Chapter 213.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Conclusion and first promise.
The conclusion Natasha came to was that surveillance was necessary, but the restraints were lifted.
Just to be safe, they kept her not in the fairy town, but in the facility.
The fact that I gave them the magic formula so that she could be restrained at any time would also play a role.
Mireilleoryl also understood her situation, so she didn’t seem to have any objection to Natasha’s decision.
But she was still worried about her clan, especially her father.
The escape faction had been spreading information about the secret technique, that’s how she heard about it, and so she was well aware that she couldn’t go back the same way.

If the… technique could be analyzed, it might be possible to use Inter-dimensional movement sorcery to her planet, but unfortunately, there were no traces of the technique left in the Shinkansen where Mireilleoryl was found.
Naturally, there was no indication that she had any of the technique’s traces left in her system either.
So it would be impossible to do so without directly investigating the dimensional gates that open to Auriol.
Although even that can’t be said to be a certainty.

Incidentally, she was able to provide me with data on the exact location of the Dragon tribe that the fairies encountered while investigating in Auriol.
I haven’t talked to Mireilleoryl because I don’t want to let her get her hopes up, but I would like to conduct a survey eventually.
If not, they should still use the secret technique once every few decades.
We must keep a firm grasp on the actions of the Dragon tribe.

From what I could see from the data, it seemed to be a basin surrounded by fairly steep mountains, but there’s a possibility that it’s not the definite place where the dimensional gates open.
I’ve thought this many times since I came to the Forest next to the world, but I still need to develop long-distance exploration sorcery.

I probably won’t be able to go there in person, and even if I’m going to form an investigation team, I’ll need to provide them with magic tools that use my formula, so there’s a lot of work to do.
Considering all that, it would be quicker and far safer to develop long-distance exploration sorcery.




“You are leaving already, Lily…”
“Sorry, Mirei. But I will come back again.”
“Promis… promise me!”
“Yes, I promise. Come on, put up your pinky finger. This is how we make promises over here.”


The investigation of the flotsam survey had started early in the morning, but needless to say, the investigation, findings, and questioning of Mireilleoryl, had taken quite a bit of time.
Nevertheless, Natasha was quick to make decisions, and she was quick to decide on many things, including Mireilleoryl’s protection.


Our stay in the Forest next to our world is for five days.
Today is the last day.
For what it’s worth, we didn’t return to the mansion we were staying in, and we ended up spending our last day in this quarantine facility.

Mireilleoryl has gotten completely attached to me, and we were now close enough to call each other by our nicknames.
It’s no surprise, as we were close in physical age, and even more so, of the same gender. I also continued to be gentle and soft to her throughout.
It was inevitable that this would happen, as I had been trying to get her to trust me, so we could get along.

I plan to come back to the Forest next to the world again, and she’s of the Dragon tribe.
I want to know more about her race.
Her horns, her tail, and above all, her scales are particularly interesting.
I’m still in the process of getting to know her, so I’m not going to get into those sensitive areas, but eventually, I would like to…

Her power.
The secret behind the crystallization of magical power.
The fearsome horns that hold vast amounts of magical power.

I want to unravel the secrets of her race, the Dragon tribe, for my own protection.

Yes, this is for my sake.
Not for the little girl who suddenly found herself alone in a world she doesn’t know, shivering through the night without sleeping.


“In the name of Greenery God Alastria, the God of Peace and Earth, I make a promise to you.”
“I promise.”


This was the first promise I had made with her.

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