Chapter 210.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Change of leadership and the first time…
The evacuated fairy investigation team has reestablished the barriers and everything was ready to go.
A heavy, suffocating atmosphere was beginning to linger in the conference room as well.
When the investigation team was surveying the site, there was laughing and babbling all over the place, but now the voices have quieted down.

Both Kuti and Sani Sensei were also staring at the magic tool that was projecting the images.
Natasha had a serious but slightly worried look on her face, befitting the Queen.
Reki-kun was still sleeping, but Mira had a nervous, stiff look on her face.
There was no need for Mira to be nervous, but she must have been affected by the atmosphere that was beginning to fill the conference room.
No, she had cooked together with Scarlet and had many occasions to interact with her, albeit only for a few days.
Scarlet was also very sociable, and she was pretty sweet to Mira.
It also felt that Mira had adored Scarlet, so she knew of Scarlet’s strength well. I wonder if that tension comes from a mixture of emotions of worry and trust and so on.


(Well then, let’s begin.)
(Take care of yourself.)
(Roger that.)


After responding to the communication from Scarlet, who had been affected by the atmosphere, she started to move.
In an instant, she sliced and pried open the door connecting the cars, that the investigation team had been taking lots of time to open up until now, with her fine sword.
The door fell apart and crumbled down, but it made no sound at all.
It’s only natural since she was using a magic tool.
It absorbed all the sounds which allowed Scarlet to remain silent. However, it was a magic tool that used a rather complex and advanced sorcery formula that allowed us to hear her normally.

By temporarily increasing the accuracy with multiple magic tools, the radius of around ten meters centered on Scarlet was completely stripped bare.
That information was immediately filtered, organized, and reflected in the projection.
Of course, that information was also displayed in Scarlet’s vision.
According to the information gathered, there was still nothing that could be an obstacle other than the unknown object in the lead car.

The moment an unknown object enters the range of the information gathering sorcery with increased accuracy, Scarlet would instantly stop.
There’s no way she will be wrong about the distance.
It’s because accurately measuring the distance between the object and herself is the basics of combat.
Your own reach, your opponent’s reach.
If you are an expert at measuring distance in a world of a few millimeters like her, something of this extent was nothing difficult.

And about the data that was being collected.
Although the accuracy increase was temporary, it was possible to obtain a considerable amount of information even if it was an unknown object.
In fact, the information gathered was far greater than ever before.
Everything from the shape of the unknown object to the substances that made it. Everything including the various ratios of the substances.


When the unknown object ceased to be unknown, an exception that had never happened in flotsam before occurred.

The flotsam that Scarlet and the team had entered to investigate was completely buried in a small hill, and could only be entered from a car that had served as the entrance.
The lead car was completely buried in the soil, and there was no sign of any dirt being dug up or tunnels in the vicinity.
The electricity was dead and the door was distorted so badly that it was difficult to open it.

In other words, the unknown object in the lead car was most likely there before it washed up in the Forest next to the world.


(Ojousama, it’s alive.)
(That’s… a person, isn’t it?)


It was the first survivor in the numerous flotsams that washed up in the Forest next to the world.

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