Chapter 205.2

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Mira and inspecting the Darkness
Even some time ago, one Beastwoman and one animal were discussing a game development, so I’m sure they want to continue while we are out.
Was it a mistake to give Mira a Kutipad, I wonder…
No, it would have come to this eventually, so it would have happened later or sooner.
We were able to uncover Mira’s hidden talent as well, and I might even left her to be in charge of developing games for Reki-kun.



”Well, if Mira, who was so scared by the speed of a car, gets on a plane, it’s going to be a big problem…”
“That’s right, Ojousama. At this time, it might be better to leave Mira behind. I’m not sure I’d be comfortable leaving Reki by himself.”
“Wafu~! (What do you mean by that~!)”
“I, is it okay!?”


Mira was driven to the brink of fainting when riding in the car.
An airplane would be impossible for her. The differences in speed are too high.
Besides, it’s good for Mira, who usually doesn’t ask for anything, to have a request. She must have had a lot of fun.
Reki-kun would be left by himself too while we are on the inspection, and as Scarlet pointed out, that would be a bit worrying.
If he’s with Mira, they will be most likely developing games quietly, so it might actually bring peace of mind.


“All right. Then, listen to what Mira says and wait here obediently for our return, okay?”
“Wafu~! (Yeah~!)”
“Thank you so much, Ojousama!”


I’m a little glad to see Reki-kun’s growth, as he was flicking his huge tail but trying not to break the furniture around him.
Mira was holding her Kutipad to her chest and wagging her glossy tail, just like Reki-kun.
I couldn’t help but chase that tail with my eyes, but even Mira, who usually blushes in anticipation of a reward, seemed genuinely happy to be working on a game while I am away.

Well, we had a discussion that there will be no rewards given out while in the Forest next to the world, so it cannot be helped.
… I want to mofumofu.




Leaving the excited Reki-kun and Mira behind, we were guided to the airport by the fairies who had come to pick us up.
However, there was only a building that looked like a hangar or warehouse and a large space that felt more like a sports ground than a runway.
Since the plane is capable of vertical takeoff and landing, it may have no need for a runway.

Unfortunately, Natasha is not with us on this inspection. She has her own business to attend to.
We are treated as the most important guests of honor, but that’s about it.
There is no problem though, since a guide specialized in this matter will be accompanying us for the inspection.

When we met up with our guide who was waiting for us, he seemed to have a stronger admiration for Sani Sensei than for Kuti.
The other fairies who accompanied her were troubled by his frolicking that was caused by finally seeing his favorite celebrity face-to-face.
Sani Sensei, who was operating at her own pace, asked the guide about the current situation of the darkness while she in turn answered happily.
Just as I thought we won’t be able to proceed——


“Isn’t it about the time we get in?”
“Indeed. Let’s go.”


At the sound of Kuti’s voice, Sani Sensei who has been in the middle of a discussion, finally returned.
The guide fairy looked like he had more to say, but since it was said by Sani Sensei who he admired, he obediently followed.
… I wonder if this is going to end up okay?

As we climbed up the ramp and boarded the plane, I found the seats to be reasonably comfortable.
It was a part of the plane the fairies didn’t need to use, but they said it was well made.
I looked at the cockpit via my Contact Lenses and saw that there were several fairies in charge of their own equipment.
I think it could be operated more like a sim game if linked up with the Kutipad, but I don’t think I would be able to control it even in the game.

Incidentally, in addition to seats for human-sized races, there were also seats for fairies, and Kuti and Sani Sensei were seated there.
After putting on the safety belt, which was tougher than a normal seatbelt, it was the time to take off.

In my previous life, I had flown in an airplane a few times, but I had never flown in a plane this small.
I was a little nervous, but the takeoff was surprisingly quiet and steady.
I also checked the conditions outside the plane, and it was very quiet, with no strong winds thanks to the vertical takeoff.
… This must have disappeared from Earth much later after my death.
The performance of the plane alone made me think so.

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