Chapter 201.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Palace and Waiting Room
We rode in the car for a few minutes.
In the meanwhile, there were numerous cheers for Kuti from the fairies.
Kuti responded with a smile plastered on her face just like yesterday.
If I didn’t resupply on the Kuti element yesterday, I would have a hard time today.
But now, I am full on the Kuti element.
Therefore, I’m fine. I’m okay, I’m good.

The car was heading towards a building that was slightly larger than the mansion that was prepared for us.
The Chalky Palace would be a very appropriate name.
I might feel this way because I only see white and black, though.

It might have been built with referencing flotsam, as the architecture was very similar to the ancient structures of my past world.
It had huge pillars and walls with beautiful decor.
The building material also resembled stone, but in reality, that was not the case.
According to the data I gathered, it’s a material reproducing the texture of a stone, but it’s a completely different kind of material.
However, its strength and resistance are incomparably high.
Additionally, numerous magic tools were installed all over the place.
They were magic tools of different types and sizes, such as lights for illumination and defensive tools.
It was very different from the mansion where we stay at and the houses of other fairies, so I found many things interesting.

Nevertheless, although the palace was considerably guarded, I steadily saw the whole picture.
A number of fairies were deployed around the many magic tools.

I feel a bit sorry that the impenetrable palace in its entirety seems all naked to me to the point I could sneak around without being found out.
Still, it’s not like I will tell this information to anybody, so there’s no need to worry about it.

In many ways, the sorcery for collecting information, which is used in conjunction with the Contact Lenses, is terrific.
However, my Contact Lenses are unable to function well without acquiring information, so it was inevitable.
Yep, this is inevitable, yeah.




Upon arriving at the Chalky Palace, the car entered its dedicated place and we were guided to the largest of several waiting rooms, which had a great selection of furnishings.
This room seems to be prepared for the hospitality of the highest rank, as it was apparent from a glance at the furnishings that must have taken a lot of time and effort to make.
Other rooms were worth waiting in too, but this room was by far the best.


“What a wonderful room this is.”
“It’s a peculiar room even in a building that was made while referencing flotsam. It’s said that the engineers at that time recreated the palace with bloody eyes. The size doesn’t match the fairies, so it’s not used very much, though.”
“Oh, so my guess was correct.”
“Umu. No one builds human-sized buildings like this anymore, but they used to build these competitively in the past. That’s a story from before I was born, though.”



In the data collected, there were quite a few buildings of human-size.
However, most of them had no signs of being used, and although some would have it good to have magic tools for maintenance, most of them were completely abandoned.
The mansion we are staying at is repaired and managed with the fairies’ own hands, not the maintenance magic tools, but that seems to be one of the small parts of exceptions.
Another exception was this very palace.


“Natasha is also quite eccentric since she keeps living in this user-unfriendly place~ Despite that, she had all the furniture tailored to her size~”
“It can’t be helped. She had struggled a lot to protect these things even after becoming the Queen. This room too. In the first place, you—”
“Ah~ ah, ahhh~ I can’t hear ye! I’m not the Queen! Natasha is!”


The collected data shows that the palace has several residential rooms.
The sizes of the rooms actually don’t match the sizes of the furniture.
All the usable things in the room do not match the size of the rooms.
I’m sure all the original furniture is too large for the fairies, so they would be having trouble using them.
Even so, they seem to live there by choice.

I’ve heard of this before, but Kuti was a candidate for the Queen.
But she didn’t want to become the Queen, so she pushed the responsibility on her twin little sister and ran away.
On the other hand, the little sister Natasha, whom the responsibility was pushed on, wanted to be the Queen.
Seeing this as an opportunity, she used disguise sorcery created by Kuti and she apparently lived as Queen Kuti for a while.
However, things turned incredible after things got exposed.
Natasha was very excellent in her duty as the Queen.
Rather, things would no longer go as they should without her.

In the first place, the fairy Queen is totally different from the Kings on the Lizwald Continent. Their aptitude for the profession must be recognized and Kuti had that aptitude.
And Natasha, her twin sister had the aptitude too.
Kuti’s aptitude seemed to be more suitable for the job, but she had no experience, and Natasha had become someone indispensable, so she stayed being the Queen.
At that time, Kuti’s talent for sorcery also exploded, so it was a natural course of action.

In the end, the two become what they wanted to be, and it became a story of contentment, but as you would expect of Kuti’s sister.

By the way, although the Queen is a profession recognized by aptitude, it naturally comes with authority.
Moreover, the authority is unexpectedly large, as it’s about the same as the authority of a King on the Lizwald Continent.
Although, the amount of paperwork and responsibility that comes with it is more than appropriate.

We waited for about ten minutes in the waiting room that seemed just a little too luxurious.
The movements of the busily moving fairies on the real-time map of the palace, which was reproduced from the gathered data, was slowing down.

The audience will surely begin in just a little bit.
A group of fairies seemed to be heading towards this room.

Now then, let’s meet with the Queen of the Forest next to the world, Natasha.

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