Chapter 202.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Audience with Queen Natasha
As I had asked Sani Sensei in advance, this audience with Queen Natasha will be somewhat imitating the way it’s done in the Ovent Kingdom.

Yep, somewhat.

It’s not exactly how audiences in the Ovent Kingdom work, but isn’t it just fine like this? It was fairly sloppy.
Which isn’t surprising, since the Queen wouldn’t hold an audience when needing to talk with someone.
Or rather, even if it’s not the Queen initiating the contact, there would be no audience.
As expected, meeting without a prior appointment is rare, but even so, they don’t waste their time and effort on audiences.

This time, we adapted to the tile of the Ovent Kingdom’s Count family.
Well, as for myself, I personally don’t think there’s a need to be this formal, but various recordings will be inevitably shown to my parents and grandparents, so there’s nothing I can do about it.

That’s why the audience ended quite quickly.
The Ovent Kingdom-ish audience has ended~ if I tell them that, there should be no problem if it ended in a short time.
Rather, ending in a short time, so that we have spare time to talk about the real objective was our intention.

It’s sad that the pointlessly extravagant audience hall was used this short for the first time in several thousands of years.
Even the fairies at the place were neither nobles nor officials, they were simply the Queen’s close aides.
No, does that make them high-ranked officials?

That being the case, we moved from the audience hall to Natasha’s office.
This office also wasn’t fairy-sized, it was spacious even for me, the sofa was perfect for the human size too.
But, as one would expect from a fairy’s office.
Everything except the sofa was miniature.
A tiny desk with a tiny chair, a tiny bookshelf, the neatly stored books were also all tiny.
There were many documents on her desk, but they were all put in proper order, so it made me feel that it was oozing Natasha’s serious personality.

In this office where her serious character appears, we were supposed to be discussing the real purpose behind the invitation.

… That’s what we were supposed to be doing, but——


“Sheesh! Didn’t I ask you to report to me properly!”
“Eh~ I think I did it properly, though~”
“Your report was totally different from Sani’s! Why are you always so vague about everything, Big sis!”
“It’s fine, it’s fine. Weren’t we able to hold the audience, in the end,~ Annela and others were also convinced by it~ Even if it was a little different from Ovent’s~”


The dignified Natasha who showed up in the audience hall was nowhere to be found.
The one present now was having a cute quarrel with the sister she is close to.
She has the exact same face as Kuti, so I felt particularly like that.
Well, you couldn’t say that the huffing little sister and the nonchalant big sister trying to pacify her were quarreling.


“Natasha, leave it at that. You know that it’s useless no matter what you tell this fellow.”
“That’s right~ that’s right~”
“Stop agreeing with her!”



I feel bad for the roughly breathing Natasha, but seeing Kuti’s smugface that was a bit different from usual made me feel happy.
So she shows this face to her family…
I’m a bit jealous that she doesn’t show this expression to me.


“Hah… I get it. I’m sorry for the ruckus… I just can’t feel satisfied without suitably pointing out my big sister’s faults first…”
“Nono, I’m satisfied from seeing an expression Kuti usually doesn’t show.”
“Myyy… I’m getting embarrassed, ehehe.”
“Big sis… Lilianne-sama, please don’t spoil my big sister too much… I mean it.”


Natasha hung her head dejectedly.
Having Kuti as a bad example from which she could learn, her serious character was somehow very cute.
It’s easy to see how happy her days were, being pushed around by the unrestrained Kuti.
Just imagining those days made my magical power leak.
Ahh… spending every day happily with Kuti… Natasha, I envy you…


“U, umm… Lilianne-sama, somewhat turbulent magical power is leaking from your body…”
“Lily, calm down. Natasha, it’s alright. Lily is not being hostile to you or anything. You don’t have to be scared.”
“Good Lily, go get her~!”
“Stop fanning the flames!”


Not good, not good.
The opponent is Kuti’s little sister. We will be associating with each other for a very long time, so I can’t make a stumble here.


“I am sorry for displaying something so unsightly.”
“Ah, no… umm, w, what about my big sister is that good?”
“Eh? Everything is…”


Once I stopped my magical power from leaking, Natasha inquired with a cramped face.
Even though it’s so obvious what is good about Kuti.


“Hya~! Lily! I also love everything about you~!”
“Sani… are Variation Type Two all this eccentric…?”
“We only have two samples so far. I wish there was more.”
“Ah, good grief. This person is also an oddball.”

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