Chapter 12

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Fairy and Every Day and
Twelve months and ten days after birth.

Since the day I first met the fairy, she has been coming over to my room to play every day.

She slips every day through the window, lands near me, she says something, gives me thumbs up then a self-satisfied smile floats on her face.
I can’t understand what she’s saying as usual, so I just tilt my head and thumbs up back at her for now.

The people surrounding me were a little curious about my thumbing up, but there seems to be no problem.
Rather, they happily smile at me.

I had trouble making thumbs up with my hand at first.
Although I trained every day, I had to make time to practice thumbs up.
Thumbs up are frightening.

At this rate, wouldn’t making “scissors” be even more difficult?

Anyhow, this is fairy’s and my usual greeting.
The contents of her talking,

“Mornin’, you must be honored to be able to see my face.”


“I came today as well, you happy little brat?”

Isn’t that what she’s saying?
I mean, she’s making a smug expression.

After doing the greetings, she starts making various gestures with her hands.
Thumbs up is a simple one to understand, but her gestures are steadily becoming pantomime so I have no idea what’s she’s trying to say.
She’s quite bad at pantomime, after all……

Even still, after completing her performance, she wipes her non-existing sweat with her clothes and makes a self-satisfied smile.
No, she may be sweaty, it’s just I can’t see it.
Sweat doesn’t have magical power (Temp), so I can’t see it.

We have a short relationship, but I’m convinced that she doesn’t sweat.

Whether the meaning of her gestures properly transmitted apparently doesn’t matter to her.
After she finishes her self-satisfied look, I answer her by tilting my head that I didn’t understand her meaning, and she shrugs her shoulders in “Fu~ good grief” manner with an irritated face.

After such greetings and pantomime time, we spend every day together by “reading” books and training magical power (Temp).




Following the day after my birthday, Theo and Ellie try to make me call them by names just like Alek.
Words are practiced before reading time, during the break, or before going to bed at night.

Because I decided to be prudent, I usually ignore them, and once in a while let out a suitable Aa~ or kau~.
Gradually, I have to do it gradually.
Standing out too much is dangerous.

That’s because, in this house, there’s a party room on such a scale that a hundred people can easily enter.
Moreover, a hundred people came to a birthday party of one-year-old that they haven’t met before.
I can somehow guess my parent’s standing just from that.
They are considerably rich big shots.

Well, it may be just that our family is large, but I doubt that.
A hundred of relatives gathering for a birthday party…… just how much along they get?

Well, that’s why, even if I have the handicap of not being able to see, I have to do my best not to stand out.
I can’t afford to stay in the room forever, although I don’t have many choices, I don’t want to become a hikikomori.
But, as a blind child of rich parents, I may be an ideal target.
I don’t know the state of the public order, so I should try not to stand out as much as possible, so my name won’t get famous.

The plan is called,

“Life is precious”


Let’s go with a blast, I don’t have the courage for that!
That’s just reckless!

I must not make a mistake, I must not make a mistake!

I said the important thing twice, yes I said it twice.




Today, I’m also listening to the reading with the fairy.
She becomes really excited during battle or bargaining scenes and becomes really sad during the sad scenes.

Although I can’t hear her voice, she can hear ours?
In that case, it will be easier for mutual understanding, but I immediately reconsider.

Haven’t I just decided to be prudent?

There’s always someone around me.
Talking with others around may be quite difficult.

But, I thought that it’s worth trying it, so I was waiting for the right timing, but the good opportunity hasn’t come.

Therefore, I think I will take a little risk.

The contents of the risk are as follows.
Because I have become able to take several steps lately, so when there’s only Ena around, I will fumble around and clean beforehand to make sure the site isn’t dangerous, and try to talk with the fairy in a low voice while pretending to be dashing.

Because I will be caught by Ena immediately, I must act quickly.
Of course, the location of the fairy is important.
My voice may not reach her if she’s too far away.
My balance is still doubtful, I can’t say that I can move properly, there’s also a possibility that I will miss something in the cleaned area.
Almost everything doesn’t possess magical power (Temp), after all.
There’s not much danger at all.
Because there’s only danger!

Although I said that, this is still room for a baby with visual impairment.
There are naturally no dangerous objects around, and the floor has a soft and fluffy carpet so falling down is relatively safe.
Also the books they often read me, if they are not being read at the moment, they are safely put away in the bookshelf, so I judge taking the risk as safe.

Well, dangerous things are still dangerous, so I have to make a determination.

However, I decided to practice first.

I remove things on the selected route while crawling.
I sit the fairy at the end of the route and signal her to stay there by hitting the carpet.
My intentions didn’t transmit well, but with a bit of patience, when she finally confirmed with me, I nodded at her greatly.

And as for her, it’s a smug look, after all.

I have already gotten used to this face, this self-satisfied fairy.

And then, on my way to the starting point, I think how to lead Ena who would follow after me without fail around.
Is what the plan was supposed to be, but the fairy is following me for some reason.


She didn’t get the meaniiiiiing!


Crestfallen, fall on my fours and sigh pose.
However, this is not the time to give up.
I will do the same thing again and somehow make the fairy successfully sit on stand by.


