Does Alek work as a janitor……?

I thought that we should just celebrate it on another day, but it seems events like this can’t be held on different days than the actual birth dates.

Is there some religious reason or something?

Anyhow, the event progressed with me placed on Alek’s lap from the beginning of the party till the very end, with Elder brother and Elder sister glued to my sides.

They looked like prime examples of over-doting family members the whole time.

Claire and Ena were moving a lot.

It wasn’t like on my first birthday, but there were quite a lot of people.
About thirty people gathered to celebrate Alek’s birthday in a rather large room similar to the party room that we used for my first birthday.

A birthday party with Alek as the main star…… I was able to ascertain what kind of people the people who gathered for the main star were.

“Everyone, thank you for gathering for my birthday party! Please, leave the relationship between lord and servant aside for today and enjoy yourselves! Kanpai!”


Right…… the people who gathered seem to be servants.


‘Seem’ is because these people never entered my room before.
At the times where Ena was the only family member in residence, in spite of constantly attending me, she left the room for a little while and returned with a meal.
Therefore, I thought there must be a few servants.
Although I never heard their voices before.

However, aren’t there quite a lot of people?
About half of the people are cosplaying with cat, dog, and bunny ears.
They are working hard since it’s a birthday party, aren’t they?

It’s a house with a party room so I thought the house could be large enough to be called a mansion so I thought it wouldn’t be strange if there were at least ten servants, but I never thought there would be over thirty of them.

Besides, it’s unknown if all of them are attending.
If all servants in residence participated at the party, it would compromise the safety, so I don’t really think that everyone is participating.
Even dishes seemed to be carried in several times, and there were also quite a lot of people like waiters.

Perhaps they may be just temporarily hired, but it’s still is thirty people at the very least.
I thought that the status of my parents is quite up there, but it may not be a bad idea to raise it even further.
More than half of the temporary servant-like people have some cosplay equipment.


Old man…… you have quite a nice hobby! Not half bad!


The servants were also smiling all the time.
My family was also talking cheerfully, and I was also spoken to.
Naturally, a considerable amount of talk was about me.
Alek delightfully handled it all.

Just by seeing, I can tell that the relationship between employers and employees is good.
Rather, because I didn’t see before, I can only say that it seems good.

Although the servants weren’t allowed to participate on my birthday, I guess the relationship is still good.
They should have attended my birthday party if they were allowed.
Incidentally, the faces of the personnel at that time was completely different from the personnel this time.
Naturally, there were no people cosplaying with animal ears at that time.

I think it must be in order to meet Alek’s or Claire’s character.

There may be good and bad between the employers and employees, but I was simply happy.

Therefore, I decided to give Alek a reward since it’s his birthday.
It can’t be helped I look at him from above.
I mean, I’m older when mental age comes at play.

Ah, incidentally, Alek turned thirty this year.
In other words, my mental age is higher.
Therefore, it can’t be helped.

Well, even if I say a reward, I’m just a baby, and because I see you only once every seven days because you are always busy, but that will definitely work.




He was desperate to make me call him like that.
He will be definitely pleased with a reward like that.

After such a thought process, I simply executed it.
I don’t regret, but I am reflecting.


“Otou~shama, oedeto~gojaimashu.”


That moment, when the party room became silent just like the hundred people before, I realized that I did it again, but it was already too late.


…… I don’t regret, probably.

The second big event is that I have learned the fairy’s name.


Her name is Kulestilt.
Pet name, Kuti.


Because I didn’t have any inconvenience not knowing her name, I realized that I hadn’t asked her name two days after I became able to hear her.

Still, it took time to get to know her name.

That’s because I didn’t know the word for “name.”


It may seem surprising but it’s now easy to shape things magical power (Temp), but it’s quite difficult to derive the intended meaning from names and actions that do not have definite shapes.


Therefore, what was useful was Theo’s reading.


“What kind of tree is this tree? It’s a curious tree.”


It was a book which reminded me of a certain CM.

This is what the book said.

“Although our tree, it still has no name.”

That being the case, the moment Theo read that line, I shook her from my head and caught her.
While hitting the book indicating to stop reading, I wrote words of magical power (Temp) at the same time.


“Book read words make.”


Is what I wrote.

Kuti and I use these four words as a code, which holds the meaning of wanting to know the last sentence of the book that was read.
These four words come to utilization when I have problems understanding while listening to the reading.

