Chapter 199.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Investigation and chaos.
“Ojousama, the corrosion of the metals seem to be strange in some places.”
“Looks like it. What happened that time for it to disappear, or was the Forest next to the world perhaps the catalyst? For example, is it related to magical power?”
“That sounds possible…”
“By the way, that was there already when I was born, you know?”
“Do you mean to say that it has been here for at least two thousand years?”
“Yep, that’s right~”


Kuti joined Scarlet and me at looking on the Kutipad, so the three of us were messing around with this and that.
The group of escorts flying outside seemed to be interested as well, but they did not interrupt and let us do as we pleased.
The leader of the welcoming party was still talking with Sani Sensei, so it seems our investigation could continue for a little longer.

By the way, Reki-kun was firing a beam from his eyes that said he also wanted to play a game on the Kutipad from behind us, but I ignored him.
It’s not like we are playing, after all!
The last companion is shrinking in the corner of the seat, stunned as if her soul left her… you are that scared, miss Mira, oy…




“I was wondering what you were looking at, so it’s the flotsam.”


As we were looking at the nostalgic 3D projection on the Kutipad, Sani Sensei returned.
She booted up her Kutipad too, confirmed her thoughts and seemed to understand.


“Oh, Sani Sensei. Are you finished?”
“Umu. I got a verbal message from the guys at the Research Institute. What, I have left only for a few years and they start complaining like that. They are still noobies as researchers.”
“Errm… a, are they?”



I was evasive regarding the talk about the researchers.
I mean, no matter how you look at it, I was the cause.


“I’m not very interested in flotsam myself, but… hmm. Would you like a lesson?”
“By all means!”
“Hohou. It’s rare for you to be interested in a lesson like this, Scarlet. But, I see, I see. Then, let’s begin with what flotsam is——”


It seemed that Sani Sensei indeed held little to no interest in flotsam.
I guess that’s why she didn’t teach me about it up until now. There was a mountain of things she would rather teach me. No, she’s teaching me lots even now, and it doesn’t seem like she would run out of things to teach anytime soon.

And so, even though she has no interest in it, to be able to hold an entire lesson on it, her knowledge is profound as always. As expected of Sani Sensei.

Sani Sensei’s lesson started with the definition of flotsam in the Forest next to the world, to their sudden appearance, types, and usages.
And, about their dangers.

As Kuti said before, the majority of the flotsam doesn’t match the size of the fairies, and most of the flotsam explodes, making them carry very dangerous factors.

However, the functions and forms of the flotsam that did not match the fairies’ size have apparently become a reference for the magic tools, so there’s a department that is actively studying them.
Because they have an entire department dedicated to studying flotsam, they are definitely taking it seriously.
However, because many of the flotsam explode spontaneously, the number of members of the department gradually decreased, and naturally there were only a few fairies willing to engage in such dangerous work.

Additionally, when people with such out of the norm creativity and/or ability such as Kuti and Sani Sensei appear, they aim to make remarkable progress in the development of the magic tools.
Originally, flotsam was studied to obtain ideas for new magic tools. As a result, the disbandment of the department with the flow of time is only natural.
It seems that nowadays, only the curiously reckless get involved with the flotsam.
The reason that the research of flotsam had not been banned completely yet is precisely because of the few useful objects such as the car we are riding at the moment.
Moreover, studying newly appeared flotsam nowadays consists mostly of what and where it appeared.
I can understand why Sani Sensei isn’t that interested.

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