Chapter 207.2

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The disastrous scene and accompanying the investigation team.
“Ojousama, about tomorrow’s plans.”
“Oh, yes. I’ve asked Natasha if we could examine the flotsam instead of just sightseeing, so it should be fine.”
“I’m much obliged.”
“Nah. I’m curious too, and that’s what we were originally planning to do in the first place.”
“But you cannot go, Lily! There’s quite a bit of dangerous flotsam around!”


Tomorrow was supposed to be a tour of the fairy town, but I asked Natasha to let us accompany her team to investigate the flotsam.
As Kuti says, I cannot accompany them myself, but I have no problem with that because Scarlet is going.
I’ll have her use a number of magic tools and transmit me the data that she’s gathered in real-time.
From there on out, I’m going to transcribe the information to the Kutipad and my Contact Lenses to get a better idea of the status of the investigation.

I’m going to work on the sorcery for that now, but the flotsam they are going to investigate is not too far away, so I thankfully don’t have to worry about the distance.
If they use a plane like the one we used to inspect the darkness, the distance would be too great and out of the effective range of the sorcery.

Incidentally, Natasha, and the experts of the flotsam investigation team will also participate in this survey.
Up until now, they had to conduct the investigation and then come back with a detailed report.
It was difficult to convey the situation in real-time, so there was no other choice.
Even though the development of the magic tool technology is much better than in Auriol, it seems that there are still technical problems in that area.

But then I came, someone who could be said to specialize in information gathering sorcery.
After all, gathering information from the surroundings is essential to the Contact Lenses. That’s what I specialize in.

The sorcery I’m going to create this time, the sorcery to understand the status of the investigation in real-time will be provided to the fairies.
Under that condition, Scarlet is able to accompany the investigation team.

There are several dangerous flotsams around, and there were several investigation teams that never returned.
Reports were made after the teams return, so naturally, if they don’t come back, only limited information will be available.
The only information we have is that these flotsam are dangerous.

However, with the sorcery I’m creating this time, we will soon find out what’s dangerous in what situation.
Of course, I don’t intend to drive Scarlet to death, so I’ll also use defensive sorceries in a big way.
I’m going to tighten up the defenses so much that she won’t be left with a single scratch even if a tactical warhead that was at the time the strongest weapon in the world during my past life exploded directly on her.
Well, if such a thing actually exploded, this place might be in danger in terms of distance.





We just need to add some extensions to the information-gathering sorcery we’ve been using, prepare a Kutipad for Natasha, and the others, and we’ll be ready for tomorrow.
I’ve already prepared the magic tools for Scarlet to carry, and we can put the defensive sorcery and other sorceries on her before she leaves.
I’ve asked Sani Sensei to prepare magic tools that use my magic formula as well.

Since there are magic tool craftsmen better than Eliott here, I might as well get them to work.
Magic tools that even Eliott cannot make can be made here in a rather short time.
I would be lying to myself if I didn’t make the most of this opportunity.
I can use these magic tools as a souvenir for Eliott and I can give them to Scarlet to carry in the meanwhile.
It’s better not to use them casually since they are mainly magic tools to increase the chances of survival, but they must be used without hesitation in case of an emergency.
So, I have to prepare a separate souvenir for Eliott.
Well, Scarlet would not hesitate to use it even if the souvenir for Eliott was a leftover magic tool.

By the way, I did not come here to play, so there’s no need to bring any souvenirs back.
My family too, wants me to come home safely rather than a souvenir.
Since they are doting on me so much, I mean it exactly as stated.
Rather, the implications of “Come back soon!” in their words was stronger.

That being the case, we will be investigating the flotsam tomorrow.
I have to ask Scarlet to gather as much information as possible.
It’s certain that things from our past lives somehow managed to drift over here. Maybe there’s a way to go to that world…

No, I have reincarnated, so even if I can go to that world, I cannot return.
Nevertheless, why did I die? What happened to my family?
I would like to know at least that much.

Of course, coming to the Forest next to the world was made possible thanks to the Inter-dimensional movement sorcery made by a real genius named Kuti.
I don’t think it’s so easy to get there.
But I don’t mind having a little bit of hope.

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