Chapter 209.1

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The true identity of the flotsam and a tedious investigation.
(We are commencing investigation around the entrance.)
(Understood. Please be careful.)


The perimeter has been sealed off with a barrier and the environmental conditions around the target flotsam have been checked.
The next step is to finally move on to the internal investigation.
Naturally, the fairy investigation team would never recklessly rush inside and examine the flotsam randomly.
First of all, they investigate from outside with magic tools and sorcery before going inside.

But no matter what they do, the flotsam is too unknown to them, and even if they take adequate safety measures, damage would be inevitable.
But that’s now in the past.
If they use the magic tools that Kuti and I have prepared that contain my sorcery formula, they can be safe enough.
It’s not a bad thing to be cautious in everything, though.

There is such a thing as a procedure from the experience in the investigation team.
We offer a number of useful things using the new formula, which gave us the opportunity to accompany them.
It’s not a good idea to be too intrusive.
However, unlike usual, the images and sounds are reaching Natasha and the others.
It’s also easy for us to contact the team.
The fairies understand that things are not as usual.
If this allows the team to be able to return safely, then the price is cheap.


“There’s nothing at the entrance that looks dangerous. Still, I’ve never seen flotsam like this before. I’ve only dealt with things that have been recreated as magical tools in my daily office and in my life.”


The magic tool that displayed the images also displayed the data sent to it in an organized manner.
The data is nothing more than a list of letters, but it is filtered into a number of graphs and numbers to make it easier to understand the situation intuitively.
But there are experts in research, so it doesn’t seem to matter if it was difficult to understand or not.
However, Natasha was not an expert, so she only be like this.


“Come to think of it, I might have never examined flotsam directly either?”
“Neesan, you haven’t been with an investigative team since that one blew up.”
“So something like that did happen~”
“Ehh… Kuti, were things okay?”
“Fortunately, everyone in the investigation team was unharmed, because my elder sister was already considered the best sorceress in the Forest next to the world at that time.”
“As expected of Kuti!”


It’s not surprising that Kuti, whose curiosity drives her to action, would have done a lot of research on flotsam.
But it’s great that she was unharmed even if she got caught in an explosion.
Right now they are developing sorcery that can defend the users automatically, but Kuti’s original defensive sorcery was manual, and even if she used it after the explosion, there was a possibility that she wouldn’t be able to make it in time.


The activation time of manual sorcery is determined by how quickly the chanting is performed.
Although the magic tools can be activated instantly without the need for chanting, there is a limit to the sorcery that can be sealed into them.
I’m not sure how large the investigation team was, but the fact that they were unharmed, including herself, is enough of an accomplishment to say that she is indeed the best sorceress in the Forest next to the world.

With a smug look on her face and a burst of high-pitched laughter, the data around the entrance to the flotsam sent to me got displayed on a map.
The internal structure seems to be very simple.
A short distance away from the entrance, there was a thin wall separating the passage.
However, a similar structure seemed to continue behind it.
And in the ceiling area, there were… were these seats?


(Ojousama, this appears to be a train.)
(It looks like it’s upside down.)
(That seems to be the case.)


Yes, apparently this flotsam was a train, which was useful as a means of transportation in the world of my past life.
The entrance part may have been out of range and got scraped off when it vanished.
It was buried in a hill, exposing only the part that hadn’t been scraped off just right, making it look like the entrance to a dungeon.


(I don’t know much about trains, so I cannot be certain, but this looks like the E3 series——)


I am the only one who can hear the transmissions from Scarlet.
It’s no surprise as I can control and display the data she sends me, including the video, audio, and everything else.
But that doesn’t mean she should suddenly start talking about trains that I know nothing about.
It’s annoying when you say you don’t know much about it, but then you start talking about which system and which line it was running on by the shape of the cars and the seating arrangement.

I organized and played the video footage of the investigation team as they slowly progressed, while making appropriate ministerial comments.
Just to be sure, we’ve installed a repeater near the entrance so we can receive the data even if they dive deeper, but we don’t know what could interfere with it.
But if Scarlet can explain it in detail, then this train should not be so different from the trains of my time.
It shouldn’t be that dangerous if it’s from those days.
They shouldn’t spontaneously explode or anything, and they wouldn’t have anti-intruder security.

That’s probably why Scarlet won’t stop talking about railways.
… Right?

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