Chapter 198.1

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Nostalgic Feelings and Flotsam
“We are very sorry to have kept you waiting. It’s our honor to welcome the guests under Her Majesty Natasha’s ord——”


The group of welcoming fairies arrived before us and they seemed to be saying something, but I was captivated by the car in front of me.
Who could have imagined that I would find what I was looking for right from the start? Sani Sensei didn’t say a thing about cars before either.
Sensei’s lectures are extensive and she covered various topics, but even so, she talked mainly about the things she likes herself.
Especially about sorcery and subjects related to it. Other than that, she covered an extensive range of subjects, although shallowly. Something like that.
Since the car in front of us didn’t emit the smell of exhaust gas, it may be using another eco-friendly alternative as fuel. Its futuristic appearances support my thoughts.
I’m sure it’s something like hydrogen or electricity, anyhow it’s definitely not magical power. I believe it would appear in Sani Sensei’s lectures if it used magical power.

The size might play a part in it, too.
That size doesn’t seem suitable for fairies whatsoever.
When I take their race’s characteristics into consideration, this doesn’t seem like something they would use on a daily basis.
And even if they didn’t have cars, fairies have fairy magic tools.
Unlike magical power that is an energy with poor fuel efficiency because of the impurities it contains, the fairies who possess spirit power are capable of using high-output magical tools easily.

According to Sensei, unlike the magic tools of the Lizwald Continent, the magic tools from the Forest next to the world take in the energy from outside and use it as a fuel.
Therefore, powering up magic tools that need high-output fuel is quite an easy feat with spirit power.
Even if it’s not possible to use something like Kutipad that needs Aether Crystal Body as fuel, using an air conditioner such as the one installed in the Christophe residence on many times larger scale would be pretty simple over here.
I’m talking about a scale large enough to make adjustments to the local environment.

The same can be said about traveling.
There might be more suitable vehicles for the fairies to use. They have no need to use cars that don’t fit their size.
However, they all can fly anyway, so it’s questionable whether they really need a vehicle to use for moving.
In fact, although the welcoming party brought a car, I do not see anything else resembling a vehicle.
Some fairies seemed to be driving the car.


“Lily, Lily. You have to say something.”
“Ah, yes. Please forgive me, I was too captivated by that car…”
“Auriol certainly should only have horse-drawn carriages and nothing like this. It’s no wonder it caught your attention.”
“I am truly grateful that you understand. Well, let me introduce myself——”


The fairy, who seemed to be the leader of the welcoming group answered on behalf of all of them.
Since she received my blunder with a smile, it seems that we are rather welcomed here. Or is she perhaps a tolerant person?
Well, we were invited by Queen Natasha herself, the strongest sorceress of the Forest next to the world, Kuti and the director of the Forest’s research institute is with us too, so it might be only given that we are treated with respect.

By the way, unlike Kuti and Sani Sensei, all members of the welcoming party were wearing clothes with lots of frills.
Is this a national dress of the fairy race, I wonder? Or a special costume for the occasion? I have never seen Kuti nor Sani Sensei wearing this type of clothes before, I was a bit curious.


Anyhow, after introducing myself to the representative, we exchanged some faultless greetings and decided to move.
Although the most powerful person of the Forest next to the world is with us, this isn’t a suitable place to hold long discussions.
Besides, they have come to get us.

We, the human/beastfolk, got into the car, while Reki-kun followed us on foot since he was naturally too big to get in.
Sani Sensei seemed to have something to talk about with the welcoming party, so she’s following from outside.

The travel speed doesn’t seem to be that fast since Reki-kun is only walking briskly.
Still, the recorded data showed that we were moving about 30 km/h.
This speed is nothing for Reki-kun.

The fairies, except Kuti, were also following normally in the air.
If it’s like this, then it really isn’t necessary for fairies to use vehicles as means of transportation.
The luggage also seems to be transported with magic tools.

The driving was done by a few fairies, but the fairy who is on the accelerator definitely cannot see in front of her.
This car looks so futuristic, but I wonder if it doesn’t have a function like automatic driving or something?
Or perhaps they can’t make it work even if it has one?


“Mira, everything is fine so calm down please. This thingy is called a car and it’s similar to a carriage. There’s nothing scary about it, you know?”
“Eeeeexcuse me for disagreeeeeing but… a carriage isn’t thhhhhhis faaaast~…”
“Ah~… that might be true?”


The car, which is a completely unknown vehicle to Mira, seems quite scary.
Moreover, it easily surpassed the speeds of carriage, so I really shouldn’t be surprised.
Still, the road is not asphalt, but it hardly shakes even though we are going on uneven soil.
It seems that the technology used in this futuristic model is quite something.
Well, I can’t tell Mira to look outside since it feels like she will get even more frightened seeing the speed the trees are passing by.
Well, this would be even scarier if the car shook a little. Aren’t you glad, Mira. The scariness got reduced a little!

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