Chapter 209.2

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The true identity of the flotsam and a tedious investigation.
“The first door was easy to open~ Most of them are usually locked and it takes time to pry them open, or they just explode…”
“That is a good omen. Their defenses are secured thanks to Lilianne-sama, but the flotsam itself will be damaged if an explosion occurs.”
“Natasha~ what about me?”
“Yes, yes, this is also thanks to Neesan~ thank you very much~”
“You can praise me more, you know!”


The investigation team was moving extremely slowly.
It’s only me and Scarlet who know that the train doesn’t seem to pose much danger, and rightly so.
But we are not going to tell others about it.
We don’t want to tell them that it’s a train and then get distracted and cause an unwanted accident.

I’m not going to disclose that we have the information about the train, and there might be something dangerous we don’t know about.

In the meantime, data on the structure and its components have been collected and analyzed, but so far there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of dangerous electronics or unknown materials buried inside.
If there are any, they are either not dangerous or have been completely shut down.
All of the lights inside have been suspended, but the team has magical tools, so it does not interfere with the investigation.

A number of cars were connected to each other, and it seems that there is still a long way to go.

However, although most of the equipment such as the seats are still intact, there are no dead bodies or luggage of living things to be found.
However, what looked like blood stains were left here and there.
According to what I heard, it’s the same for all the flotsam found in the Forest next to the world, bloodstains but no corpses or luggage.
In other words, there has never been a survivor found in any of the flotsam.

There is a lot of mystery about this stuff.
We don’t even know why it washed up in the Forest next to the world in the first place.
We know where they come from, but this is only the result of the connection between the disappearance and the objects that drifted to the forest.
In the first place, I know about the disappearances just from a second-hand account from Scarlet.
We don’t know what really happened at all.

But as a result, the things we know are washing up in the Forest next to the world.
That is the only fact, the only truth.





“The structure just continues being the same.”
“I’m getting bored of it~”
“Geez, Neesan…”


It cannot be helped that Kuti was tired of it.
The same scene kept on repeating since a while ago, after all.
One car at a time, they slowly examine each it over and over again for any dangers, check for anything that might be usable, take out what they consider interesting, pry open next door and repeat.
There were no brand new discoveries, and Natasha, not to mention Kuti, were starting to get pretty bored.
The rest of the group specializes in research and magical tools, so they don’t seem to be bored as they devoured the images.
Sani Sensei was also having a great time discussing this and that with the institute’s staff.
Reki-kun was completely asleep, and Mira was unconcerned because she’s used to waiting around.

I’ve interacted with the actual thing in the spot for a long time, so I’m already immune from getting bored of it, but I’m seriously tired of Scarlet’s extensive knowledge of railways.
It wasn’t something I was interested in to begin with, and Scarlet’s variety of jargon makes it hard to keep up with my poor understanding of it.
Scarlet herself was probably bored with the slow progress of the research.
I knew that, so I kept listening, but it’s time for something different to happen.


(Scarlet, doesn’t this train have too many cars?)
(That seems to be the case. There are certainly many. However, if you consider that they disappeared later than my time, then it’s possible that there was some kind of a change. However, I’m already bored with it. I demand improvement.)


Around the beginning of the sixth car’s investigation, I asked Scarlet some questions, but even she, a railroad geek, didn’t seem to know.
Certainly, there’s a possibility that it disappeared after the time we lived in.

Still, Scarlet… you are too free.
You spoke so much about the railway just because you wanted to talk.
Her ‘going at her own pace’ rivals Kuti’s.

I’d like to improve in that area too if I could, but there’s nothing I can do about it.
Even though bored, I can rest assured that Scarlet won’t ignore the investigative team and will act accordingly.
She’s a mischievous person that acts at her own pace, but she also has a decent amount of common sense.
It’s a problem, though, that she occasionally plays tricks on me.

The tedious investigation continued for a while.

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