Chapter 196.1

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Observation and Inter-dimensional movement sorcery.
Obviously, a comparison with the target is necessary, all of the observation is done on our side.
Surprisingly, many conditions are needed to be met for humans to survive. For example, even when looking at the composition of the atmosphere, not only the concentration must be appropriate, it must contain no harmful components or surviving might be too difficult.
What really saves time is that the necessary conditions for humans to live here are similar to my past life.
I don’t know that much in detail, but I am thankful I can still use my past life’s knowledge.
First, we investigate the environmental conditions that the human body needs for survival, and then we try to practically simulate it by segregating space with sorcery.
It’s just testing on a living person would be quite difficult, so we are only comparing data.
By the way, this experiment was useful in creating terraforming sorcery and space suit sorcery among others.
We can only fight the environment by force if it’s not suitable, that’s the extreme logic we came to, but only as a last resort.

As we know, fairies are the ultimate life-forms among living beings.
After all, they have no lifespan, and they don’t need to sleep and eat. And apparently, they have no need for air either.
You could say that the backward compatible spirit power is also proof of their higher existence.
You can see an overwhelming difference in the output just by using single existing sorcery.
Because of that, there’s a drawback that it’s virtually impossible to activate sorcery with low output, but that problem has already been solved by the sorcery Kuti made herself.

In any case, the investigation of optimal conditions for survival was finished safely.
We can say for certain as the results are coming only from data comparison, but we decided to compromise by using space suit sorcery from the beginning.
As we later discovered, the entire body is coated in a thin film when using this space suit sorcery, and the conditions inside are optimal for a human body.
Additionally, it makes it impossible to receive harmful interference from outside.
It appears that anyone could use the Inter-dimensional movement sorcery when using this space suit sorcery as it would block magical power from running wild.
Well, it’s too late for this now, so it had to be kept secret, though.
Besides, although it may block interference from outside, there’s a limit to everything, so if the conditions are not right from the beginning and we made a wrong judgment, the space suits would be put under a heavy load.

We weren’t able to do much because we did not have time, but we are definitely going to incorporate the space suit sorcery into the improvement of Inter-dimensional movement sorcery in the future.




In addition to the Inter-dimensional movement sorcery, there are also means of communication with the Forest next to the world via Inter-dimensional communication sorcery.
This doesn’t require testing on living beings, so we were able to create it quite easily. All it needs is protection against magical power interfering, so we just stuffed it with defensive capabilities. A protected signal is much sturdier than a life form, after all.
Thanks to that, there was no longer a reason for Kuti and Sani Sensei to leave for their regular reports.
Because of that, they were getting calls quite frequently, however.
It’s easy to forget, but Sani Sensei is the director of the Forest next to the world’s Sorcery Institute. She’s an important figure and quite a busy person.
It was unexpected for her to stay here for so long.
Because of that, a lot of work she needs to finish has apparently accumulated for her. She finished it all in the blink of an eye, though.
As expected of Sani Sensei. Impressive.


The schedule of my Forest next to the world visit has been decided on thanks to the Inter-dimensional communication sorcery.
Well, it would be hard to prepare if it weren’t.
It’s possible to shorten the travel time by choosing a place where the Inter-dimensional gate opens. But, we decided to use the place Kuti uses all the time, so we will arrive in half a day.
Including the travel day, we will stay four days in the fairy town.
Because we will be using the same way back, it will take half a day to travel home.
The itinerary is then four nights and five days.

… Or so I said, but the amount of luggage is outrageous.
Which is strange since I am sure we informed them that we won’t be able to use means of transportation of items such as the carriage beforehand.
Only people who are accompanying me can carry my luggage, which is Scarlet and Mira… ah, they are going to make Reki-kun transport it?
Reki-kun is certainly huge, so he can carry a lot of things.
That is apparently why they prepared a saddlebag for him. Moreover, Reki-kun himself was apparently practicing carrying luggage without my knowledge.
It’s not like Reki-kun and I spend all day together, so I didn’t even notice.
By the way, the breakdown of the luggage is one-quarter food, clothes and accessories are one-quarter each. The remaining quarter consists of various magic tools.
I can understand the reason the clothes and accessories form half of my luggage since I am still a noble’s daughter, though an imperfect one.
The fairies don’t eat, so it’s not a bad idea to prepare food on our side for the unforeseen situation.
Though it seems we are carrying enough food for at least two weeks for all three of us. I’m a light eater too.
When it comes to magic tools, they are small things. Among them the potty I used when I was a baby, a tent, a bed, chairs, and a table.
It seems that they have prepared to make my stay, even a survival outside, as comfortable as possible. What’s going on here?


“Lily-chan, it’s your first trip without many attendants, so it’s necessary to prepare so carefully, okay? Rather, I feel there’s not enough.”
“That’s right, Lily. Besides Reki, only Scarlet and Mira can carry luggage, so there aren’t that many things, you know? Originally, we should have prepared ten times the luggage.”


Obaasama and Ena said such when they saw me tilting my head at the prepared luggage.
After that, I was told various things to be careful of while traveling. Rather, they were making a fuss whether they should cancel the plans.
Well, of course, we have already talked things through with the Forest next to the world, so we can’t cancel the trip now.

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