Chapter 213.1

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Conclusion and first promise.
The elite Sheiloryl of the Dragon tribe is a clan that was resisting to the end on the dying planet.
For thousands of years since the White Mist began to eat the world, many lives have fought and have been lost.
They were the strongest and noblest clan on the planet, the pinnacle of their species.
Even so, they were unable to stop the invasion of the White Mist, and finally, they were on the verge of extinction.

Over the past few hundred years, even the powerful Sheiloryl clan was divided between two factions, those who wanted to continue fighting and those who wanted to escape.
It seems that Mireilleoryl had planned to fight to the end with her father, who was part of the fighting faction and also the patriarch of the Dragon tribe.
However, her father wanted his young child to live.

Though the tribe was divided in two, it was by no means incomplete, and the escape faction did not reject what was coming.
When it came to survival, even the smallest amount of power was still power. Even if you were a young child, in the Dragon tribe, your power was useful.
That was probably part of the plan, but as a result, Mireilleoryl succeeded in crossing the dimensional barrier and escaped from the dying planet.
But what the escape faction miscalculated was that the flotsam created by the disappearance event may have interfered with the crossing of the dimensional barrier and twisted the destination… is what I think happened.

The method used to escape was an unknown secret technique, even for them at the pinnacle of their existence as a species, and they had not been able to manipulate it perfectly.
After many experiments, they had been able to stabilize it to some extent, but it was a one-way street, and only to the extent that they could somehow recognize that they had crossed the dimensional barrier.

Like the Inter-dimensional movement sorcery I can use, it seems that you needed to have an aptitude or a certain level of magical power to safely cross the dimensional barrier, and it seems that life forms other than the Dragon tribe would have caused their magic power to run amok, leading to their deaths when they were unable to cross the barrier.
The Dragon tribe seemed to be able to accumulate a huge amount of magical power in their horns, and it seems that most of them fulfilled the conditions to cross the dimensional barrier.

But as a proud race, the Dragon tribe had difficulty in abandoning their planet and fleeing, and they had sacrificed a lot.
Even though they were the pinnacle of all species, there weren’t too many of them, and apparently there were only a few members that escaped the planet before Mireilleoryl eventually escaped.
It seems that the secret technique was not something that could be used anywhere at any time, and it seems that a reasonable amount of time and effort was required before it could be used.

This is all the information we were able to get out of Mireilleoryl.

The destination of their secret technique was most likely Auriol.
She also mentioned that there were apparently some people who got exiled a long time ago, so perhaps those exiles somehow learned the secret technique and crossed to Auriol and were… destroyed.
Sani Sensei said that the Dragon tribe discovered by the fairies were most likely the members of the escape faction that were dispatched ahead of time.

It’s good to know thanks to the information from Mireilleoryl that the Dragon tribe members would be coming to Auriol once a year for decades from now on.
Their power is known through the literature and research of the fairies.
Even though she is young, Mireilleoryl is also a member of the Dragon tribe, and her data gathered by information gathering sorcery really shows that her data lightly surpasses the specifics of her race.
The magical power that is capable of crystallization is particularly troublesome.
This alone would terrifyingly increase the strength and reaction speed of her body.
Even if the rest of them had the same level of specs as a normal race, their abilities would jump up to the expert class.
Moreover, as the daughter of the Dragon tribe’s patriarch, as the pinnacle of the species, I know that Mireilleoryl had also received a solid education in combat.
She is not an amateur.

If she hadn’t been securely restrained with restraint sorcery, the quarantine facility she was in now would have been destroyed.
She is dangerous to the extent that the quarantine facility, this special room, is meaningless.

But after listening to her for a while, she seemed to be a kind at heart good girl, even if she was a bit twitchy in her words and actions.
The fact that her power is dangerous doesn’t mean we can deny her from doing anything.



(——That being the case, you must obey the rules of the fairies. Violence, in particular, is not allowed. Do you understand?)
(I, I got it… so take this off already.)
(That is not for me to decide. You have to be patient until they come to a conclusion.)


After the fairies’ interrogators finished getting all the information out of her, we were given the opportunity to interrogate, or rather, talk to her as someone who contributed greatly with the restraint sorcery and transportation.
However, I didn’t have to visit her in person.
Because unlike interrogators, I just needed to bring my voice to her, so I could do it from the conference room.
In fact, the video and audio of the room she was in was sent to us via my sorcery.

Unlike my interrogators’ indescribably professional manner, I’m a girl about her age.
Let’s leave the mental aside for now.

Even if I didn’t show up, the youngness of my voice seemed to come across immediately, and even Mireilleoryl was surprised.
This was a breakthrough for us to introduce ourselves to each other, and we succeeded in deepening our friendship.
This was all thanks to the negotiation skills I learned from Sani Sensei.
I haven’t mastered the technique to the extent that I could defeat Obaasama and Ojiisama, but Mireilleoryl was still a child.
She fell to my poor negotiation skills. It was really a good lesson for me.

As for the future of Mireilleoryl, it is left to Natasha and her people to decide what to do.
But now that I’ve become friends with her, Natasha and the others’ discussions seemed to be shifting in a more peaceful direction.

Incidentally, it seems that the first time Mireilleoryl saw the fairies, she said that they were liars because they look exactly like a race who were hostile to the Dragon tribe on her planet.
When she woke up, she was in a situation where she was completely unable to move in front of that evil race.
It was only natural for her to panic.

But, well, there were some things that were decidedly different, so it was rather easy to persuade Mireilleoryl.
It seems that the eyes of the fairies from the Forest next to the world and the evil race are completely different.
The eyes of the evil race are very large, cloudy white eyes.

That’s right, the evil race seems to have Cloudy Eyes.

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