Chapter 208.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Flotsam and preparations for investigation.
Once the magic tool that Sani Sensei had prepared with the help of several staff members of the Magic Research Institute was installed, the only thing left to do was to wait for the communication from Scarlet.
The magic tool that Sani Sensei and the others were installing this time was an improved version of the Silver Eye that I got familiar with on the Lizwald Continent, but it is far better and more versatile than that one.
Furthermore, we had successfully miniaturized it, so even Sani Sensei can carry it around.
Well, its functions were completely specialized, so it can only receive and output video and audio, though.

It’s made in a way that even I can see the picture, but I would have no other problems either way, because I am me, and the data collected by Scarlet will be sent directly to my Contact Lenses.
Rather, the information I get is more specialized.
It’s not just the images and sounds that Scarlet will be sending me.

Natasha and the others were also loaned some limited-function Kutipads, so they could view the data as well.
The fairy experts in the field seemed to be very intrigued by the fact that you can check data that you couldn’t see on the video alone.
The fairy magic tool craftsmen were quite intrigued too.
The Kutipad seemed to be a breakthrough for the fairies, who had seen a number of flotsams.
Didn’t a smartphone or tablet land on their doorstep before this?

The fairies were quite lively with a lot of merrymaking around the Kutipad, but no one remonstrated them just because they were in front of the Queen.
It would be different if this was the Ovent Kingdom, for example.
The Queen of the fairy race is just a slightly powerful clerical position, so it was not a crime to be disrespectful.
In the first place, I don’t know whether fairies even have any disrespect laws.

Natasha, of course, was also chatting happily with Kuti.
The topic of conversation was still the Kutipad.
It was a bit embarrassing for me, the creator, whom Kuti was praising without a restraint.
When I looked at Natasha, who was listening to her rambling with gentle eyes, I almost couldn’t tell which one of them was the elder sister.


“Lily, we are all set up over here.”
“Thank you for your hard work. Sani Sensei and the staff.”
“Nono! I’ve never seen a more impressive magic tool in my life! I would love for Christophe-sama to visit the Research Institute at least once to talk with us about your formula!”
“The schedule won’t allow it this time, but if there’s another opportunity, it might not be a bad idea to visit to look around. There would be a certain amount of stimulation for Lily’s inspiration for sure.”
“Yes, by all means, we will be looking forward to your visit.”


Sani Sensei and the others were done with their preparations, and now we only had to wait for Scarlet.
The flotsam was not too far away, so it shouldn’t take much time to reach it as they are using a buggy-like vehicle to get around.
I wasn’t too surprised to see a car, but I didn’t expect an off-road buggy.
It’s possible that they have vehicles types here.
Apart from the boats, that is. Since there don’t seem to be any ocean around the forest, let alone rivers.
In addition, human-sized vehicles are not very practical for the fairies, and boats are even bigger and have far fewer uses…


(Ojousama, we have arrived at the site. We have sent you all the environmental data and there has been no evidence of contamination or hazardous substances. The environment seems very clean.)
(Understood. We have received the data and confirmed that communication is stable. Please move onto action plan A2.)


Leaving aside whether or not Scarlet is capable of photosynthesis, the various data were displayed one after another on my Contact Lenses via the transmission from her.
The data, instantly organized and graphed through filters, indicated that the site was extremely safe.
Depending on the flotsam, the surrounding environment could be extremely contaminated, but it seems safe in this case.
However, this is not enough to make us feel safe, so we must not be complacent.


As the investigation team began to move to action plan A2, the prepared magic tools were placed around the flotsam.
This was a measure to minimize the damage to the surroundings in case the flotsam exploded.
In short, they will surround it with a powerful barrier.
At the same time, it also makes it impossible for the outside world to interfere, so there will be no unnecessary interference.
Basically, there don’t seem to be any beings in the Forest next to the world that is hostile to the fairies, but we are just making sure.
However, because they are the magic tools made using the formula that I created, they are naturally designed not to interfere with certain sorceries, such as communication.

Once the barrier preparations were done, we received the video and audio output.
The tension in the buzzing meeting room was rising a bit because of the fact that we will soon be able to see the situation on the site.

I’ve already been looking at the video data from Scarlet, but… I could see a few flotsams buried in the mountains.
It was certainly not possible to get the whole picture with this.

But the visible area was also shaped like some kind of rectangular-shaped steel cut at high temperature.
The long vertical opening looked like the entrance to a cave.


(It looks like an entrance to a dungeon, doesn’t it?)
(Have you entered a dungeon before, Scarlet?)
(A few times during the school practice. It was just a kind of preview of dungeons, so it was in the easy category. I find it rather funny that people who dealt with monsters before have a higher chance of survival, though.)


A wry smile almost leaked out on my face at the story I heard reaffirmed the horror of the school run by my grandparents.
But if you ask me, the scene with the opening in the small mountain is the very entrance to a dungeon.
An artificially created one.

I’m worried that the road ahead will be much longer than I expected.
The magic tools that I had on me do not have a very long duration of effect.
Even the space-suit sorcery that is still in effect now only lasts for about eight hours at most.

According to the data collected so far, there were no lifeforms found by the flotsam, but there’s a possibility of security being still online.
There was apparently flotsam with counter-attack security that shot machine guns and some kind of a laser beam after a warning.
It doesn’t seem that any kind of robot would attack us, but we must proceed with great caution.

After a while, the installation of the magical equipment of the barrier was finished and the full-scale video and audio data were transmitted.
The images were shown on the magic tool that Sani Sensei and the other staff members had set up, and many of the fairies voiced their surprise and admiration.

But, of course, this is where the real work begins.

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