Chapter 212.1

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Quarantine facility and visitors.
Since the quarantine facility was located some distance from the fairy town where we were staying, the plane capable of vertical takeoff and landing that we had conducted the inspection of the darkness in was used again for transportation.
The Shinkansen flotsam was not that far from the town, so it was possible to contact the team with sorcery, but that was not the case for the quarantine facility due to the distance.
The development of sorcery for long-distance communication might take a high priority.

Since the means of communication through sorcery couldn’t be used, we decided to head to the quarantine facility with Natasha and the hastily gathered fairies.
The magic tools that were restraining the child were using the sorcery formula I developed, and since they were a supposedly dangerous party, it was safer for both me and Kuti to be in attendance.
If we are considering safety then it would be better not to go in the first place, but since it’s Scarlet who was transporting them, I have no choice but to protect her safety.

If she makes use of the magic tools and other tools that she has, I think she can at least escape using her physical abilities. However, it’s a fact that we have to assume that her escape was going wrong from the start.
If Kuti and I are together, as far as the data is concerned, there’s no way we would let that Dragon child do anything they want.
Of course, I know it’s not all about the data we collect.
But she’s the most powerful sorcerer in the Forest next to the world. And I am her apprentice.
Not to be smug, but I see no element of defeat.




There were apparently several planes manufactured that were capable of vertical takeoff and landing, and we were traveling in a different plane than the one Scarlet and the others are in.
Unfortunately, due to the size of the plane, Reki-kun will be staying home again this time, but since I also banned the Kutipad, it should be fine to let him stay behind with Mira.
Well, either way, Reki-kun can’t get on the plane, so there’s no way to take him there except for him to chase us on the ground on his own.
Mira is Mira and a plane was clearly not going to be possible for her…
Besides, it’s important to give them a chance to clear their names.
I don’t think they are going to do it twice in a row, right? They wouldn’t, right?

We were the first to reach our destination, the quarantine facility.
It’s partly because we were closer to this place, but also because the other team couldn’t drive too fast because they had to be cautious, even though the child was being restrained, they couldn’t be careful enough.

The quarantine facility was a huge, dome-shaped structure, but apparently there was an even larger space underground.
An examination of the collected data showed that it had a fairly solid structure, and inside, there was a place that could cope with unexpected situations, regardless if physical or sorcery ones.
It seems to be the facility that Natasha has chosen.


The original purpose of the room seemed to have been an experimental place to understand the dangers of objects found in the flotsam, but it can also function as a strong quarantine facility.
I was told that the room we’ll be using this time was a specially created isolation space, and from looking at the data, it seems to be a very special room.
Rather than being physically and magically strong, it seems to be the type that absorbs and nullifies, so this room would be basically like a natural enemy for the brawny types with high combat ability.

Well, it’s a room that’s almost useless for information gathering types like me.
From the collected data, I could develop sorcery that would nullify the functions I wanted to have nullified.

While I was browsing through the facility’s data, the plane Scarlet and the others had arrived, and the transfer to the quarantine space began immediately.
The place where we landed seemed to be the main entrance, but the place where Scarlet and the others landed was different.
It was only natural as they were carrying an extremely dangerous being.
As expected, it was impossible to enter with such a being through the main entrance.
There was a direct route prepared for them, so they went through there.

We immediately entered the facility and were ushered into a conference room.
Most of the rooms in the facility were almost impossible to see from the outside.
Many of the rooms were special, of course, but the main cause was the poor transmission of the projection.
It caused a strange situation where the Forest next to the world, which had various magical tools developed from flotsam, had an inferior field of communication to Auriol.
This was because they had the Silver Eye, a means of transmitting images to remote locations.
Well, it’s not something that can be used regularly, though.

The reason why I was sent to the conference room was because my sorcery can acquire images and sound even in an isolated space.
It was indeed too dangerous to go to see the child in person, so I was rejected, but I couldn’t avoid wanting to check them out.

Partly because they were the first survivors found within the flotsam, but most importantly because they were from the dangerous Dragon tribe.
It seems that in the Forest next to the world, there were no beings that were capable of threatening the fairy race, other than the darkness.
But the Dragon tribe is different.
It’s no exaggeration to say that the fairies are facing the most critical situation since the darkness.

However, the other party has already been restrained.
Once they are locked up in the isolation space, it should be impossible for them to escape with a half-hearted effort.

The one question left is, why were they in that place?
There are many things I want to find out, such as their relationship with the flotsam.
That’s naturally the same for Natasha and the rest of the fairies.
This is the Forest next to the world, and its highest authority is the Queen, Natasha.
Even though we are lending our power for the restraints and various other things, the leadership is still with her.

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