Chapter 200.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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A Fairy Town and Kuti’s Popularity
In the end, the car remained in chaos until we got into the city.
I thought it would bad, even if it meant ending the Smugface Festival prematurely, so I quickly returned everyone’s sanity with sorcery, and the leader of the welcoming party finally seemed relieved.
I’m really sorry about our dense members.


“Ojousama, it’s a complete miniature here, isn’t it?”
“Yeah… this would be for the best if you consider the size of the fairies, though.”


Scarlet who had question marks floating around her head sobered up, and slowly observed the fairy town after she recovered.
The fairy town was indeed built to match their size, so it was like a total miniature for us.
However, there was a little sense of unity.

There were houses made out of bricks, while others looked to be made from concrete.
There was a great variety of houses constructed whenever there was free space, so it seemed like there was no town planning done beforehand.
Since their houses are small and don’t take up much place, they are free to use the land without being restricted by walls.
The main road isn’t blocked, but other than that, everything seems to be placed wherever one wished.

Whether they don’t have walls because they are completely safe or have no enemies, they surely have other means of defense such as a defensive barrier.
In fact, we had not encountered any enemies on the road from the ruins in the forest.
There are monsters everywhere on the Lizwald Continent, and the realm of monsters is much larger than the realm of mankind.

The basic means of defense includes a physical wall and regular subjugation of monsters.

Even if there are no monsters in the Forest next to the world, it’s hard to say that the safety of the fairies is guaranteed.
There could be other enemies than monsters.
If mankind had no enemies in monsters, they would be fighting among themselves.
Couldn’t you say the same about the fairies?
Besides, the fairies possess much more powerful magic tools than people of the Lizwald Continent, so wouldn’t defense be their priority?


“Sani-sama, where do we stay?”
“Oh, there’s a place built for people of your size, so you need not worry.”
“Is that so?”
“Natasha’s got something do with it. She seemed to be quite hurried, though.”
“Is that so? I wonder if we came too early, after all.”
“Well, it’s earlier than expected, but that’s not something to be concerned with after sending you an invitation. Don’t mind it.”


The fairies apparently lead a life of leisure because of their long lifetime.
I don’t have such an impression at all when I look at Kuti and Sani Sensei, but I was told it would be okay to wait for ten more years before replying to the invitation.
Still, it was an official invitation and they even prepared a proper facility for our stay.
Although it was Sani Sensei who was mainly in contact with the Forest, I couldn’t help but feel uneasy while looking at the miniature town before me.


By the way, when a huge car suddenly rode on the main road of the miniature town, it naturally gathered attention.
Our speed through the town was considerably slow, so a lot of fairies were watching us.
There were some of them flying side-by-side with us, but didn’t come near the car because of the welcoming party.

Sometimes, Kuti would wave her hand, causing cheers of admiration spark from outside.
As expected of Kuti. Her title of the strongest sorceress in the Forest next to the world is not just for show.
However, even when hearing such cheers, Kuti’s smile remained simple, and wasn’t turning in the usual Smugface.


“Sani Sensei, Kuti is responding with a smile, but why is she not turning into the Smugface?”
“This kind of stuff is a daily occurrence for her, after all. That’s the way she copes with it. That expression is not something she usually shows either, right?”


I see…
The current Kuti is not the Kuti we know, but the strongest sorceress in the Forest next to the world, Kulestilt.

It’s nice to see a different side of Kuti, but it’s just not her.
But, I think this is necessary.
After all, she’s “Everyone’s Kuti” around here.


“Lily Ojousama. Ladies shouldn’t show jealousy on their faces.”
“… Did it come out?”
“All is good then.”


My voice was a bit grumpy, but I’m not a child either.
No, I might look totally like a little girl, but I’m already in my forties mentally.
I won’t be jealous of something of such a degree.

It was inevitable for me to hope for the slowly flowing miniature streets to pass by quicker.

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