Chapter 211.1

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Emergency response and restraint.
In all of the things found in the flotsam that washed up in the Forest next to the world, no life forms have been identified before.
This is because even the Inter-dimensional movement sorcery created by Kuti requires one to have an aptitude or an enormous amount of magical power to pass through safely.
Perhaps the flotsams are also crossing the dimensional barrier under the same conditions.
That’s why even if inorganic objects and other things don’t face any interference, life forms get interfered with, causing their magical power to run amok and disappear.
That’s probably the reason why no life forms were discovered among the flotsam so far.

Humans in my past life must have had magical power as well.
Even though the magical power could not be observed, it existed, and when the people crossed the dimensional barrier with the flotsam, it caused their magical power to run amok and, eventually making them vanish into thin air.

This is the Forest next to the world where a large number of flotsams have washed up so far.
It wouldn’t be surprising if someone with the required aptitude washed up eventually.
But as far as we’ve been able to determine, the odds of that happening are very slim.
But it’s certainly not a probability that it’s never going to happen.

… But, this survivor is different.


(So they have no aptitude, right?)
(This child has a vast amount of magical power, so I believe they have broken through the interference.)
(Ojousama… that means—)
(Yes… I have just digitized the data. Be very careful.)
(T, that’s… understood.)


I’ve gathered detailed data on the survivor, and the information I’ve gone through has convinced me.
This child is not a human from the world I lived in.
They are falling far short of myself, but they have retained a magical power comparable to Sani Sensei’s, so it was probably their magical power that allowed them to cross the dimensional barrier.
As for aptitude, I’ll have to examine them more closely to find out, but perhaps this child is different.
And more than anything else, this child’s appearance indicates that they are not a person from the world I lived in.

They had two horns that grew hidden in their hair.
They were still short, so it was hard to tell, but these horns seemed to be the source of their enormous magical power.
And at the back of their hips was a tail that looks like that of a reptile.

And as hard as it was to believe, it had features that were rarely seen by humans on the Lizwald Continent… No, to be precise, it had features that I only saw in Obaasama before.
Obaasama’s strength consisted of a beautiful, crystalized, glimmering magical power.
It can be said to be characteristic of her magical power.
This glimmer made her body impossibly strong, increasing her reaction speed and stamina to the extreme.
However, we know that this trait of Obaasama’s is something special and extremely rare that is not found in other humans.
Even Kuti, who has traveled to many places, has only seen it within Obaasama.

But this child had it.
From the data collected, they were still alive.
I don’t know whether I should call it a dormant state instead, since their physical body was in full defense mode, and instead of every metabolism being lowered, the magical power has crystallized and the physical body has gained an impossible amount of defense and survival ability.


(Ojousama… isn’t this, umm, a Dragon tribe?)
(That seems to be the case.)



Kuti had told me once before.
That there were a number of races in the Lizwald Continent, and although there were only a few of them left, there was a race that had the characteristics of a dragon.
They could blow mountains away with one hand and recognize fairies that humans could not see.
She told me that they were so dangerous the humans destroyed them a long time ago…


(Why are they among the flotsam…?)


There are several possible hypotheses.
Are they perhaps a race that has transcended dimensions?
It would make sense for only a few of them to remain if they could cross dimensions.
Their strength could also be explained by the characteristic of Obaasama’s crystallization. Because Obaasama herself does not have much magical power, the amount of crystallized magical power is low.
Even so, she still has a strength that surpasses a master.

But, looking at this child, the magical power stored in their horns is vast.
If they were able to transcend dimensions without the aptitude, it’s no surprise that they possess such enormous magical power.
Hence, the Dragon tribe is terrifyingly strong.

So where does the Dragon tribe come from?
I have no idea.

We can assume that flotsams most likely wash up from the world where we lived in.
Like we did with the Inter-dimensional travel sorcery, there is a way to travel from another world to the Forest next to the world.
It wouldn’t be surprising if there was another world other than Auriol or the world where I lived in my past life. In fact, there should be.

And… the Dragon people are those who come from another world.

I can come up with this much just from a quick thought.
But, the problem here is not where this child came from.

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