“Book” and “read” and “words” were relatively straightforward to learn, but “make” was a pain.
I have said it before, but it’s quite difficult to shape action and bring out the intended meaning.
“Read” also falls into the same complicated system, but I have learned the right letters after pointing at my siblings who were reading me with magical power (Temp) many times.


As a result of various thinking, and creating a situation where producing was necessary, I have finally learned this “make.”

It goes without saying that the efficiency of this operation has tremendously increased after being able to hear.

When I couldn’t hear her voice, I couldn’t learn words while listening to the reading.
It was impossible to study the “sentences” because the “words” and “short sentences” couldn’t be explained properly when I couldn’t hear her.

So, with the explanation by voice in the present situation, she can form sentences during the reading and teach the meaning of each word.

As a result of succeeding in learning in such a way, I have learned the word “name,” and I finally got to hear her name.


It was really difficult.


Incidentally, at first when I was hitting the book, Huh? Did I read you this book before? was asked a lot, but after repeating it several times, it seems they noticed the difference between interruption and already read.

In case a book was already read, I shake my hands a lot after hitting the book. The temporary interruption is only by hitting a book, and because they read me while sitting me on their laps, they look down at me, and they soon noticed that me looking up, back at them means to resume the reading.

Honestly speaking, I thought they might find my non-baby actions despite being just a baby eerie, but the revision called love comes to play there.

I’m anxious about the future, mainly in them developing a Sister Complex.


No…… it may be already too late.





By succeeding in learning her name, I was able to understand the meaning behind the letters she has made with magical power (Temp) the first time.


It was her name.


“What a terrible fellow, not being able to read my name which I wrote with so much trouble~! I was so depressed at that time!”


She said.
But, I will forgive you now that you can read it! She said while not forgetting to make a smug face.


And now, she continues helping me study.
During the reading, I can learn sentence composition and various words at the same time, so the efficiency has become staggering, not comparable to before, and it was now possible to feel the “degree of improvement” that I wasn’t able to feel when I just started learning.

When you know the degree of improvement, you gain confidence, and confidence further accelerates your progress.
Precisely, a true spiral that’s raising my efficiency further.

When I realize how much I am progressing, I become happy.
Studying words was quite enjoyable on its own, but it’s more enjoyable when aware of the improvement.
Feeling as if no one could stop me now, I steadily study under Fairy Sensei.

At one point, I have had a certain thought.


I’m having fun, but what about Kuti?


It has been three months since she started teaching me words.
Kuti taught me without showing an unpleasant face even once.

It reflects on her face…… Although she’s a seriously outgoing person, I wanted to hear it from her.
It was something that I couldn’t ask properly because of a lack of study, but I can form sentences now.
Therefore, I asked.

(Are you not bored of teaching me words all the time?)

“Bored? Something like that is impossible! You see~ You are like leaves of Katra plant, I’m having fun teaching you, you know? Ah, Katra is written like this.”

It was a noun I didn’t know, but she immediately wrote it with magical power (Temp).
Truly, fortunately, she has been able to precisely read the subtle doubts of mine recently.

(What kind of plant is Katra plant?)

“Katra plant you see~ It grows just in hot places with sand~…… how to say it, ah~ that place.”


“Right, right, desert, it’s a desert! It’s a plant growing in the desert you see, and its leaves absorb rain with great vigor! The leaves which absorbed the water swell, and keep the water for a long time! It’s amazing, right~”

I somehow associate it with a sponge.
In other words, she is saying that I absorb like a sponge.


Anyhow, I’m relieved that Kuti is having fun.

“Ah~ But you see~ We are learning words constantly day after day, right~? I have not seen you go outside even once since I have come here, at this rate, you will turn into Demprin, you know? You write Demprin like this.”

Another noun I don’t know came out, so she teaches me.


“Oh yeah, that’s right. You learn really fast~ Just what is going on in that head of yours?”

(What is Demprin?)

Because I’m learning a new word, she confirms that I wrote it properly.
As expected, I should have written the sentence properly.
I shouldn’t be lazy, let’s be careful, un.

“N? You don’t know about Demprin as well~ Then, I will teach you since it can’t be helped!”

It’s the usual smug-faced word lecturer.

Sorry, I’m ignorant, so please teach me, you Smugprin.

