Chapter 214.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Preparing for return and greetings.
Leaving the jokes aside, we finished proper greetings this time, got into a car, and went the same way we came.
It was funny to see Mira’s look of preparedness, but she was so serious we shouldn’t laugh. You can’t laugh at her, Scarlet-san. Will you stop?

Reki-kun, who couldn’t get into the car, was asked to run along with the car as he did before, but he already seemed tired of it.
Lately, Reki-kun has been showing reactions like this more and more.
He reacts very well to things that interest him, but he doesn’t care about anything else.
Well, I think it’s good that he doesn’t act as he pleases, but it’s also annoying when he gives me a look that says he’s frankly bored of it.


“However, there are not many people who can read Reki’s expression. You might be forgetting this, but he’s a Salvarua, Ojousama. He’s an animal at his core.”
“No, I know. I get it, but… well, you seem to be able to read Reki-kun’s expression yourself, Scarlet.”
“Of course. I can read your completely motionless expression as well, after all.”
“Ah, yes.”
“That’s not very relevant though, is it?”
“Aren’t they considered ancient, though?”
“By the time I was around, you could hardly ever see them anymore.”
“As I thought…”


Perhaps it was because I had many opportunities to come into contact with the things of the world of my past life, namely the flotsam, but the casual conversations I had with Scarlet also brought back fond memories of those days.
They were memories that I hardly remembered these days.

I am living as Lilianne La Christophe, to the point where I already find those days of old nostalgic.
On this trip to the Forest next to the world, I learned many things, but very little of the really important.
Still, I discovered enough things to be glad that I came here.

Besides, I’m sure I’ll be coming to the Forest next to the world many more times in the future, so I’m in no hurry.
First of all, though, I will have to finish improving the Inter-dimensional movement sorcery as per Natasha’s request, and then we will talk about the rest.
Additionally, we have found a variety of solutions.

As for the matter of the Dragon tribe, I will have to tell Obaasama and the others about the situation and ask for their help.
After all, I wouldn’t be allowed to go out to search for them myself.
I also have to develop sorcery for long-range countermeasures.
If possible, I would like to do something about the darkness and the white mist, but I don’t think I can do anything about them.
I will just think about it for now.

Anyway, this trip to the Forest next to the world was very meaningful, and I had a big harvest.


“Uh~ Natasha was serious as always, after all~”
“How about you learn a little from her example?”
“I think Natasha should learn from me instead!”
“Are you so intent on destroying the fairy race as a whole?”



While enjoying a nostalgic conversation with Scarlet, I overheard a conversation between Kuti and Sani Sensei.
I hope the girls were able to enjoy the Forest next to the world for the first time in a long time.

It should have been a long time since they returned to the Forest next to the world since they hadn’t left my side for the past few years.
They used to go back every six months for the regular reports, after all.

It makes me feel a bit guilty to have the two of the best in the Forest next to the world all to myself.
Especially after seeing the trust that Natasha and the others have placed in them.

But both Kuti and Sani Sensei have been by my side of their own accord.
Both of them are indispensable to me.
Even though I’ve become able to create many kinds of sorcery spells, I’m still not as good as Kuti.
I want to learn more about the expertise of Sani Sensei, too.

Above all, I love them both.
No, my feelings for Kuti go beyond love, though!


“Mumu! I love you too, Lily!”
“… Is it just me or are there dangerous electromagnetic waves coming out from Ojousama?”
“Don’t mind it too much. It will just needlessly tire you out.”
“That’s true, isn’t it?”


Leaving the annoying outsiders alone, I accepted Kuti’s warm embrace with all of my might.
Soon, we will reach our destination, but until then, I will continue to accept Kuti’s love as best I can.

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