Chapter 206.1

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Airplane and Superb View
The air travel was going smoothly.
There was no shaking at all, and it seems that the information gathering sorcery couldn’t catch up completely, so the obtained information was considerably fragmented so it was meaningless.
It seems that the processing couldn’t catch up unless I narrowed down the range of the Contact Lenses, so we will have to come up with some countermeasures for high-speed movement.
It didn’t make sense for me to look outside, but Scarlet seemed very interested.
It’s a little sad that I’m blind at times like this.


“Ojousama, the name ‘Forest’ next to the world was just for show. There is only a forest down below.”
“Well, it’s called Forest next to the world~ Of course, it’s forest.”
“About eighty percent of the planet is forest. Unlike Auriol, there’s little to no seas. That is why the evolution of lifeforms might have been limited here.”


I couldn’t see the scenery, but Scarlet seemed considerate of my situation and explained what she saw.
And so, the lecture of Sani Sensei will inevitably follow.
Scarlet was absorbed by the scenery below, but the lecture was very helpful because it’s also very important information to me.

According to the lecture, the Forest next to the world followed its own, unique evolutionary path different, giving birth to unique organisms different from Auriol. There were no humanoid races either.
However, most of the creatures are now extinct due to the invasion of the darkness.
Only a few, including the fairy race, remain.
Half of the planet has been devoured. That much damage is only to be expected.

The fairy race is at the top of the hierarchy of the Forest next to the world.
It’s probably not surprising since they can handle superior magical tools and sorcery.
As for the other remaining creatures, they seem to be afraid of the fairies who rule at the top, so they apparently don’t even approach them.
No wonder I couldn’t see any monsters or suspicious creatures.
By the way, there are apparently no small creatures such as insects in the Forest next to the world.
I’d like to take a look at the creatures that followed their own evolutionary path, but I’m on a fast-moving plane.
I can’t gather any information at all, so there’s nothing I can do.
I would like to broaden the range of my information gathering sorcery during my stay and collect even a little.





The speed of the plane was so fast that we arrived at the destination quite quickly.
The darkness doesn’t seem to be a problem as long as you don’t get too close to a certain area, but if you go out into an area that has been obliterated, as seen on the 3D projection, it would be dangerous because in there, you’re in space.
In the meantime, I decided to cast a space-suit spell on everyone on board, including the fairies.
It seems that they heard about me from Natasha, and they were frequently impressed.
Especially the darkness specialist fairy, who let out “This is amazing!” as she turned her respectful gaze she had been giving to Sani Sensei to me, making me feel itchy.

Even though we were using the space-suit spell, we were not in a situation where we would casually charge into space.
We took a certain distance from the darkness as planned and conducted our inspection.

Besides being able to take off vertically, this plane seemed to be able to stay in the air in place for long periods of time, and the limitations of the Contact Lenses have finally been lifted.
At the same time, I began to collect data from the surroundings with my information gathering sorcery.


“What’s the matter, Lily? The view is amazing!”
“Ah, umm… it seems that… it cannot be displayed on the Contact Lenses…”
“How is this possible!?”


I found it frightening when I extended the range of my Contact Lenses to inspect the darkness.
As soon as I extended it to a certain extent, I couldn’t get any information.
Apparently, the places where the information cannot be obtained are the places where there is darkness.
The Contact Lenses collect vast amounts of environmental data through multiple sorceries and re-draws the data to my eyes through filters.
Naturally, the place where environmental data cannot be obtained cannot be drawn.


“Is the darkness devouring the sorcery?”
“I see… so that’s the reason.”
“Then, Lily cannot see this superb view!? That can’t be~!”
“Kuti-sama… then, how about you draw it with magical power?”
“That’s it! Nice one, Scarlet!”

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