Chapter 214.1

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Preparing for return and greetings.
I made a small promise to Mireilleoryl, left the quarantine facility, and returned to the mansion where we were staying.
Of course, I came to get my luggage and other things that I had left behind.

Today was the last day of our stay in the Forest next to the world.
Even though it’s the last day, there isn’t much on the schedule because all I have to do is go home.
I’m not going to be able to do anything with the luggage since Mira and Scarlet were taking care of it, but Natasha is coming to see me off, so I guess accompanying her is my job?
But she’s also busy with a lot of things.
She’s probably going to have quite a bit more work to do this time around with the Mireilleoryl situation, and she’ll really just see us off.

Mireilleoryl and I got along well enough to promise to meet again, but it’s not the same for Natasha and the rest of the fairies.
I’ve made it a point to tell Natasha and the rest of the fairies not to get out of control or bother her too much, but I cannot be sure nothing would happen, so I’ve given Natasha and the others a number of magic tools I’ve created.
Especially for someone of the Dragon tribe with crystallizing magic power like Mireilleoryl, just restraining them would be a challenge.
If it wasn’t for the sorcery I created, she would already break from the isolation space.
In fact, that room is only as good as a place for confinement to her.
It’s obvious that if she were to turn on the fairies like that, it would be a horrible thing.
Since they make magic tools from various flotsam, they won’t just be killed mindlessly, but if they can prevent such a thing from happening, it’s better than nothing.
I don’t want them to hurt each other, neither the fairies nor Mireilleoryl.

Well even before the incident with Mireilleoryl, I’ve given them all kinds of magic tools, so it’s a bit late to be worrying about that now.




“Ojousama, the preparations for return are complete!”
“Good work. It’s much cleaner than when we arrived, isn’t it?”
“Yes! I excel at cleaning, after all!”


Mira responded with a smart face, but I don’t think there’s a maid in the Christophe family who isn’t good at cleaning.
Rather, all of them have mastered their skills as housemaids of the highest level.
Or rather, if they don’t master it, they won’t be able to graduate from that school.
And even their combat skills have to be high.

I think that Mira is a rare child among those kinds of people.
She’s not particularly strong, nor does she stand out compared to the rest of my exclusive maids and other maids.
No, her fur and tail were not just a head or two above the rest, but I’m the only one who sees that.

The minimum requirement to become a servant of the Christophe family is to successfully graduate from the school run by our Obaasama.
So Mira must be a graduate of that school as well.
It’s not possible to enter our house as a servant through connections or normal employment.

As for the magic tool craftsmen that we are surrounded by, that’s an entirely different matter, so it’s irrelevant to this discussion.
The Christophe family does not allow the magic tool craftsmen to bring in their own servants, though.
While we do our best to create the best possible environment for them to make their magic tools, we are very selective about who is allowed on the premises.

Even at the very occasional parties held in the mansion, only those who have been invited are allowed in, and the space in which they can move around the mansion is limited.
This applies even if the person in question is Royalty, Marquis or someone else of a higher position.
That’s how powerful the Christophe family, no, the heroes of the Ovent Kingdom——Obaasama Annella and Ojiisama Roland are.
Of course, there’s also the power of our Okaasama, who is an active Royal Magician, and our Otousama, who is the Vice-Commander of the 2nd Knights Order.



“Well then, we should be returning soon. Everyone must be waiting for us.”
“Aiiight let’s go~”
“You should say goodbye to Natasha before that, oy.”
“We will be returning soon anyway, so ain’t it fine to leave without saying a word?”
“We were invited formally this time. Endure. Strongest Sorceress of the Forest next to the world-dono.”


Slipping through the door that the fairy servants opened for me, I headed to the entrance, smiling at a frustrated Kuti.
Reki-kun, with so many bags strapped to him, looked a little cramped, but since he was the only one who could carry all that stuff, there was no way around it.
I’ll give him a good fluffing when I get home.


“Lilianne-sama, thank you fo——”
“So stiff~! Make it shorter! Quicker! Softer!”
“… Neesan.”


When we arrived at the front door, Natasha, who was waiting for us, tried to say goodbye but was interrupted… by the similar-faced Kuti.
We all expected this to happen, so the other fairies beside Natasha who had gathered here were also laughing.

Even though Kuti is considered a hero by the fairies, they had expressions as if they were looking at a performance.
The fairies that have gathered now seem to know all of Kuti’s original character, so there seemed to be no problem.


“Hahh… she’s a big sister like this, but please take care of her…”
“I will cherish her for the rest of my life.”
“I will be cherished all my life! I will cherish you too!”
“Ojousama, please do it properly.”
“Ah, yes. Excuse me.”


When I responded to Natasha reflexively with the first words that came to my mind, Scarlet was naturally forced to interject.
She’s probably the only one. A maid who can retort me.

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