That alone exhausts me this much……

Now then, the stage is prepared.
All that’s left is to dash to escape and talk to the fairy.

I grab the railing of the baby crib and stand up.
Ena who sees me prepares herself to catch me at the moment I lose my balance.

That moment, I push off the fence and dash in the momentum!

One step, two steps, three steps…… and then zusaa~.

I have flashily slid down headfirst.
Ena leaked a scream, but my plan was accomplished.

Fortunately, the fairy was right in front of me.

“Fai~ray-shan can you hea~r me? If ye~sh raishe your rait hand.”

I quickly tell the fairy in a small voice.
I lisped a bit, but it can’t be helped.
My head is shaking a bit after sliding down headfirst.

She was startled by my headfirst slide, but she should have been able to hear me clearly.
All that’s left is wait for her to raise her right hand.

Is what was supposed to happen, but Ena immediately lifts me up.

“Lily! Are you okay!? Any injuries!?”

She sits me down and inspects me all over.
Because it doesn’t look like I’m not feeling pain anywhere, Ena sighs in relief and embraces me.

I didn’t think she would worry this much and I feel guilty about it, so I wanted to reflect on it, but.

“You look fine, but let’s have Randolph sensei examine you later!”

She’s exaggerating a bit, I think.
Randolph sensei is the doctor who always comes to look at me.

Astonished by such Ena, I wanted to confirm the results of the mission, so I looked for the Smugface-san. I immediately found her.

Incidentally, she’s not a Smugface-san now. Instead, she has a worried expression on her face.
She’s not raising her right hand.

I observed her for a while, but there was no change.
Her worried expression, turned into an expression of doubt with her small head tilted to the side, and as expected, it became a smug face in the end.
A smug face with both hands on her waist and her non-existent chest puffed out.

Naturally, she isn’t raising her right hand.

Although I thought that it may be no good, I have decided to make the conclusion after she returns for the time being.

If she didn’t understand me, then she may also not understand a word during the reading time, though.

Although I said that, no matter what, she looks like she’s having fun.

When Theo and Ellie are reading, they are always brimming with vigor.
Because they read about their respective hobbies which are their strong points and which they love, they are quite lively when reading.
I who don’t dislike that, but rather demands it, they may not be able to help it, but read to their best.

Happy descriptions happily, sad descriptions sadly, abundant in facial expressions and the pacing of their voice. They truly read the books colorfully.
It may not be wrong to assume that the fairy is just enjoying the atmosphere.




Today’s reader is Ellie, her book of choice is a book about her beloved flowers.

“The Study Concerning Perennials in Winter ~Root Dividing Volume~”

The title suggested a thesis, the contents were a thesis after all.

As expected, reading a thesis colorfully is difficult, so I had 90% on my mind in practice because I wasn’t interested in the book.

Recent training of magical power (Temp) is carried out with the purpose of releasing magical power (Temp) in large quantities at once and controlling them quickly.

It seems that the total amount has increased considerably, and it is unlikely to increase again unless I release large quantities and consume.
Moreover, my stamina is not that high, so I will run out of stamina before I can release it all in small amounts.

Incidentally, grasping the remaining amount is quite vague, it’s a feeling resembling physical fatigue.

When my tank is full, I’m full of enthusiasm and feel great.
90% – 30% is somewhat normal.
When my magical power (Temp) reaches 20% or less, I start feeling the fatigue.
At 10% or less, I feel the fatigue heavily.
When I’m almost dry, my consciousness nearly flies.

Since my consciousness flies when I feel my magic power (Temp) has dried up, I assume that the remaining magical power (Temp) in my body is 0.

Magical power (Temp) fatigue is similar to physical fatigue, but the sensation is clearly different and is not to be confused.
When I’m dried up, my consciousness will fly, I will go into a faint-like state, and my stamina will decrease at the same time.
But, there are many vague parts in the measurement of remaining magical power (Temp), so overestimating my abilities is prohibited.

Increasing the total amount is one of my recent worries.
It’s an extravagant worry, but it’s a problem for me who’s suffering.

While practicing like that, the fairy chases after the magical power (Temp). She was surprised when I hardened the released magical power (Temp) in front of her for the first time, and since then, she’s very interested in the magical power (Temp).

Because I control the magical power (Temp) quickly, she gets very pleased when I soften, thin and other random varieties.
It’s like a little attraction.

Because I’m also having fun, it’s a great practice.
It’s natural that fun training is more pleasant than hard training.

When the magical power (Temp) disperses, the fairy becomes smug-faced at the same time.

She really likes it, this smug fairy.

I will continue practicing in this manner until my magical power (Temp) reaches 10%.




Today’s practice was over long before the end of the reading.

After I had finished my practice, I listened to the thesis with the fairy, but I didn’t understand much.
Since it was a thesis, it was full of technical terms which meaning I didn’t understand.

But, after finishing reading, the expression of the fairy overflowed with hope and expectations and her eyes were sparkling.

Did she comprehended it…… rather, she can understand, right? She understands, right!?



By the way, she didn’t raise her right hand until the end.

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