Chapter 15

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Fairy and Voice and
I heard a clear, rather high-pitched, small voice.
That voice was praising me for doing well.

That voice I heard right around my ears didn’t belong to anyone in this room.
It didn’t sound familiar…… I don’t think I misheard the voice of my siblings I lived with for a year.

Right now, in the room, there’s only brother, sister and myself…… and the fairy.

An unfamiliar voice.
There can be only one conclusion.
That voice was “Fairy’s voice.”

Until now, I couldn’t hear her no matter how loud she shouted.
What on Earth made it possible for me to hear her?

The fairy is still praising me while stroking my head.

It seems she hasn’t noticed.
That her voice reached me.

If her voice reached me, doesn’t that mean that my voice can reach her?
Such doubt appears, but my siblings are in the room at the moment.
I think it would be bad trying to hold a conversation at a current state, no it would be bad.

Even if I deduct that I’m a little one years old baby.
A few words made a terrible uproar.
And, I have practiced only simple words these days.
I want to avoid that incident happening again.

Actually, I have remained in the silent, expressionless character.

Right, I have not talked, and my facial expressions didn’t change much since then.
No…… I somehow grew accustomed to it…… it’s more comfortable this way……

Because of that, I can’t possibly start talking, making preparations to talk would be risky. Therefore, I try to make a short sentence out of the words I have memorized.
Although THE baby talk, there shouldn’t be a problem.

She only has to get the meaning.

I draw a short sentence with magical power (Temp), so the fairy can see.

(Voice audible.)

Although brief, it’s an easy-to-understand short sentence.
The fruits of study.

“Eeh!? Really, you can really hea――”

I heard a surprised voice, I heard a lovely voice like a ringing bell…… but it was cut off in the middle.

The fairy in front of me is clapping with her mouth, she’s saying something.

Huh, oh my…… how come it got cut off in the middle?

Anyhow, let’s report first.

(Voice middle audible not.)

Yes, baby talk~
But, the meaning seems to be transmitted.

The fairy tilts her head to the side and makes a question mark above her head with magical power (Temp).
The art is fine.

I tilt my head the same way and draw a question mark.




Let’s verify the situation.
Q: What was the situation when I heard her voice like?
A: She was praising me for doing well and stroking my head.

But, she has patted me many times before.
I was able to hear her voice only this time.

Why is that?

The difference between stroking my head this time and stroking my head previously.
She has been in close contact with my body?
If there’s a possibility, it should be checked.
So, I report.

(Head pat body stick voice audible?)

As soon as she sees the words of magical power (Temp), she nods and sticks close to me.
After a while in that state, she asks me with words of magical power (Temp) if I heard her voice.

Unfortunately, I didn’t.

It seems that just sticking close doesn’t work.

How did we do it earlier?

It would be better to reproduce and verify.
That being the case, I ask the fairy to do the same she did a while ago.


And then……


“Can you hear me~?”

Ooo! I heard her!
I was slightly worried, but I certainly heard her.

I immediately inform her with words of magical power (Temp).

“Hee~ I wonder why, huh~? But, if you can hear my voice in this state, the study of words seems to be progressing good!”

Although it’s only one-way, one side hearing a voice is big.
Moreover, because it’s the voice of a person who’s playing the role of sensei, it’s far bigger than if I was the one who could speak.

“Still, how strange…… normally, humans are not able to perceive fairies, and I have never heard of a human being able to touch or talk to a fairy before…… Shall I ask the Queen next time?”

What you know, they seem to be a monarchy.
They have a queen.

Rather, this Smug-san…… she just said that humans are not able to perceive the voice of fairies, right!?
Despite knowing, she continued trying to talk with me……
Well, it may be that she recognized as a rare existence.

Apart from that, the Queen of fairies, huh~ I wonder what kind of person she is.

I am interested, so let’s ask.


(Queen who?)

It’s baby talk, after all.
Because I became able to hear, so I think more.
I want to be able to hold a conversation in short sentences quickly!

“The Queen is, you see~”

The main points of her story.
・The Fairies are a monarchy, and the Queen is the ruler.
・The Queen has not been changed during the last 2000 years.
・She herself seems to be living for more than 2000 years, yet she’s not a senior.
・It seems that you won’t remember your age anymore when you become the oldest fairy.
・They live in the Forest next the world? and it’s not possible for humans to find them.
・People who are able to perceive fairies are almost none.
・They usually don’t leave the forest, but she apparently belongs to a unit directly under the Queen’s command with a mission of searching for “High-grade magical power holder.”
・Because she’s couldn’t find the person, she peeked in a window by chance and found me who surprisingly could see her.
・Incidentally, her mission is not in a hurry, so she’s taking it slowly.
・It seems to be already over 300 years since she has received the mission, it’s a super leisure mission.

Somehow, she started talking about a lot of things, but this fairy…… isn’t she unexpectedly a big shot……
A unit directly under the Queen……
“High-grade magical power holder” and “Neighboring world,” I didn’t understand it well, but I just have to ask her later.
First of all, it’s difficult to hear because I can’t translate it to letters.
Nevertheless, the fairies live so long, 2000 years she said……
Rather than fairy, an elf?
But, she doesn’t match the elf from my knowledge at all.

Well, the Fairies are probably fairies.

“I’m glad that my voice has transmitted, but~ Just what is the reason you came to hear my voice?”
My thoughts are brought back by her crystal clear voice and question arises.
Anyway, it’s certain that we need to verify many things.

I inform her right away and start checking.

We separate her closely stuck body little by little and investigate which part is influencing.

As a result of investigating for a little, we have splendidly found out what we were looking for.

We have found out that as long as a part of her body is touching my ear, I am able to hear her.


A very good sign.

Only a part of her body needs to be touching me.
Next, we try whether magical power (Temp) counts as part of her body.

If magical power (Temp) is recognized as part of her body, I will be able to hear her as long as she touches me with the magical power (Temp) she releases.

It means I will be able to talk to her while looking at her face, this is quite big.


The result is.


A success!
Magical power (Temp) is recognized as part of a body.
The fairy Bigshot-san was quite satisfied with the results.

Seeing her like that, I suddenly thought.


“Magical power (Temp) is part of the body.”

“Part of the body.”



Previously, when I was still not able to successfully distinguish magical power (Temp), I was able to compensate with a little thought.
Right…… “Strengthening of vision.”

I concentrated magical power (Temp) in my eyes, and improved my vision.
There was no change when I tried to do the same with ears.

“People who are able to perceive fairies are almost none.”

The scattered pieces are falling in little by little.
My family can’t perceive my magical power (Temp).


“Can’t perceive.”


“Magical power (Temp).”


Are fairies possibly made from magical power (Temp)?
If my hypothesis is correct, won’t it be possible to hear the voice of fairies by strengthening magical power (Temp)?

The premise that fairies are made from magical power (Temp).
From the experiences thus far, magical power (Temp) is “not bound by the law of physics.”

Voice occurs by the vibrating of air.

“Law of physics.”

If it’s made out of magical power (Temp)…… it should be outside of the law of physics.

Therefore, they can’t be perceived by human organs which are adapted within the physical laws.

Then…… if I strengthen ears, in the same way, I strengthen my vision.


Magical power (Temp) may be more wonderful power than I thought it was.


That’s because.


Even if her magical power (Temp) floating in front of me is not in contact with my body.


By strengthening my ears, I could hear her beautiful bell-like voice.

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