Chapter 197.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Forest next to the world and Reception
“Lily. They will be here soon.”
“Ah, okay. I will remove the concealment then. And there doesn’t seem to be any problems with the environment either, so I will remove the space suit spell as well.”
“Umu. Do your thing.”


With Sani Sensei’s cue, I dispelled the concealment and space suit sorceries.
The surrounding environment was apparently the same as the Lizwald Continent, so there were no problems.
If there were any differences then it was just the concentration of magical power.
Still, it brought no harm to the human body.

By the way, the people Sani Sensei meant when she said they will be here soon are the messengers Her Majesty Natasha sent.
She must have contacted them before entering the Inter-dimensional gate, so they are coming to pick us up.
After all, we are the Queen’s guests.


“They got quite cocky for letting guests wait for them! Why weren’t they waiting for us with open arms~”
“Don’t say the impossible. There wouldn’t be even a speck of dust left of them if they got caught up in the Inter-dimensional space sorcery. Besides, even though I contacted them beforehand, this place is quite far from the city.”
“That’s not it~ You are mistaken, Sani-kun! They are making my Lily wait! That’s wrong on all fronts!”


A mysterious mark was drawn with magical power in the eyes of Kuti who was floating in the air, and a mysterious humanoid robot was drawn behind it.
She then struck a cool pose while covering her mouth, emphasizing the mark drawn in her eyes, her smugface is relievingly stable.
Oh my, Kuti is so cool!


“I think strawberries are the best.”
“Ahem. Please forget that.”


By the way, although the previous space of the Inter-dimensional movement sorcery’s destination is part of it, the space will disappear.
Opening the gate between two dimensions is an extremely dangerous act by itself.
Therefore, the place where the Inter-dimensional gate will be opened was carefully discussed beforehand, and it was strictly ordered that nobody approaches the place.

This time, the place chosen in the Forest next to the world was the place Kuti often used herself, but it was far away from the city to begin with, so that she wouldn’t get anyone accidentally involved.

The fairies apparently have a small scope of action, except for the reconnaissance team’s personnel like Kuti.
Basically, they live without moving too much from where they live.
Well, there seem to be many eccentrics who travel to various places, but such people are often part of the reconnaissance team.

There seem to be other open areas, but the data I gathered from the surroundings suggest that the forest is quite extensive.
Other fairies are aware that this place is used as exit for the Inter-dimensional movement sorcery, so there would be a problem if it got suddenly changed to another place.
That being the case, we are using the usual spot.



“They are here.”
“O, Ojousama…”
“That’s… a bit unexpected.”


A squad of fairies similar to Kuti and Sani Sensei came from a path that was cleared through the forest.
Their formation made them look almost like a military unit, their movements were precise like a single living organism.
However, what surprised me the most was the object behind them.


“Oh, they properly brought a car with them for transport, how admirable, how admirable.”
“Kuti-sama. Did you say a car just now?”
“Eh? Yep. A car. Ah, these things don’t exist on the Lizwald Continent, after all. They are too big for us so we seldom use them ourselves, but there are occasions we put them to use. When the luggage is big, for example.”


Yes, as Kuti says, what we were surprised by was a car.
A four-wheeled machine that was popular as a vehicle for transportation in my past life.
It looked a little different from what I knew. It was the size of a normal car with a more futuristic look, but it was definitely a car.

According to Kuti, it’s pretty hard for the fairies to drive because of its size, so I can see why they wouldn’t use it often. But, when you take our size in consideration, it’s just the right size.
Of course, it’s still big for the little me, but it’s more suitable for my size than the fairies.

No… that’s not it! Why is this thing here?
… Nono, wrong. I should have known. I did my best to persuade my family to let me come to the Forest next to the world as soon as possible because there was a possibility like that.


“However, for this to appear so suddenly…”
“It really is shocking.”


Scarlet and I were captivated by the nostalgia in the air until the group of welcoming fairies arrived in front of us.

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