Chapter 208.1

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Flotsam and preparations for investigation.
It seems that the object of the investigation is a very new object that appeared about three days ago.
However, it only appeared three days ago, so it’s unknown whether the object itself is new or not.
However, when it appeared, it seems that there were many parts that have been buried under the ground, and the fairies have not been able to grasp the whole picture.
Of course, we will be investigating from now on, so we have no idea what is inside.
The preliminary investigation that was carried out prior to this project was only limited to confirming the exterior and the surrounding situation.
The exterior of the object is mostly buried underground, so we don’t know the details.

When flotsam appear, they don’t often bury themselves in the ground like this or cause damage to the surroundings with their appearance.
I was told that most of them appear in a static state and cause little to no damage.
However, their stationary state does not mean that they are not dangerous.
In the past, there have been cases of flotsam that appeared in a static state and were judged to pose no danger according to the preliminary investigation, but exploded while the investigation team was examining the interior, turning the entire area into scorched earth. Truly Horrifying.

As a countermeasure against such dangers this time, I’ve given Scarlet and the rest of the investigation team a large number of magic tools that contain the defensive spells I created, and I’ll be casting space-suit sorcery on them from the start, just in case.
Even if the environment changes drastically to a non-survivable one, they won’t suffer any immediate damage, and if they just have to dash out, Scarlet’s ability should be no problem.
Of course, we’ve also prepared a variety of magic tools for that purpose.
The investigation is important, but the first step is to come back without any injuries.




The fairy plus Scarlet investigation team had left early in the morning.
We had come to a conference room in the palace to await the transmissions that would be sent as soon as the team arrived at the target.
This was a human-sized conference room, a practical room with a circular table and chairs, but they were far too large for the fairies to use.
There wasn’t a speck of dust on the floor, even though they don’t usually use it.

We were all here, except Scarlet, that is.
Of course, I brought Mira and Reki-kun with us. I can’t let them repeat yesterday.
Well, I’ve given them a lecture, so I’m sure they wouldn’t do the same thing if I let them stay home again, though. But, just in case.

On the fairy side, there was Natasha and fairies that specialized researching the flotsam. There are also other fairies that did not join the investigation team, but were here to provide an explanation and commentary.
There were also many other fairies involved in the creation of magic tools, since flotsam are used as a reference source for magic tools, and it doesn’t matter how many of them are present in this meeting room, as there will be no problem in terms of space.

If anyone had a problem, it was Reki-kun.
He’s huge.
I’m not sure how big the conference room is, but it’s too small for Reki-kun big frame.
But it would be a pity to make him wait outside, so I asked him to stay.
The palace itself is large, so there was no problem for Reki-kun to stay there as there was enough space for him to lie down.
But I couldn’t help but feel that it was still a bit cramped.

Reki-kun alone was giving off an impression of oppression, but Natasha was in a good mood thanks to his fluffy fur.
She and Kuti have settled atop his head.
After all, they are close sisters, aren’t they? I’m a little jealous.

By the way, there is no one sitting on the chairs.
I’m also using Reki-kun as a couch, and most of the fairies are either on the table or in the air.
Mira was waiting by the wall.
I guess it didn’t have to be a conference room, after all.

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