Chapter 204.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Explanation and Plans
“In addition to what Lily needs to see, I want her to understand exactly what the current state of the Forest next to the world is. It’s better than having no information whatsoever, right? Besides, information gathering sorcery is not very effective if it is too far away from you. If possible, I’d like to go as far as the Contact Lenses can reach, but as expected, that would be too dangerous.”
“I see. Shall we improve the exploration sorcery then?”
“We don’t have that much time, you know?”
“By tomorrow… well, by my calculations, we can make something that will allow us to gather more information than we do now within a hundred kilometers or so.”
“That’s not good enough.”
“Is that so…”


I regret that I hadn’t yet created sorcery to explore long distances.
If possible, I don’t want to go inspect the situation of the darkness.
It’s an unknown star-eating existence. No one would want to get close to it.
But Sani Sensei is right, we need to gather information.
I don’t think there’s any point in me taking the risk, but…


“It will be fine, Lily! I’m here! I will protect you!”
“Moreover, it’s a superb view! You might want to see it at least once!”
“Neesan… that’s something only you can say. Calling that thing a superb view…”
“You weakling~! That’s why you are the Queen!”


To Kuti, this is the extent of the crisis the star-eating existence causes.
Natasha’s words of dismay were not a big deal to her. Her smug face was getting smugger and smugger.
As expected of my Smugface-sama.

… That’s right. Kuti is here.
If Kuti says it’s fine, then it will definitely be fine.
And if it’s something Kuti recommends then I’d like to see it.
The fear of the star-eating darkness was already fading.




Until the evening, Natasha gave me a detailed explanation of the situation, and I returned to the mansion where I was staying.

Tomorrow, we’re going on a spectacular sightseeing trip called “Inspection of the Darkness”.
I’m surprised to learn that the vehicle provided will be an airplane.
It looks like a futuristic airplane that seems to have been manufactured a long time after my time, capable of vertical takeoff and landing, not the one I know.
Moreover, it seemed to be of the type that was quite small and could be flown by individuals.
Well, from the point of view of the fairy race, it’s a big enough vehicle.


Even though Reki cannot ride with us, there’s enough room for Scarlet and Mira.
Therefore, I decided to take them both along this time.
I’m not scared anymore, and since it’s a scenic sightseeing trip, it’s okay to take them both along.
Rather, I would not know what Scarlet would do to me if I didn’t bring her along.
As for Mira, well I will just take her along. She’s my personal maid, after all.

Mira though, there’s a lot of explaining to do to get her to our side tonight.
I’m going to reveal most of my secrets that I haven’t even told the Obaasama and others.
One night may not be enough, but it should be enough for the gist of it.
I can tell her more about it when we get back to Auriol.


“Yep. That being the case, Mira. I need to speak with you.”
“Y, yes! What is it, Ojousama.”
“The glasses are still good to go, right?”
“Yes, they are at… erm, sixty percent? I think?”


Naturally, I had Mira wear the fairy-recognition glasses at all times while in the Forest next to the world.
They were specially made for her by Eliott, who went out of his way to have them customized for her, so they also last a little longer than the generic type.
Even so, they won’t last a day.

By the way, besides the beast ears, the Beastmen have normal ears on the side of their heads.
Therefore, they have no problem using glasses on their ears.
As for hearing, though, they seem to have an excellent ability when used together with the beast ears.


“Okay, look at this. This is your Kutipad, Mira.”
“This is… the board… everyone seemed to be using?”
“That’s right. This thingy is called Kutipad and——”


First of all, I decided to teach her how to use the Kutipad so that it would be easier to explain things to her.
If she can learn how to use it, I can explain the rest through the Kutipad, and then she can simply watch videos.

Mira’s eyes were darting about and she was very confused, but I will have her do her best to learn!
Now, put your spirit into it! Do your best, Mira!
Reki-kun mastered it, so you can do it too! I think.

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