Chapter 201.1

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Palace and Waiting Room
“Oh, Scarlet Senpai. Not those clothes. I’ve been told to use different clothes for the audience.”
“Is this it?”


The morning of the second day in the Forest next to the world.
Mira and Scarlet were boisterously preparing clothes for me to wear today.
Yep, today is the day of the audience with the Queen of the Forest next to the world, Natasha.

If you have an audience with the Ovent Kingdom’s King, you are very unlikely to see him on the next day of your arrival.
That is even if you were directly invited by the King himself.
There are various things to do before that. Starting by making greetings at relevant places, presenting the documents you have brought, and other various inspections.
After finishing all the relevant procedures, you will be then finally inserted into the King’s schedule.
Of course, it might take even more time because of the fighting between the factions trying to pull you down from both sides.
The Ovent Kingdom is a monarchy, but the King does not reign with absolute power.
Rather, compared to the other three countries, his power is quite limited.
Because of this, a normal audience is very time-consuming.

Well, Obaasama and Ojiisama are too capable so they can ignore the factions trying to drag them down and sometimes even enter without an appointment, but that’s because they are special.

In that sense, my appointment today is special in its own right.
There’s Kuti, the strongest sorceress in the Forest next to the world, who gets showered by loud cheers just by driving in a car around the town.
And there’s also the director of the Sorcery Research Institute, Sani Sensei.

I am lucky to have the two with me.
There’s no way we wouldn’t have a special treatment.


Additionally, I was judged to be the special-grade sorceress who was the object of Kuti’s mission.
Because Kuti is a special existence discovered over a long period of time, Sani Sensei said that “This kind of treatment is only natural”.

After changing to the costume prepared for the audience under Mira’s initiative, we went outside where the car we rode yesterday was waiting for us.
After coming to this mansion, Mira somehow managed to return to her usual self and she demonstrated the ability of my personal maid and devoted herself to her job.
The girls usually are only helpers to Ena or Obaasama who usually care for me themselves, but this was originally their job.
Of course, there’s no way any of my personal maids wouldn’t be able to do this kind of job.
Rather, Mira was happily doing the work now that Ena and Obaasama weren’t around.
After all, being able to take care of me directly means that I will be able to remember her merits better.
Especially in this place where no one else can take care of me, her reputation should increase by leaps and bounds.

In short, Mira’s chances of getting rewarded suddenly increased.
Well, I did notify her beforehand that there will be no rewards handed while in the Forest next to the world.
However, after we return…

That being the case, in order to recover from her blunder in the car, for the sake of her reward, and of course as the only personal maid present, she worked really hard.
Although I told her she could leave things for Scarlet to do, Mira was proud of being my personal maid, so she wouldn’t yield to anything.

That’s why I found her about 50% more dignified and reliable than usual before, but now she is curled up and trembling with a pale face.
Yep, we are in the car right now.
It looks like Mira is weak against cars.

Do your best, I will give you a grand fluffing once we return…!

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