Let’s keep that inside.

“Demprin you see, it’s food that grows from a legume in the dark!”

Somehow, I imagine bean sprouts.
In other words, she wants to say that if I don’t go outside and keep on staying in the room, I will turn into a bean sprout.

I see, she has a point.

But, bean sprouts are a superfood, you know, Smugprin.
In my previous life, it was the ultimate ingredient that could do anything.
If you make fun of bean sprouts, the bean sprouts will cry.
If I tell them about bean sprouts, nature and cuisine will increase!




Studying was so fun that I never thought about going outside.
Well, there’s also the problem of eyes.
Even in the room, it’s difficult to run around, I’m in the situation where I have to take every step cautiously while walking.
It goes without saying that it would be even harder outside.

Rather, has she not noticed that my eyes can’t see?

I don’t believe she would propose something like that if she knew about my handicap.

Although we have not been together for that long, we spend time together for the majority of the day.
Even though the communication was through gestures and words of magical power (Temp) at first, I think that I have grasped Kuti’s personality quite well.

Because of that, I think she’s not aware of my illness, so I should inform her.


(I want to go outside, but I’m ill, and my eyes can’t see so it would be dangerous.)

“…… Eh……?? …… White, impure…… Cloudy Eyes………… It’s true……”

She reads the words of magical power (Temp) while blinking her eyes in surprise, then she looks with her cute eyes into mine and opens them wide.


As expected, she hasn’t noticed……


“H, huh……? But, you can see me, right? Huhhh…… You shouldn’t be able to see anything with Cloudy Eyes…… Why?”

(I can see something white floating in Kuti and other people, I can distinguish you with that..)

I answer with a smile to Kuti who absentmindedly mutters in disbelief.

“You can see the Spirit power……? If you also can see people, then are you telling me you can see magical power? …… I have never heard of such a thing…… Incredible!”

After absentmindedly muttering in disbelief, she soon mutters with a serious expression, then she approvingly flaps her hands with sparkling eyes.

Seriously, she’s a Fairy-san you don’t get bored off looking at.

But, there’s was a noun in her speech I can’t ignore that comes from my “former mother language.”
I have to confirm it immediately.

(Kuti, there were words I couldn’t understand, teach me please.)

“Ah, umm…… Was it ‘spirit power’ and ‘magical power’?”

She retracts her sparkling eyes, put her hand on her chin, and then formed the words while asking.
I’m glad she was able to point out the words from the lengthy sentence.

(Yeah, those two, spirit power, and magical power, thank you.)

“Yep, yep…… oh right, it’s certain that you can see spirit power and magical power! You can see the spirit power from the words I’m writing! You can see the magical power of the words you are writing! I see, huh~ How curious~ incredible~.”


What I heard from my “former mother language” was “magical power.”


Just what is going on?

Even though my former language didn’t connect to Kuti, only the “magical power” is same.
Unexpectedly, its name is the same.
I feel something contrived, but I have no means to confirm.
There’s a high possibility of it being just a coincidence.
Truth is stranger than fiction, there are such words.
I wouldn’t understand even if I thought about it, let’s leave it for now.

Fairy-san who came to understanding is clapping her hands by herself.
Truly adorable.

(Then, this is magical power, and what Kuti is releasing is spirit power?)

I begin to write in magical power (Temp) just in case.
I finally got to know the official name of magical power (Temp), but I can’t help, but to confirm.

“Yup, that’s right. It’s a ‘spirit power’ in the case of fairies. And it’s ‘magical power’ in a case of everyone except fairies.”

(Then, if its name changes depending on race, it’s still all the same?)

I think that its name may change depending on the race, so I ask just in case.

“Hmm, it’s certain that it’s similar, but it’s different. If you want to know more, I can ask an expert for you, but…… It may take a lot of time.”

(So it’s different, I would like to request of you even if it takes time.)

“Roger! I will ask for you when I go for the periodical report. Look forward to it, okay!”

That reminds me, she has left the forest on the Queen’s order in order to search for something.
I don’t remember what she’s searching for……

Oh well, I will remember eventually.


Leaving that aside, what is important is that I have learned the official name of magical power (Temp).

Although it was a temporary name, I’m glad it turned out like that, but I also feel a bit doubtful.


Well, even still, this is the graduation from (Temp)!

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