Chapter 203.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Current Situation and Thoughts
“Ahem. Is it a good time to talk now?”
“Another twenty years or so.”
“I can wait, but I’m sure in that time it takes, someone of such race as Lilianne-sama, could create more sorcery.”
“Kuti, Lily, don’t forget your original purpose.”
“Oh, right. I completely forgot.”
“How could you completely forget…”


It seems that I completely forgot about the other two fairies in the room while ascertaining my bond with Kuti.
I’m sure I would notice earlier if Scarlet was here, but unfortunately, she is currently in the midst of cooking together with Mira.
Will today’s meal become a delivery, I wonder?


“And so, Lilianne-sama. Let me explain about the current state of the Forest next to the world.”


Natasha’s expression changed from a face she showed to people she was close with, to one she had during the audience.

There are no strangers except Natasha in this office, and because Natasha has the same face as Kuti, I got completely careless.
In other words, I did what I usually do. I have to reflect.
It’s about to get serious. I shouldn’t play around.


“First, please look at this data.”


She handed me a bundle of B5 size papers.
The paper on the Lizwald Continent is rough like straw paper, but this paper was very thin, resembling a copy paper used in my former homeland.
Is this also made with a magic tool that was made by reproducing flotsam?
The components are…


“As you know, the Forest next to the world exists in a different dimension than the world you were born.”


Oops, not good.
This is not the time to be thinking about paper.
I listened carefully to Natasha while scanning over the paper’s composition.
However, let’s collect the data about the composition of the paper too.


“And currently, the Forest next to the world is in danger of being destroyed by an overwhelming threat.”



My thoughts couldn’t catch up with Natasha’s abrupt words, so a dumbfounded voice leaked from my mouth.
But, I don’t think I could do otherwise.
When I heard about this before, they talked about hundreds of millions of years.
I was surprised to hear that the danger is this imminent.


“Although I say that, the latest forecast of the destruction is actually six thousand years.”
“Is that so… erm…”


I think that hundreds of millions and six thousand is quite different, but it’s still quite far in the future.
The average lifespan of humans is about seventy years.
And I’m talking only about those who receive a solid treatment like the nobility.
The lifespan of the common people is actually much lower.
But, the fairies have no lifespan.
Even so, six thousand years doesn’t seem to be so short they have to rush.
It’s no wonder the two did not tell me about this fact… or is it?


“Of course, we cannot just stand and watch. Thus, we have been looking for ways to move to another dimension, and in fact, we have already succeeded to some extent.”
“Indeed. I am sorry for interrupting. Please continue.”
“It’s fine. It’s my fault for not informing you about the destruction, Lilianne-sama.”


I see…
Even if the two wanted to tell me, they couldn’t.
To be able to forbid these two who act at their own paces from speaking… as I thought, Natasha must be incredible. As expected of the Queen.


“By the way, Lilianne-sama. Are you aware that the Forest next to the world is a planet, and that it has a spherical shape?”
“Yes, I am aware.”
“Well then, this is how the Forest next to the world looked during the tranquil times.”
“A hologram…?
“Yes, this was also reproduced from flotsam.”


A 3D picture appeared in the air simultaneously with Natasha’s voice.
From the result of the information gathering, I learned that the picture was projected by a magic tool embedded in the wall.
I knew there were some magic tools here, but to think it was this…


“The planet was this tranquil… about one hundred million years ago, the Forest next to the world was spherical. However, the Forest next to the world is presently shaped like this.”

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