Chapter 13

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Fairy and Mutual Understanding and
Thirteen months has passed.


The fairy sits on my head and listens together with me to Ena’s reading while I practice the control of magical power (Temp) and move my limbs.

Today, Ena’s choice is,

“Storm Octopus”

An adventurous novel.

He will stand on eight legs anyway, right? Is what I thought, but I’m slightly disheartened because it’s not the work of that author.

Surprisingly, it’s quite normal. A hero travels and rescues a fishing village where the octopus attacks.

A normal story like this is soothing, after hearing all those eccentric novels.

Right now, the hero who is “straddling the horse” is riding a boat to the sea area where the octopus runs rampant.

A truly ordinary story.
While anticipating what happens next in the novel, I branch off my magical power (Temp) and change their elasticity simultaneously.

Performing this action takes around ten seconds.
I have become able to do this quite fast.

It’s not branched only once or twice, the elasticity in each branch is quite delicate.

About twenty days ago, this much took me three times longer.
My growth became sufficiently red.

It’s different from the green that! The green that!

[@melisaartemis Refers to the Gundam Franchise meme. The Mecha of the main MC rival, Char, is a red version of generic mecha called Zaku so it was called Red Zaku or Char custom Zaku. The Red Zaku is supposedly capable of moving 3x faster than the normal green one, that becomes an incredibly popular meme where Red things would be 3x better than the normal version like a Red pen would write 3x faster than other colored pen.]

Usually, during the training of magical power (Temp) release and control, the fairy goes around chasing the magical power (Temp), but today, she’s differently quiet.

Somehow, weird.

She’s reacted a bit when the “straddling the horses” hero boarded the boat, but that’s nothing strange.


…… It’s not, right?




When I was practicing for a while, the fairy was quietly observing…… Although I say that, she’s sitting on top of my head, so I don’t know, but the sense of being observed suddenly disappeared.

What is it? When I thought about what’s going on and raised my eyes, the fairy descended directly in front of my eyes.


She turns her back on me.


Then, while facing her back to me, she raises her index finger on her right hand up so I could see it, bent her elbow to 90 degrees and showed it for a while.

When I was about to tilt my head in wonder, she started spinning with her index finger around.
What kind of performance is this?

I thought the pantomime time had ended today, is this continuation?
Let’s watch for now.

Somehow, the fairy’s behavior is funny.
I don’t get tired of seeing her.

There are many things to be amazed by.

After spinning her index finger for a while, just when I thought she has finished zubii! Such sound effect resounded and she twisted her back and looked at me.

I was a bit startled, but aside from her sudden twist, she hasn’t moved yet.

I thought that it must be hard keeping her posture like that, but she keeps striking that pose without change.

The pantomime doesn’t connect to me as usual, but she stands still for longer than usual today.

She may be just scheming something while thinking so.


Her finger has “stretched?”


Yep, it stretched.


Eh, what…… fairy’s fingers can stretch?


I stare at the slowly stretching finger blankly.


Slowly, seriously slowly it stretches the finger.


What is going on with her first knuckle joint…… Just what kind of joints do you have?


It was at that time when I started thinking that it doesn’t really matter.
I noticed when I checked the joints by strengthening my vision.


That is…… not a finger……? Magical power (Temp)……?


I have not seen anyone extend magical power (Temp) from their bodies before, so it took me a while to realize.
I could understand only because I strengthened my vision.

Looking closely, the fairy’s face is that of seriousness and concentration. Her pose is still like that, though.

When I thought that the magical power (Temp) extending from her finger stopped, it started spreading again.

After it had extended to some degree, it started slowly extending from right next.

It slowly starts shaping something.

After a while, it stops.

After confirming that it stopped, the fairy’s shoulders started greatly moving up and down.
If it was myself from eight months ago, controlling this much would be quite painful.

Just a little…… no, ended up admiring her quite a bit.

The fairy looks at me with her usual smug face.

Ah, she has a smug face every day, but today, her smug face has a feeling of accomplishment.
Should it be called the smug face of accomplishment?

Well, it’s still a smug face, right?

Time goes on for a while with the smug face.
Her shoulder that went up and down have calmed down.

