Chapter 211.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Emergency response and restraint.
“Natasha, it’s as you can see. What do you want to do? As I heard from Kuti, the Dragon tribe is quite dangerous, no? If you’d like to capture them, I believe it would be possible for Scarlet with the magic tool she has.”
“Ah, erm… people of the Dragon tribe are indeed dangerous. Although it… doesn’t seem to be the case from the data collected, but we can’t just leave them be… please.”


In the conference room, which was quiet with tension, all eyes were glued to the images of projection, and no one spoke a word.
It was the same with Natasha, the Queen, and the biggest decision-maker of all.
As expected, even she did not think that there would be a survivor in the flotsam and that they were of the dangerous Dragon tribe.
Neither did I. Neither did Kuti or Sani Sensei, though.

With the convenience of exchanging information with Scarlet who was at the scene, I was in no position to be surprised and dismayed.
That’s why I was able to ask her for instructions before anyone else.


(Scarlet, move to Emergency Response G62. Immediately restrain and disable Subject 01.)
(Yes, Ma’am.)


A marker appeared on the Dragon tribe in Scarlet’s field of view, and a temporary name of “Subject 01” was set.
Along with that, some of the safeguards on the magic tools she was holding were automatically deactivated.

Some of the magic tools that Scarlet was holding had a built-in safety mechanism that I have set up.
I’m the only one who can deactivate them, and if I don’t deactivate them, they cannot be activated at all.
The mechanism was designed to destroy itself if you try to force it to start.
That’s how dangerous these magic tools were, and they can only be used in emergencies.

They are going to be put in use now.


(Executing Emergency Response G62.)


I could see Scarlet’s aura, which had been ready for combat with no openings, tighten up even more due to the orders I issued.
Even though it’s an exchange through sorcery, the spirit emanating from her reached me, and I felt as if my stomach was being squeezed, and then——





It was a momentous occasion.
There were only three magic tools used in the Emergency Response G62.
The first one was a magical tool that unfolded two hundred layers of combined barriers around the object.
The second one was a magical tool that interfered with the object’s magical power and body to weaken the target to improve the conditions of survival.
The third was a magic tool that interfered with the target’s mind and deployed several sorceries to prevent the target from resisting.

The first prevented escape and damage to allies, the second prevented the object from killing by weakening it, and the third rendered the target mentally powerless.

All of these were designed to be completed within a second of activation.
It was called an emergency response. There’s no point in taking time to do it.




“It’s done. Where do we transport them?”
“There is a quarantine facility at the large-scale proving grounds. There are rooms that even someone with the power of dragons wouldn’t be able to escape.”
“Scarlet is going to carry them there, so please have a guide ready for her.”
“Yes, right away.”


Only a few would have understood what happened during the response that ended in an instant.
However, the images clearly showed a different scene than the one before.
The scene where the geometric patterns floating around the Dragon tribe child unfolded like a cage to confine them was ominous-looking in not so favorable light.
It can’t be helped since I developed this sorcery for efficiency and didn’t care about the appearance at all.
In the first place, it’s useless to expect a pretty spell that is used in an emergency.
Such playful elements should be given to those who can afford it.

As Natasha hurriedly began to give orders, I informed Scarlet that she would have to transport the Dragon tribe child herself.
First of all, we have to carry them out of this Shinkansen.


“Scarlet, thank you for your hard work. Next, we will transport Subject 01. Please carry them out of the flotsam first. The magic tool to be used is——”


A target restrained by Emergency Response G62 cannot even be touched by normal means.
It can’t be moved by normal physical or magical means at all.
But I’m the one who developed this.
Of course, I also developed the sorcery to move the restrained object around.
In fact, it’s only natural that this sorcery is used in combination with that.

Thus, the first survivor found among the flotsam was transferred to a quarantine facility under strict restraint.

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