Chapter 197.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Forest next to the world and Reception
After passing through the Inter-dimensional gate, the scanned data immediately began transferring to my Contact Lenses. The data filtered over and over instantly formed a world of black and white before me.
A plaza-like place and many trees of all kinds spread before my eyes that could only normally project magical power.

However, before enjoying the scenery, there was something else I had to do.
First of all, I had to spread the environmental research type sorcery we used before.
In our current situation of using the spacesuit sorcery, it’s unlikely to be damaged by environmental factors.
We had also conducted a preliminary investigation, but there’s a possibility that there’s data that can be collected only from beyond the gate, so we can take no chances.
There’s nothing to be worried though, so I can do it carefully.

After finishing the sorcery, I checked everyone’s physical condition.
Everyone was restlessly looking around, but there didn’t seem to be any change in their data. Mira was a little bit too nervous, but she’s always like that, so it can’t be helped. I shall mofu her later.

Still… what’s up with Reki-kun?
He was sitting down with a big saddle on his back, anxiously looking around…
To be frank, he was stupidly cute.
However, that’s how someone with the instincts of the wild should be.
Looking anxiously around does not necessarily mean that you are wary.
He probably just doesn’t know what to do because he’s in a place he doesn’t know. That’s how it feels at least.
As soon as he noticed that I was looking at him, he lied down and stared at me with his eyes that were trembling with uneasiness.

Reki-kun has been brought to the Christophe residence since he was a little and he has been living a safe life with no foreign enemies ever since.
The Salvarua are endangered species and their minds work completely different from the dogs and wolves I know.
I mean, he is capable of having a conversation through the Kutipad and he can also study simple things.
If I had to say, then he’s like a human child in the body of a huge dog.
Because he’s like that, it might have been wrong of me to expect his wild instincts to kick in.

Well, in fact, he has not undergone any kind of training regarding that, so it wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that his vigilance of surroundings is fueled completely by instincts.
Besides, the sorcery part is done by Kuti and me, while Reki-kun’s role this time is to carry the luggage.
Also, by the way, to be my sofa bed.

… But, maybe I should train him a little after this tour of Forest next to the world is done.


“Ojousama, look over there.”


It was merely a few seconds that I stared at Reki-kun.
In the meanwhile, the data from the surrounding environment was collected successively.
But, that’s only fundamental information about whether we can safely survive here, and the data on the nearby terrain.
That being said, unlike Reki-kun, there was no need to be vigilant.
Automatic self-defense and concealment sorceries were layered on everyone beforehand. The strongest force that is Kuti is also with us, so anything that could break through her defensive network would spell quite the crisis.

… Considering that, it wouldn’t be strange if Reki-kun’s instincts didn’t work as they should. I mean, he knows that he is safe here.
But, as I thought, he needs supplemental training, yep. It’s obvious that it would be both for his and my sake.

After a moment’s thought, I checked the direction Scarlet was pointing at, and there was something that resembled ruins.
At the moment of confirmation, the sorcery to collect data such as the structure and the material used activated, and the data collection began.
There won’t be any problems no matter how much data there is.



“The materials are… unknown, it’s built from materials that don’t exist on the Lizwald Continent.”
“No, that’s not it, don’t you recognize it?”


Taking a closer look at the ruins through the Contact Lenses, I could see window-like holes in something that had a cubic shape. Although it was partially damaged and most of it was buried in the ground, I found it somehow… familiar?


“… It’s true that it resembles a building, but that doesn’t mean it’s exactly that for certain, you know?”
“I naturally am aware of this. However…”
“I’ve collected the data, so I will analyze it later.”
“Please do that.”


The ruins were very similar to the concrete buildings native to our world.
Scarlet must be questioning whether these ruins really are what she thinks it is.

But, I’d like you to think about it.
Humans create things to make their lives more comfortable, although their cultures are different, the things they create are often similar.
In fact, the general architectural structure of the Ovent Kingdom is also extremely similar to that of my past life.
Although there were no concrete buildings.

But, this is not the Lizwald Continent, it’s the Forest next to the world, a world next to our world.
Scarlet’s words were worth considering, though.
I’m also not denying it, I’m just afraid of misunderstanding the truth with preconceptions.
Well, Scarlet is a wise person, so I’m sure she understands that point very well.

By the way, Mira who was frozen in place while clattering from nervousness seemed to hear our conversation from her left ear only for it to escape right away form her right ear.
Even if not, there won’t be any problems since I decided to have Mira work for me during this trip.

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