Chapter 205.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Mira and inspecting the Darkness
“Ojousama! I did it!”
“Let me see~?”


Mira played with the Kutipad for a few hours after I explained it to her.
I’m getting sleepy already, but Mira’s eyes got all sparkly after I finished explaining to her, so I decided to keep her company.
Normally, I would be already sleeping by this time, though.


“Oh yeah, this command is used in this way. It makes the description come alive.”
“I see~! As expected of Ojousama! Then, if I add this…”


For some reason, Mira got addicted to the game-making app I created.
In reality, I wanted to explain a lot of things about us, but she ended up overwhelmed by the Kutipad.

However, after I explained to her about the Kutipad, Mira tried playing a few games, but she was not interested in the games themselves too much.
Obviously, there are no such things as video games in the Ovent Kingdom.
Games that were played with the projecting images on the Kutipad’s display should be something incredible for Mira, but that was all there was to it.
However, it made me feel a bit disappointed, so I tried showing her the game-making app, telling her “You made them like this” and started teaching her.
Even though she wasn’t interested in the finished product, she showed interest in making it. Moreover, it was a very big interest.

The game-making app was created in order to reduce the time it takes to make games, mainly because Reki-kun was asking to let him play various genres.
Various commands were used to create the games easily, and various situations could be reproduced with the Contact Lenses app and information gathering sorcery.
The FPS game Reki-kun is addicted to right now used a map created from the randomized data collected by the information gathering sorcery, it had monsters randomly appear which he would then shoot down with sorcery.
Although the monsters had a few behavior patterns, it was quite difficult to hit them since they moved very fast.
As for the spells, some attack sorcery was chosen from the existing sorcery to use. The main idea is to use these spells to defeat monsters and compete for points.

Since we can use the various data collected through information gathering sorcery, it’s possible to create games rather intuitively, but Mira is apparently more interested in creating commands from scratch.
The game-making app allows you to create new commands, so I was surprised at how quickly she absorbed the use of the descriptive command when I taught her.
Even though she was a graduate of that school, I couldn’t believe that she was this capable child from my usual impressions of her.

But, what did it actually look like?
Well, albeit the game was a simple one, she did manage to finish it a few hours after she first touched the Kutipad.
It was just a tiny Reki-kun running and jumping in a side-scrolling map, but you couldn’t clear it unless you avoided the pitfalls, so it was a proper game.

… This child, is she really Mira?

Perhaps because it was a game with Reki-kun as the main character, he found it quite interesting and had a long conversation with Mira through the Kutipad.
Mira, who was answering his questions without finding that strange, was indeed my Mira.
I mean, she shouldn’t have known that Reki-kun was able to speak.
I only explained to her about the Kutipad.


After all, this child was Mira! The Mira I know!




It was the third day since we arrived in the Forest next to the world.
Today, we are going to observe the Darkness which is eating the Forest next to the world away.
That said, we will be only flying over it in a plane. It’s really just an observation.
To be precise, the purpose is to check the current status of the Forest next to the world accurately.

In the end, we couldn’t explain Mira about us.
There was no time to do so because she got hooked on the game-making app.
The last thing I remember before losing to sleep was being surprised that Mira was able to talk with Reki-kun as if it was a normal thing to do. I don’t know what happened after.
I’m sure Scarlet handled it well. I believe her.

In fact, Mira was having a casual conversation with Reki-kun this morning. Of course, through the Kutipad.
She’s properly taking care of me, but she’s tampering with the Kutipad whenever she has time.
Well, it was me who gave it to her.

I had a light breakfast and was waiting for the fairies to guide me, but Mira and Reki-kun were acting strangely.
Oh, perhaps…


“O, Ojousama… I have a request!”
“Wafufu~ (Request~)”
“I have a guess, but… tell me.”
“I, I would like to stay at home!”
“Wafuun? (I would be lonely all by myself, you know?)”


In contrast to Mira, who looked extremely nervous and made a request that was close to a plea, Reki-kun was talking in a somewhat spoiled voice. It was very fake. Let’s try a little harder to act, Reki-kun.

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