Chapter 202.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Audience with Queen Natasha
Our audience with Natasha, Queen of the Forest next to the world, took place in the audience hall, which, even from our point of view, was enormous.
Huge pillars with elaborate decorations lined up evenly on either side, and in front of them were elaborately dressed fairies, each in their own elaborate costumes.
The number of fairies standing in rows in this vast audience hall was just a few, and because they are tiny, it gave off quite a lonely impression, but it was still a beautiful, splendid-looking place.
The data I gathered showed that it was not only the pillars, but also the floor, walls and ceiling were decorated, and the windows for lighting are designed to reflect the light in every detail.
The most amazing thing was the number of magic tools that were installed in this audience hall.
Amazingly, each and every giant pillar was a magical tool, and although far inferior to the defensive magic that Kuti regularly uses, I could clearly tell that quite powerful sorceries were sealed in them.
They would probably withstand two or three hits from Obaasama.
The fascinating point is the synergistic effect of all the pillars which is designed to protect the entire audience room.
When working together, it’s enough to rival Kuti’s defensive magic.

In addition to the pillars, there were other magical tools casually placed in various places, mixed in with the furnishings and decorations, and it was apparent that this place was special.

Incidentally, there was not a single person dressed as a soldier or knight.
Instead, there were several people dressed like sorcerers, and they were probably the ones in charge of security.
All of the gowns they wore were also magic tools.
I know this because I’ve been shown Eliott’s work process a few times before, but it’s a lot of work to make one of these.
Since they are capable of sealing such powerful sorceries in gowns this tiny, it shows how far ahead the magic tools craft here is compared to the Lizwald Continent.
… No, it’s only natural with Kuti and Sani Sensei at the helm.
If these two collaborated in the manufacturing of magic tools without any restraints, it would be only natural for them to create something terrific.
Moreover, many of the magic tools manufactured in the Forest next to the world is based on flotsam, so it wouldn’t be strange if some magic tools had the flavor of my past world’s science.




With Kuti and Sani Sensei leading the way, we proceeded through the solemn audience hall.
It’s only Kuti and Sani Sensei who will appear at the audience with me.
Mira, Scarlet, and Reki-kun, unfortunately, have to wait for us.
But since all the data obtained through the information gathering sorcery is being sent to the Kutipad, Scarlet and Reki-kun are able to see what is going on here.
I was going to tell Mira a lot of things during this trip at the Forest next to the world, but we had not talked yet, so she doesn’t know of the Kutipad’s existence.
Well, Scarlet will manage.

I wanted Scarlet to accompany me to the audience too, but that would leave Mira alone with Reki-kun.
Reki-kun wouldn’t bully Mira, but his body is uselessly large, so he gives off quite an intimidating impression.
Mira knows Reki-kun well so I thought it would be fine, but I was worried nonetheless.
Rather, Mira wouldn’t be able to stop Reki-kun if he did something stupid.
Despite his appearances, Reki-kun is quite a prankster, after all. It won’t be a problem now while he’s absorbed in gaming on the Kutipad, but he occasionally gets tired of it, so you can’t let your guard down.
In that respect, Scarlet is used to handling Reki-kun.


It would have been nice if I could have brought everyone with me to an audience, but I was afraid to do so, so I decided to do things like this.

I’m constantly gathering data, so the data from the guest room where Scarlet and others are is transmitting to me as well, so I’m always able to check on them.
Scarlet and Reki-kun seem to be busy checking the Kutipad, while Mira was reaffirming the luggage.
There seem to be no problems so far.
Let’s focus on things here.

I walked slowly through the large audience hall and stopped my feet when Kuti stopped.
In the projection of my Contact Lenses, I saw a platform that was gradually raised to about ten meters higher than the average floor, and a throne at the end of it.
There was a graceful fairy sitting at the throne that looked exactly like Kuti.
She was Natasha, the Queen of the Forest next to the world.
However, unlike Kuti, her expression was full of seriousness and dignity.


“Welcome to the Forest next to the world. Special Sorceress-sama. I am Natasha. I serve as the Queen in these lands.”


A beautiful ringing voice resembling Kuti’s signaled the start of the audience.

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