Wondering why I haven’t shown any reaction, the fairy’s eyebrows wrinkled a little.

Ah, is she dissatisfied by the lack of applause?

Thinking so I pachipachi applaud.

Ena who carries me on her lap leaks N~ after hearing my sudden clapping stopped reading and glanced at me.

“What’s the matter, Lily? Octopus has only one weak leg, rather…… Umm, you don’t really have to clap for that leg, you know?”

That leg…… Ena-san you, what are you saying to a one-year-old……

When I was thinking about Ena’s remark, the little dejected Smugface-san points at the magical power (Temp) that haven’t gone out yet.

As expected, does the shape of the magical power (Temp) have some meaning to it?

When I look really carefully, I saw some regularities.

Right…… like an alphabet, Arabic-like letters.
Oh, they are not entirely similar.

Anyway, letters gradually became visible.

It can’t be helped that I don’t know their meaning, though.

Therefore, when I tilted my head, the fairy’s shoulder dropped in disappointment.

No, no, no, don’t you think that expecting one-year-old knowing letters is too much?
Furthermore, I’m blind, you know…… how am I supposed to know letters!

The magical power (Temp) from her finger disperses and the crestfallen Smugface-san returns to my head.

However, there I noticed, I have ended up noticing.

I was able to see letters (or something similar) with magical power (Temp).

I thought that learning letters while being blind would be a problem.
Is it possible to learn letters by using this?

The prerequisite is a mutual understanding with the fairy, though……




I already have a hint.

I’m able to see letters projected by magical power (Temp) in the darkness of my eyes.

The fairy showed me letters from magical power (Temp).


“She formed them.”


Until now, I made it thick, thin, stretch and shrink, changed the concentration, changed the elasticity.

But, what is clear is that I never formed it.

The magical power (Temp) released by Claire has a vague warm image.

My mother tongue I have learned in the thirty years of life will be most likely useless.
Even though, letters from other countries are impossible.
At best, I know a handful of words.

Even still, the possibility lies there…… I have no choice but try!

I shake off the downhearted Smugface-san from my head and catch her.

I form a letter from magical power (Temp) in front of the startled fairy with an angry expression of criticism.
First, my former native language.


(Can you read this? If you can, please wave with both of your hads.)


I was able to form them quite smoothly.
Although I used them for almost thirty years, I thought my writing may have changed after a year of not using them, but there seems to be no problem.

I kept on writing letters for a while, but the angry fairy-san only tilted her head to the side.

Ah, even if she can read it, isn’t it the other way around from the opposite side?

Right…… it would be inverted from the fairy’s side, it would be difficult to read like that.

Therefore, I disperse it and write it again at once.
Because I had to write it in reverse, I had a hard time.

Then, I look at the frowning fairy.
Then, she looks at me after she shakes her head left and right.

Did she recognize it as letters? But, she’s unable to understand their meaning?

Her action of forming letters a while ago is telling me that it’s possible to communicate.
Then, let’s try words from other countries next.




As a result of trying the words from many countries, the fairy only ended up shaking her head every time.
I also tried writing my mother language in various styles, but it didn’t work.
That being the case, I tried using a cipher I have learned in a certain game, but that was also useless.

As expected, the languages from my former world don’t convey to the shaking head fairy-san.
Although I can say that I expected it, I’m still somewhat disheartened.

But, there’s still something I can do.

It’s not only letters that can be formed.
I just thought it would be easier to understand by using letters.

If letters don’t work, just draw a picture!

If there’s no bread, just eat cake!

A wise quote of some random internet person-san floated in my mind.

There’s a concern.
However, not that my gender has changed, I feel that my sensitivity has also changed.

I have reincarnated after all!

I may not be able to do it, no…… I have to do it.


And I wield the brush on the canvas called magical power (Temp)!


The completed product…… was a terrible job that was somewhat similar, but wasn’t similar to what I had in mind.


The only of my concerns, my terrible drawing ability hasn’t changed with my reincarnation.

The fairy consoles the disheartened me by clapping on my shoulder.

Rare and calm smile with a thumbs up. I understood the fairy’s intention well.



“Don’t mind”



Ah…… Does this count as mutual understanding……

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