Chapter 196.2

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Observation and Inter-dimensional Movement Sorcery
Scarlet aside, Mira seems to have received some kind of special training form the family with Obaasama in the lead.
I don’t know the details, but seeing Mira’s haggard figure, it must have been quite rigorous.
The period of preparing was nearly finished, but while Obaasama and others complained there wasn’t enough time, Mira who was released from the depts of hell was delighted.
… Seriously, just what kind of training did she underwent?

With this and that happening, the preparations were finally completed several months after my coming out.
Well, I didn’t think we would depart immediately, but it did take quite a lot of time.
The preparation period might still be too short for a trip of a Count’s daughter, moreover, a six-year-old one accompanied only by two servants.
Rather, I don’t think this kind of trip would be normally allowed.

But in reality, I will be leaving towards the Forest next to the world today.
Many servants came to see me off at the wide plot of the Christophe house’s area.
Of course, the entire family was present, each of them encouraged me, I mean encouraged me to not go, so it was quite a chaos until I asked Obaasama to help me deal with it.

In the meanwhile, Kuti activated the Inter-dimensional movement sorcery.
She’s doing things at her own pace and she’s already accustomed to my family’s eccentrics, so she ignored them and did her thing.
The whole family, including Obaasama, were feeling quite restless, so I was glad she forcibly moved things along.
We wouldn’t be able to leave anytime soon otherwise.

I could understand why my family had their breaths taken away once the Inter-dimensional movement sorcery, which is so very different from the existing sorcery, booted up.
If we weren’t using concealment sorcery, the spectacle of the compression formula would create a very mystical spectacle.
The sorcery woven with vast amounts of formulas was in clear sight to my family thanks to the fairy-recognition glasses they used, but even without them, they would feel oppressed by the colossal magical power.

And then, once the activation passed a certain point, the formula begun to interfere with the dimension.
At this time, the sorcery was recognizable with the naked eye without passing through the fairy-recognition glasses first.
The beautiful pattern of the formula formed a gate, a bridge between two worlds.

The overwhelming presence of the gate that appeared was the remnant of the enormous amount of magical power used during activation, and it clearly showed how terrifying the power connecting two worlds really is.

The gate opened while no one could even utter a word in front of the sorcery that couldn’t be even compared with the existing sorcery.
The other side of the gate wasn’t visible because of the colossal formula blocking the sight.
Even though the gate connected two worlds, you couldn’t see what was on the other side.
That’s because the cluster of formulas worked as a wall separating the two worlds you have to cross.


After confirming that the Inter-dimensional movement sorcery has activated completely, I turned towards my stunned family.
At this point, no one really tried to stop me from departing.
All that is left was to say goodbye for a while.
That being said, it’s only five days.

Just in case, we did not forget to cast the space suit sorcery on me, Scarlet and Mira.
The family is wearing the fairy-recognition glasses, so they were able to recognize when sorcery was used and I would get exposed.
That’s where the strongest sorceress and my guard steps out.
She has been already recognized as an overwhelming existence after activating the Inter-dimensional movement sorcery, so something like space suit sorcery would be nothing in comparison.
Still, it was super high-class sorcery that wasn’t existing sorcery. The 2nd class sorceress in Okaasama watched with eager concentration.
Even if you can see the formula through the fairy-recognition glasses, you won’t be able to use the sorcery as long as you are not connected to the World Archive.
Whenever there’s an opportunity, I would like my Okaasama to connect to the Kutipad and see the sorcery we have created.
But, that opportunity is most likely far in the future. It’s still a secret that I can use sorcery, after all.




After finishing parting with my family, I passed through the Inter-dimensional movement sorcery gate.
Of course, the first one to pass were Kuti and Sani Sensei, followed by Scarlet, Mira, and Reki-kun. I was the last one to pass through.

Thus, the six of us were able to cross the worlds safely and arrived at the Forest next to the world.

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