Chapter 198.2

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Nostalgic Feelings and Flotsam
Ten minutes on the road later.
Even though Mira was trembling completely silently in fear, Scarlet and I were filled with nostalgia.
After all, it has been six years since I last saw a car, and it has been twenty years for Scarlet.
Well, the scenery outside was forest on both sides and didn’t change whatsoever, though.

By the way, there were no problems with the drawing speed of the Contact Lenses at about 30 km/h.
Reki-kun’s movement speed can sometimes even exceed the 100 km/h mark.
The Contact Lenses were made with that in mind, so there’s no chance of the drawing speed dropping at this level.

However, since it was only possible to test its performance at certain places of the mansion, it seems that moving through an unknown area at above-average speeds causes a little burden on the data collection of the surrounding environment.
Let’s try to improve this aspect when we have free time. Although it would be meaningless once we return to the mansion.
Over there, it’s unlikely that we would be moving through unknown areas at high speeds. I wonder if there would be an opportunity to even take a step into an unknown area to begin with.
It’s possible to collect data in a winder range by expanding the scope of the Contact Lenses. There’s a condition that you have to be nearly staying still, though.


“T, that’s… Lily Ojousama.”


While thinking about Contact Lenses improvements, Scarlet called out to me in surprise.
When I turned towards the direction she was facing, the scope of data collection temporarily narrowed down to the surrounding range.


“… Eh?”


When the Contact Lenses drew a magnified picture from the obtained data for me, I let out a voice of surprise just like Scarlet.
Still, my expression didn’t change, which was most likely the result of my years-long sleeping mimetic muscles. No, I don’t think that’s a good thing.


“Hm? Oh, that’s a flotsam, Scarlet.”
“Flotsam, you said?”
“Yep, flotsam.”
“Kuti, what’s flotsam?”
“N~… they are thingies that suddenly appear from who knows where. There are some useful items among them, but most of them are unusable. Ah, this car too. There are quite a lot of things like this, but the majority is broken and they can even explode sometimes, so it’s dangerous to approach them~”



Hearing Kuti’s nonchalant explanation, Scarlet and I exchanged glances.
Because who would have thought that the car just “Suddenly appeared.”
And one conjecture began to take a shape within our minds.


“Ojousama, do you recall the disappearance incident that I spoke to you about before?”
“Of course, rather… that’s exactly what this is, no?”
“Yes. If so, then this comes from the very first disappearance incident… the radio tower.”


The disappearance incident.
There were apparently frequent cases of the sudden disappearance of objects all around the world during my past life.

The reason I say “apparently” is because I happened to be already dead by that time.
Additionally, it appears to be a relatively familiar event to Scarlet who passed away later than me.
One of the incidents happened in the area where Scarlet lived.
Moreover, that area is said to be the place where the first disappearance incident occurred.

The first thing that disappeared was a large radio tower.
By the time I died, there were taller buildings than this radio tower, but it still was an extremely popular sightseeing spot.
That very tower was now projected on the Contact Lenses.

I can’t, unfortunately, see the characteristic white-red coloring, but it’s still hard to forget the distinctive shape that is so familiar to me. (Tokyo Tower)
The radio tower projected on my Contact Lenses was slanted to the side, and only half of it stood above the forest.
I confirmed where the observation floor was located.
When the data collection was finished and I took a look at the virtual drawing, I saw that the observation floor was severely deteriorated.
I also caught sight of a site of what seemed to be an explosion.
Just what happened here…


“Scarlet, I transmitted the collected data to the Kutipad, so take a look.”
“Yes, Ojousama. Thank you very much.”


The 3D drawing virtually constructed from the data I obtained can be viewed on the Kutipad.
Rather than thinking alone, you can hear more opinions by sharing the data with others, and that’s why we have established the Kutipad sharing at its early stages.

According to the data from the surroundings, the fairy town is nowhere in sight just yet.
There seems to be more time to think.

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