Chapter 11

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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After coming out of a tunnel…… a fairy was watching me.


It’s said that you will repeat the famous words again on your first birthday, but…… as expected, they were slightly different.

I can see a tiny human-like thing fluttering its thin wings.
It reflects in my eyes that can only see the magical power (Temp).

Today is my birthday, and just a little while ago it was a party time? where I had received blessings from many people.
Right now, my mother Claire is holding me with a face of happiness in my room.

After one year of training, I am able to release magical power (Temp) just like Claire.
I wanted to celebrate my success with a proper smile together with Claire, but…… I have noticed that thing at the window immediately.




That thing which I can only describe as a fairy is looking at me with a curious expression.
Is she watching the released magical power (Temp)?
I feel like it’s not watching us, but our surroundings.

Her facial features and body shape are that of a woman.
I see features both of a young girl and adult woman, and at the same time I don’t see them, she has strange appearances.
She has somewhat curly hair reaching up to her chin, and her bangs are naturally carried around her eyes.
Was this hairstyle pure curl?
A stylish fairy-san.
I can’t see colors as usual, but she gives overall a soft impression.

While thinking so, she enters the room.
If I’m not misunderstanding, the window should have been closed.

Did she pass through……?

If the window was opened, I should be able to smell Ellie’s flower bed.
She was just recently boasting that her flowers grow beautifully even in the winter season.

The window has no magical power (Temp), so I can’t see it.
The heater is also on, cold air should flow inside if the window were open.
Perhaps it doesn’t flow inside because of the wind, but is that even possible?

She slowly approaches the magical power (Temp) and touches it.
When she touches it, her face breaks into a smile.
It seems that fairies can feel it the same way as me.

She touches the magical power (Temp) while gliding in the air and whirling.
She seems to have noticed my stare.

The fairy descends in front of my eyes while tilting her head to the side.
While looking at me, she slowly starts moving around my head.

I could not change my field of vision much because Claire was hugging me, but I was doing my best to follow her movements.

It seems the fairy got convinced that I can see her.

Incidentally, she also landed in front of Claire’s eyes, but Claire didn’t notice her at all.

Am I the only one who can see the fairy?

The fairy appeared to think the same thing as she did two laps around Claire and waves at her right in front of her eyes.
Claire doesn’t notice her at all.

It was only a bit, but her eyes were properly opened, and she kept on rubbing her cheek against mine happily while releasing magical power (Temp).
There’s no way she wouldn’t be able to notice a 20cm object right in front of her eyes, so she surely can’t see her.

By the way, I canceled releasing right after I noticed the fairy.

The fairy returned in front of me after confirming that Claire couldn’t see her and started opening her mouth.

Is she talking?

No matter how carefully I listen, her voice is not audible.
She who noticed that made a troubled face.

Hmm, soon as if she thought of something, she started moving her hands up and down as if gesturing something.

However, I can’t unfortunately understand.

She preserved doing this and that, but Claire’s eventually finished hugging me.

“I will read you your favorite book, okay~ Which one should I read~?”

While saying so, she puts me on her lap and brings a book in front of me.
I can’t see, but it looks like Claire is holding several books.

The fairy also moves, and after watching for a while, she points at a book not visible to my eyes.

Does she want to read this?

Anyway, I don’t feel anything malicious from her, and I don’t know which book is which, so let’s go with her choice.

I touch Claire’s hand with mine and move it along little by little to the place the fairy is pointing at.
The fairy bishi many times! Bishi! She points with her finger enough I can hear sound effects.

While moving on top of two books, I finally arrived at her selected destination as she nodded greatly, so I signaled Claire by striking the book for a short while.


“Yes, yes, this is it then~”

Claire lets me choose a book like this every time.
Even though I can’t really tell the contents of the book by touching, so I don’t really know what I’m choosing.
If it’s a book someone has already read me, I clap on Claire’s hands then I make huge gestures, making Claire let me choose another one.
Well, the fairy is the one who chooses it this time so let’s listen even if I already heard it.

The fairy moves her mouth again.
I can’t hear her voice just as before, and I can’t read from her lips so I don’t know what she’s saying.

After she had finished talking, she had a smug look for some reason.

Somehow, it really suits her.

When Claire started reading the chosen book, the fairy sat on my shoulder.
I was a bit startled at her sudden approach, but the fairy looked like she didn’t care.

When I gave a sidelong glance, the fairy was swinging her legs while moving her head in a rhythm.
She looks like she’s really enjoying herself.

While looking at her, the pleasant, pleasant reading time continued.




The reading time continued until Alek came to the room.
Apparently, all the guests have already left.

It looks like Alek also can’t see the fairy on my shoulder.

When I look at the fairy after looking at Alek, she was making a smug face again.

This child loves making a smug face.

I was moved on Alek’s lap and the reading time ended.
It seems to be a skinship time with Alek now.

Is he feeling guilty for exposing a child who just turned one to such extreme violence?
When Alek lifts me up to his face,

“I’m Papa, Pa-pa.”

He began repeating.

It’s too late now after saying thanks to the party.

“Saying words of gratitude in front of so many people! A genius!”


“My child was almost two when he said his first words of gratitude, amazing!”

It seems the weight of the honest words of the guests was too much.

Naturally, I ignore him!
In spite of being discouraged, Alek repeated papa, papa, many times over, and the fairy who watched us seemed rather sad.

I understand, fairy-chan. But, stop with that sorrowful face.

After watching Alek skinship time and countless papa, papa later, the fairy looked as if she remembered something and started moving her mouth again.

I don’t understand what you are saying.

After finishing talking, she waves her hand.

Why do you have the smug face again?

And then, just like before, she leaves through the window and flies off.
As expected, the window is not open, and she passed through.

The skinship time with Alek and talking practice switched to high~ high~, but I watched the leaving fairy without minding it.


There are some strange things, is this a different world after all?


I muttered in my head.

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