Chapter 206.2

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Airplane and Superb View
A star-eating-like existence.
It makes sense that it eats sorcery, but actually seeing it is surprising.
But, even times like this, Kuti’s own pace saves me.

The state of the darkness Kuti drew with her magical power was, in nutshell, a ball of cotton candy.
However, there was only half of it.
To be honest, there was not much difference between this and the 3D image I was shown before, or rather, the quality was better.
But, there was a small correction that Kuti drew.
In short, it was great.
As expected of Kuti!

Moreover, as more and more trees were planted in the form of the forest, it became closer to the scene seen in the 3D image.
It was a fairly detailed description that showed Kuti’s seriousness.
It took her a while to finish, but it goes without saying that she did wonderful work.

The ball of cotton candy was only the opening performance!
This was Master Kuti’s masterpiece!


“Wow, Kuti! This is definitely spectacular!”
“Right, right!”
“… Umm~ I’m sorry to disturb you while you are excited, but is it okay for me to start explaining?”
“Ah, yes. Please do so.”


Just as I was praising Kuti who finished her masterpiece, the fairy who specialized in the darkness called out to me with a really apologetic look on her face.
I’ve completely forgotten about this person!

From there, the explanation of the expert fairy began, but it mostly entailed what I already heard from Natasha.
Of course, Natasha only explained what he reported to her.




We have been in the air for quite a while, but the darkness seems to have barely moved during that time.
That’s not surprising considering that it’s eating something as huge as a planet, but the speed of the invasion was terribly slow, just as I had heard.
According to predictions, it will take a thousand years to reach the town of the fairies, and even if it progresses that far, the Forest next to the world won’t collapse.


I have no clue whatsoever what this darkness that eats not only stars but also sorcery is.
If sorcery doesn’t work, there is nothing I can do about it at all.
Is this existence my very natural enemy?
But, I don’t think anyone else can do something about it either.
Even Kuti doesn’t seem to think we can do something about the darkness.

Moreover, since the current situation is such that the darkness itself is holding back the collapse of the planet as it devours it, it would only hasten its destruction if the darkness was removed, so it cannot really be dealt with.
No wonder the fairies no longer have any other choice but to abandon the Forest next to the world.

Thus, by actually arriving at the scene, I understood many things as Natasha said.
In particular, the fact that there is an existence on which my sorcery doesn’t work was probably the best thing I’ve learned.
I don’t necessarily know if there is such a being on Auriol, but I can’t necessarily say it doesn’t exist.
If such an existence appeared in front of me, what could I do?
There are so many things to plan for, it’s hard to know where to start.

But I have to do what I can to make the most of what I’ve gained this time.
Of course, I’m also going to proceed with the request from Natasha at the same time.
Because I don’t have the option of abandoning the residents of the Forest next to the world.

Returning took about the same amount of time as getting there, but the inspection was a day-long visit just as planned.
Tomorrow’s plan is to sightsee the fairy town, but our sizes are too different, so we won’t necessarily do so.
In other words, it’s free time.

There was another reason in addition to the audience with Natasha that I wanted to visit the Forest next to the world alone with Scarlet.
That is, of course, to investigate the situation of items that seem to be from our past lives appearing here. In other words, it’s about the flotsam.

Natasha has provided us with data on the locations of known safe flotsam, so there is no problem for us to investigate tomorrow.
Scarlet is already on board, and so am I.
We’ll just be collecting data while touring the fairy town, that’s all.

We already had our minds set on investigating tomorrow’s flotsam, but when we arrived at the mansion where we were staying and reached our room, we were stunned.

Inside the room was Mira, who is operating her Kutipad at a high speed with an uncanny look on her face.
And also Reki-kun, who was wagging his tail and also playing on the Kutipad.

The room was a complete disaster.
The wreckage of furniture that seems to have been destroyed by Reki-kun’s tail was scattered on the floor, and the servant fairies could only watch the events from outside the room.
The two of them didn’t seem to be able to hear them at all.

… The hell are you doing…

Partly because I was a little tired from the unfamiliar plane ride, I stopped thinking about it.

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