Chapter 210.1

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Change of leadership and for the first time…
(Ojousama, checking the data, I see that the next one after the following car will be the same as the first car.)


The slow-paced investigation was finally starting to come to an end well past noon.
Basically, the fairies who didn’t need to eat were continuing their investigation as it was, but that wasn’t the case with Scarlet.
However, she was trained, so skipping a meal or two wouldn’t be a problem.
It’s just that she still needs to eat to achieve a perfect performance.
I have made sure she has portable food on her, so she will have to do that this time. This portable food, though, was made by the old ladies who cook food for the students at the hellish school, so it’s fully nutritional and it wouldn’t be a problem for Scarlet to continue her activities.
Right, she will be able to continue her activities.
In other words… the taste is the worst.
Scarlet didn’t seem to want to eat it if she could, but it’s convenient, so she was stuck with it this time.
I thought I could just make a normal sandwich to bring with her, but I respected her approach there.
To be honest, I’m not much of a cook, you know.
I haven’t done that since my reincarnation, not even once.
So in the end, it would be the maids who would make them.
In that case, it would be unwise for me to interfere.


(It seems to be the case from the looks of it, but… there’s a hole?)
(Yes, it seems to have been penetrated from the outside. However, the hole is only in one place, and since it managed to penetrate steel like that, just how powerful was the force behind it…?)


We have used a number of investigation-type sorcery spells and have some idea of the shape of the train buried in the small hill.
The shape of the lead car was streamlined with a spearheaded tip.
In other words, it was the shape often seen in Shinkansen.
However, there was a hole in the side of the leading car, which indicates that something might have happened there.

What’s more, the car, which is probably made of steel, had a hole in it that looked as if it had been pierced through like a paper with a finger.
In order to penetrate the armor of the car that was supposed to be quite strong, a great deal of force would have to be concentrated at a single point, otherwise the surrounding damage would have had to be much greater.
To a degree, that the entire leading car could have been gone without a trace.
But strangely enough, there was only one hole, and the lead car hadn’t vanished with it.


(Furthermore… this reaction.)
(Yes, something seems to be there. All of the gathered data is unknown. It’s a completely unknown existence.)


We don’t yet know what the presence in the lead car with the hole is, but the data collected indicates that an unknown object is present.
Although there are still a few cars between them, they are still quite close to each other.

Given the age of the Shinkansen, which Scarlet speculated on, it would be nonsense to install anti-intruder security only in the first car.
Therefore, it is difficult to guess what the unknown object is.

It could be something we know, or it could be something we don’t know at all.
As long as we don’t know what it is even if we collect data with sorcery, we can only confirm it directly.





The leadership of the investigation that had been led by the fairies was promptly transferred to Scarlet by Natasha’s orders.
If something happened originally, Scarlet, who has brought in a large number of magic tools using my sorcery formula, and who has also layered a large number of defensive spells, was supposed to deal with it, so it may be a natural course of actions.

I’ve already informed the investigative team that an unknown object has been identified in the lead car, and of course I’ve also informed Natasha and the others.
The team of investigators and the experts in the conference room understand the capabilities of my sorcery, so they were quick to agree with me.
Even so, the reason why the investigation team had been leading the charge until now was because of their experience.
But from here on out, it was an emergency.

Although they are an experienced team of investigators who have investigated many flotsams, this does not mean that they have done so without any damage.
If my sorcery can reduce the amount of damage, it’s better to use it.
They are people who think in terms of pros and cons, not pride.
Well, I think it’s for the best that Queen Natasha, the supreme authority of the fairies, gave her orders.
I knew the Queen was amazing.

So, the fairy investigation team is currently in the process of evacuating to the entrance of the building and carefully sealing off the entrance.
Scarlet was the only one left behind.

However, she has already activated a number of magic tools, and she herself was in a combat stance.
It’s not necessarily that a battle will happen, in fact, it’s more likely to be a sudden explosion or something.
I’ve heard that’s what’s happened with the flotsam so far.
I don’t think the Shinkansen I know of would explode suddenly, but there are unknowns when objects cross the dimensions.
Various possibilities have to be considered.

This means that unless the unknown object is a monster, Scarlet will be able to subdue or eliminate it.
At worst, if even Scarlet is no match for it, she can have her emergency magic tool activated and it won’t be a problem.
It would put quite a bit of strain on her, but at the very least, it would save her life.
Of course, it’s best not to use it, but I’ve made her carry it just in case.
Scarlet also has a good understanding of the function and the harm that comes with it, so she won’t make a mistake in using it.

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