Chapter 200.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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A Fairy Town and Kuti’s Popularity
We arrived at a very different place than the miniature-sized town, a big building for our size.
This seems the place we will be staying at.
Of course, even though I say it’s big, it cannot be compared to the size of the Christophe mansion.
Still, it’s big enough for three people, Reki-kun, and the two fairies.

The welcoming party excused themselves here, and we were warmly welcomed by fairies in charge of hospitality.
There were quite many of them, it seemed that there were at least one hundred of them.
They were lined up in uniforms, but they frankly don’t feel as sophisticated as the line-up of the servants I’m used to seeing at the Christophe house.
No, comparing them in the first place might be a mistake.
After all, one hundred percent of the servants graduated from the hellish training facility managed by Obaasama and Ojiisama.
They had literally risked their lives by graduating, and it was truly an academy from hell. That’s what Scarlet told me.
I cannot compare such people with ordinary servants.

Well, whether I should consider the fairy servants as ordinary is something I have to think about first, though.
The difference between races that cannot live for more than one hundred years in most cases and fairies that don’t have a lifespan is way too large.
In fact, not all servants are average, the ones in the front show no openings.
The ones further in the back might be just fairy pipsqueaks.

The room I was guided to was much larger in terms of size than mine, while Reki-kun’s room was a little smaller than his room.
However, the furnishings seemed great and was not simple without looking too pomp.


“It’s passable~”
“Thank you very much, Kulestilt-sama.”


The impeccable Fairy-san in the front deeply lowered her head to Kuti who gave her impressions of the room.
This person and a few others will be taking care of my room.
All the fairies here were particularly respectful to Kuti and Sani Sensei.
More than anything, they looked at them with passionate gazes and spoke with eloquent speech.
But it’s not like they were neglecting us and they were doing their job well, so there are no problems with that.

Besides, I have Scarlet and Mira.
Mira is my personal maid and Scarlet graduated from that hellish academy.
They won’t get outdone as servants.
Even now, they’ve been unloading the luggage Reki-kun was carrying and quickly unpacking it.
You can see their skills just from watching how fast they handle the luggage.
How are they? Our maids are incredible too, right?

Well, there’s really no need to compete, but they seem really competent… and haven’t they been staring at Kuti for too long?
Look, Sani Sensei is here too, you know? She’s the director of the Sorcery Research Institute, you know?



“Wah! Reki-kun, what’s the matter?”
“Oh, you want the Kutipad? Here you go.”


Reki-kun who was freed from the luggage letting me know with his big head to not forget about him, so I handed him the Kutipad.
He seemed bored while traveling, and his eyes spoke to me clearly. That he wants to game.

Reki-kun who received his own Kutipad quickly launched the FPS game he has become fond of recently.
He has totally turned into a gamer, so I’m a bit worried about his future.
Well, this room is too small for him to move his big body, and we are not finished with an examination of the outside, so anything’s better than staying still.


“Christophe-sama, may I?”
“Ah, yes. What is it?”


While worrying a little about Reki-kun’s future, a different fairy servant from the one looking passionately at Kuti addressed me reservedly.
Although I’m the only one called Christophe here, I’m quite not used to it so it feels kinda itchy.
Well, I wouldn’t tell anyone, though.
After receiving an explanation of the plans from the fairy servants, they withdrew.

They seemed to want to take care of Kuti and Sani Sensei, but they couldn’t do anything about it since they got refused.
Kuti doesn’t want them to hindrance her time spent with me, and Sani Sensei is going to show up at the Research Institute because she received a word from another researcher.
I have Mira and Scarlet, so I also politely declined.
I definitely wasn’t affected by the passionate gazes they looked at Kuti with.

The traveling wasn’t that tiring, but taking a little break is necessary.
First of all, I should replenish my shortage of Kuti elements.

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