Chapter 212.2

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Quarantine facility and visitors.
“So everything is ready for the questioning? Good. Lilianne-sama, is it possible to awaken the subject in restraints?”


Subject 01, who was brought into the quarantine facility by Scarlet’s hands——the Dragon tribe child, was still unconscious in the center of the room.
The room had been already set up so that it could be monitored from various angles, and a number of projections of the place were shown in the conference room.
It seems that some of the fairies that Natasha brought with her were specialized in interrogation, and several fairies have already completed their standby in the room.

However, as long as the restraining sorcery is on the child, which no one can even touch, far from questioning, even a normal conversation wouldn’t be possible.
However, even though it was an isolated space, removing the restraining spell was indeed scary.
And the interrogators, the fairies, were also inside.


“It’s most likely possible. Should I give it a try?”


We cannot guarantee that the other party is indeed an enemy, but we would have an easier time if the restriction sorcery was still active.
Although I say that, it is Scarlet who will execute it.


(Scarlet, please put YU23-1 in use.)
(Roger that.)


The magic tool used by Scarlet was not one that awakens you with pain or stimulation, but one that interferes with the target’s magical power to awaken them without causing too much of a physical burden.
Even though they were going to be interrogated now, the other party’s body was small.
Yes, this Dragon tribe person was only the size of what you would think of as a child.

… Moreover, it was a girl.





“W, what are you trying to do to me!”
“We won’t do anything bad if you answer our questions.”
“Y, you are lying! You guys are fairies, aren’t you! Fairies are liars!”


The young girl of the Dragon tribe woke up within seconds of being prompted to awaken, but the situation where she was unable to move at all due to the restraining sorcery made her panic.
It was only natural since she couldn’t move her body at all when she woke up.

She was calling out a series of sounds that didn’t make any sense to me at all, and was trying to crystallize the magical power in her entire body in an attempt to tear off the restraint sorcery, but her attempt was futile.
The next thing I knew, I began to understand the situation as she began to say words that seemed to make sense, and from there it became a process of parsing the language.
The interrogation officer fairy tried to communicate in several languages, but she couldn’t get a word in any language she tried.

But fortunately, Sani Sensei knew a similar language, so the analysis process could be completed in a relatively short amount of time.
The Dragon tribe that the fairy investigation team had apparently met in Auriol seemed to be using the language of Auriol, but this girl was not.
Did that Dragon tribe learn it in Auriol, or is it because the dragon here is still a child?
That would be something we would have to find out later.

In any case, the questioning was to begin while translating the words that I had managed to understand, albeit poorly, with sorcery.
However, the young girl of the Dragon tribe was totally hostile to us and was not very cooperative.
That was only natural given her situation.
No matter how you looked at it, the people who restrained her were trying to get questions out of her while she didn’t even know where she was.
She couldn’t trust us, and she didn’t even have an idea of what was going to happen to her.
I think it’s admirable that she didn’t start crying out of anxiety and fear.
After all, she was obviously a child from her appearance.
She only looked a little older than me.
If the growth of the Dragon tribe people is the same as that of humans, she should be around the same age as me.
However, in my case, there is an additional thirty years to add to my mental age, though.




The questioning quieted down after less than an hour.
We managed to get a lot out of the little girl of the Dragon tribe, who had regained her composure.
Her name was Mireilleoryl.
She is the daughter of the Dragon tribe’s powerful patriarch, the leader of the Sheiloryl clan, and she is seven years old.

I was first surprised that the Dragon tribe was not extinct and that there were so many survivors, but as I listened to her, I realized that the Dragon tribe seemed to come from another world, just as I had expected.
From the names of the places and situations she spoke of, there were too many things that were too different from both the Auriol and the Forest next to the world.

What was definite was that her tribe was in a war.
It was a white mist that was eating away and destroying her world.
It seemed to be a different being than the darkness that was eating the Forest next to the world, but it seemed to have already eaten more than half of her planet as well.

A situation like that is not happening in Auriol, and the Forest next to the world isn’t a white mist, but it’s pitch black darkness.
In other words, the natural answer would be that we are talking about another world.
For those of us who have the knowledge of flotsam and Inter-dimensional movement sorcery, that’s enough to understand.

In other words, the Dragon tribe is not native to Auriol nor the Forest next to the world, but they are visitors from another world.
Moreover, they are from a planet that is about to be destroyed in the same way the fairies’ homeland is.

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