Chapter 14

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Fairy and Study and
Fourteen months after birth.


I have realized that I have no artistic ability.
But, if I give that up, I will be shutting down the road we just opened.

It’s not like the pictures have to be living, it’s good as long as the fairy understands.
She just has to omit the details and look at the whole picture.

Besides…… all I have to do is to create shapes with magical power (Temp), it doesn’t have to be a picture.

It doesn’t have to be three dimensional.
It’s okay as long as she understands.

Things such as tableware are easily understood and easily modeled with magical power (Temp).
I thought it would be good to remember letters of things that are easy to understand and could be used as words at first.

Anyhow, I’m learning simple and easy-to-understand objects as words.
If the number of words I understand increases, I may be able to compose a sentence.


Naturally, I don’t have the learning abilities of a scholar.


Still, I think that when new learning words, I should remember single letters first.
I did the same at the time of hearing.

There’s no way I can’t do it.

To be frank, I think that the difficulty of hearing was much harder.
I had to understand the meaning according to the mood, and there was also the case of mishearing.

Yet, I was able to master it enough to listen to a daily conversation without a problem.

There’s no doubt that this gives me a huge confidence boost.




About in a month or so, I have learned a lot of words.

I make a shape with magical power (Temp) and show it to the fairy.
The fairy then makes a word with magical power (Temp).
I learn like that, one by one.

After I memorize it, I create the words with magical power (Temp) over and over again.
I show the words to the fairy and wait for the verdict.

Incidentally, we are not studying face to face, but facing forward the same direction.
It’s troublesome to write words in reverse because it takes too much time.

If the words are wrong, she points out with gestures.
When I don’t understand, she creates the letters again, and we compare.

I make many mistakes, and we have to correct it again and again.
I made too many mistakes at the beginning.

Well, that’s of course.
I’m learning characters I genuinely don’t recognize.
Moreover, the movements of hands and gestures whose intention is communication are not that helpful-

To be honest, if I have learned words like this during my previous life, I wouldn’t be sane.
But, that’s the talk of my past life.

Right now, I have a huge handicap called “Cloudy Eyes.”
I can’t afford to pay attention to things like sanity.

If I feel like I can do it, I will do it.
No problems here!

At first, the number of times the fairy was able to form words was small, but it increased by creating words again and again.
Thanks to her terrifying growth, I was able to study steadily.

I learn words little by little.




Because a lot of time has passed since Theo’s and Ellie’s word practice begun, I tried saying “Nii” and “Nee.”
It’s the “Nii” for Niisama and “Nee” for Neesama.

Sure enough, Theo and Ellie were extremely pleased.

“Our angel is a genius after all!”


“I feel so proud as Lily’s older sister!”

They were acting like parents.


Studying words takes a considerable amount of time.

As soon as I get up in the morning, the fairy immediately comes, I eat breakfast, and we start studying.
Because Ena usually reads me a book after breakfast until noon, I pretend to be listening and learn words instead.
Because it’s a nap time after eating lunch, we take a break from studying and take a nap.

After napping for two hours, Ena starts reading again, and we resume our studying.

On school days, Theo and Ellie come from school two hours after the nap time, so they change with Ena.
On days without school, they take turns reading to me right after nap time.

I have not been able to concentrate on reading recently.
Right now, studying the words is more important.

I’m sorry you three, but I remember the contents, so it’s okay.
I can properly point out that you have already read me this book!

My multitasking ability has significantly increased……

Since I have started studying words, I have not been listening to the reading that much.
Although I’m glad to be able to concentrate on studying, I remember pleasantly listening to the reading, so it’s a bit heartbreaking.

During the dinner and bath, we naturally take a break from studying.
Taking moderate breaks is naturally necessary, no one told me that I have to concentrate all my efforts on it.
I had the intention to take it slowly, but I’m having so much fun so it can’t be helped.
In my previous life, I didn’t have fun studying, so I’m quite surprised.

After that, I study until it’s time to sleep.
Of course, while the siblings are reading to me.

My day ends like this.
I spend an almost whole day studying words.

It would be impossible to do unless I was having fun, but because it’s so fun, I can’t help to think that the day passes in a blink of an eye.

Although it seems like I’m using my head, I’m properly training my body at the same time.
Even though I say that it can’t compare with learning words.

Still, the results properly show as I can now walk without paying attention to balance that much.
Even if I run, I may not fall down soon.
Although I would crash into something instead of falling down, I’m blind after all.

I have started to eat baby food alone.
At last, I’m able to use spoon and fork by myself.
It has also become possible to drink by myself from a cup with a handle.
Although I say that, I can’t see the tableware, so I have to ask for guidance.
Still, I think it’s better than having someone feed me.
It may not be that troublesome to take care of me during meals, but this is also considered growth.

I have also graduated from breast milk.
Ena has tried to make me drink from her boobs a few times, but because I have graduated, I turned her down every time by averting my head.
Ena looked a bit lonely, but I have thought that this is a good time to graduate.

Although I’m used to it now, what’s embarrassing is embarrassing.

Indeed, a splendid growth.

I understand that both my body and my mind are growing, and fun things take part in it.
I have never realized my own growth during my previous life.

I’m just a baby now, but I’m happy.

Before going to bed, Fairy sensei flew off somewhere.
I’d like to ask where she is going, but I still have a way to go, so I have no choice, but to postpone my question.




The number of words I have learned considerably increased.
I think it’s time for the next step.

The next step is, “short sentence.”


Because I considerably got used to it, I am able to write so precisely that my lamenting artistic abilities could be considered lies.

For example, I form a “drinking from a cup.”

I show this, and the fairy forms the words.

By seeing the connected words, I can learn a sentence.
It’s close to memorizing a pile of rubbish.

But, I’m sure I can do it.

I study words with the fairy every day.

Fairy sensei must also find it enjoyable as she sticks with me every day.

Although there was almost no skinship with the fairy at first, but recently, when I got something wrong she would send a chop on my head, and if I do good, she would stroke my head.

I’m glad that we are steadily increasing our friendship.


She is my word teacher and also the first friend I have made in this world.




It was a few days after starting to learn short sentences.


She was casually stroking my head because I did better than usual.

Today, her praising is a bit different, not only she’s stroking my head with her hand, but it feels like she was stroking my head with her whole body.


The moment our bodies touched.




Like a ringing bell, I heard a crystal clear voice.

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