Chapter 199.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Investigation and chaos.
However, it’s a different matter to us.
The various influences of my homeland left on the Lizwald Continent are most likely because of this flotsam.
The fairies study the flotsam, and in some way conveyed their understanding to the Lizwald Continent.
Hearing and seeing the fairies is difficult, though.
However, they have several means of conveying information if they feel like it.
They have sorcery, after all.
There even are various kinds of existing sorcery for transmitting information, so it’s definitely not impossible to do.

Besides… it seems that flotsam doesn’t necessarily appear only in the Forest next to the world.


“——We have established some methods to classify them, but there are too many of them, so it’s not been perfected yet.”
“Sensei, I have a question.”
“What is it, Scarlet.”
“Does flotsam appear only in the Forest next to the world?”


Sani Sensei lecture was interrupted for a moment by Scarlet who had a question.
Her lectures usually advance without stopping until the bell, so it was difficult to ask questions during them.
But, Scarlet who listened to Sensei’s lessons next to me complained “My head is hurting” before, so we now have a proper time for questions.
You have to be careful with your questions though as Sani Sensei’s lesson would become even more intense.

Scarlet’s question was something I wanted to know myself, so I kept quiet.
This was a rare lesson that Scarlet was interested in.
Scarlet doesn’t usually listen to Sani Sensei’s lessons.
I mean, Sani Sensei’s lesson are fundamentally very difficult to understand, after all.
I can understand the lessons better with Kuti’s illustrations, but they are apparently unintelligible for Scarlet. I also can’t recommend Kuti’s illustrations too much.
This was a lecture Scarlet wanted to hear and she even asked questions, which made Sani Sensei visibly happy.
She replied with a smile about 20% madder than normally.

“We don’t know. There have been no none found on the Lizwald Continent for us to confirm. But, discovering flotsam isn’t the main priority for our scouts over there, so we just might have not discovered any as of yet. Additionally——”

The reason Scarlet doesn’t wish to listen to Sani Sensei’s lessons is because they are difficult to understand, but I think that Sani Sensei’s doubling or tripling the answer of the asked question also plays a role.
I’m quite fond of it myself, but I don’t think Scarlet is.
She doesn’t show it on her face, but I can clearly tell that question marks are gradually forming on top of her head.

… Sani Sensei, please let her off right about now. Scarlet’s life was steadily crumbling.



“Sa, Sani-dono, please forgive me while you are enjoying yourself. We are about to arrive…”
“——But, taking the formula into consideration, pursuing simplicity and elegance would be ideal——”
“Sensei, Sani Sensei. It seems we have arrived.”
“Ah~ this is not good. I will do something about her, so you can return to your job~”
“Understood! I will leave this in your care then!”


Sani Sensei was standing on the window, so the leader of the welcoming party tried to report to her, but unfortunately, Sani Sensei couldn’t be stopped.
Kuti responded in Sani Sensei’s stead, but the leader got suddenly all nervous.
Amazing, Kuti! As expected of the strongest sorceress of the Forest next to the world!


“Kuti, you are amazing! You seemed like a super important person!”
“Fufufun. I am important! You can praise me more!”
“Incredible! Cool! Adorable!”


As the leader of the welcoming party said, the outside scenery of the densely growing forest started opening little by little and I could see what seemed to be a town ahead.
The information about the collected data jumped through the filter one after another, and the Contact Lenses projected the image to me, but Kuti’s wonderful smug face was much more important right now.
In other words, the chaotic situation increased at an accelerating rate.

The wonderful smug-faced Fairy-sama and I who praised her uncontrollably.
Scarlet whose head was filled with questions, and the mad scientist who continued her lesson cheerfully.
Mira, who apparently fainted in the background and Reki-kun who was duly running after us.

I became worried a moment later about what the row of fairies who came to welcome us were thinking about us.

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