Chapter 207.1

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The disastrous scene and accompanying the investigation team.
Right now, I have in front of me Reki-kun, who was completely prone, and Mira who was kneeling on the ground.
The room that was in a complete mess was quickly cleaned up by the servant fairies using magic tools.
However, as for the furniture, it will take some time to bring a new set in.
Fortunately, the furniture that Reki-kun blew up with his tail, didn’t include the sofa and low table which had our luggage placed on it. It’s a shame that the rest of the furniture became collateral damage, though.

This all started when Reki-kun played the game that Mira had made and since his requests were added into the game one after another, it caused his excitement to rise.
Mira was enjoying responding to the requests that came in one after another, and she was so absorbed on her Kutipad that she didn’t notice it at all.
No, let’s take a notice of that, Mira…

Was I stupid to think that if I gave him Kutipad, that he would stay obedient?
But who would have expected Reki-kun’s excitement to rise to this level?
It’s true that Reki-kun loves games.
That’s just like all the children during my past life… well, I loved games too, so I guess it’s not just the kids.
The only games that Reki-kun has ever played were the ones that I made.
I’ll listen to his requests, but it’s up to me whether or not I want to incorporate them.
I don’t think it would be a good idea to include only the opinions from the user’s perspective.
Even so, Reki-kun still wanted to play the games every day to the point of pestering me.

But after all, it seems that a game that incorporated a lot of Reki-kun’s own requests was very close to his ideal game.
In fact, it’s because he was getting closer and closer to that ideal game that he became so excited he ended up breaking my orders.

Reki-kun is, as everyone knows, a giant.
When he wags his tail in a good mood like a normal dog, the tail turns into a deadly weapon.
It’s not just me, but even adults would get blown away if they got hit by his tail.
Rather, it would be for better if people only got blown away.
If you are untrained or don’t use sorcery to defend yourself, you will get injured, and if you are stuck in the wrong place, there is a good chance that you will die.
A being that large is dangerous in itself.

That’s why I taught Reki-kun so strictly.
I disciplined him to control his tail and his whole body to not be swayed by emotions, even if he was happy.
Otherwise, just like in this case, he would have caused unwanted damage.
I know that I am putting him in a tight spot, but it’s inevitable.

However, there were some extenuating circumstances this time.
First of all, I should have known that Mira would not be able to completely restrain Reki-kun, but I let them stay at home alone anyway.
Even though the mansion where we are staying is decently large, it’s still quite small from Reki-kun’s point of view.
It’s inevitable that his stress would build up by staying in such a small place for a long period of time.
I also knew that Mira was addicted to making games.
It would be natural for a game developer to try to meet the demands of the player, Reki-kun.
The extent to which she fulfills the player’s needs is a matter of personal preference, but Mira has only just started making games.
If the suggestions are coming from a player like Reki-kun, who has played many games in the past, it’s something she would be willing to add in her game.

When you think about it carefully, it was one of the plausible outcomes.

Therefore, I cannot even say anything too bad when I see both of them reflecting on it so honestly.
However, this is a place we are renting, and more importantly, a place provided to us by Natasha, the Queen of the Forest next to the world.
It wouldn’t be good to expose myself to shame.
The same is true for my companions. In fact, I could be judged on the behavior of my own companion.

Although I know that the fairies won’t care about such things, we should still be careful.
I am the Christophe family’s daughter.


Therefore, the preaching of one humanoid and one animal continued for a little longer.




“Even though Reki-kun was no surprise, to think that even Mira would get so addicted~”
“It’s really unexpected… but, I understand her feelings.”
“There’s a lot of interesting stuff you make, after all. The app for making games is the best example of this. A group of commands that may have dedicated and specialized use, but made with versatility in mind. Not only can they be managed and expanded individually, but they are also simple enough to be intuitively used. Furthermore——”


After the scolding, I issued a ban on the Kutipad for both of them, which left them quite dejected.
As you can imagine, giving them the Kutipads right back would be no reflection for them.

Sani Sensei praised the game-making app without holding back.
But I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I made it to save the trouble of making so many games for Reki-kun, and that it’s just an imitation of game creation software from my past life’s world.

Rather than that, I don’t like that Mira is a little too addicted to it.
If she had been born in the world of my past life, I’m afraid she’d be much more addicted to it than she was now.
But once we get back to the Ovent Kingdom, she’ll have her maid’s job waiting for her, and since I’m only going to give her the Kutipad when she’s with us, meaning only when she will be my exclusive maid for the day, things should be probably fine.

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