Chapter 203.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Current Situation and Thoughts
The 3D projection changed simultaneously with Natasha’s words and half of the spherical planet disappeared under ominous darkness.
The planet’s core was exposed and the darkness wriggled around it.
How does it stay in this shape without collapsing? What is this darkness?
I had numerous questions, some of which were resolved by Natasha herself.


“About one hundred million years ago, this darkness invaded the Forest next to the world. Without any measures to oppose it, the Forest next to the world is being gradually eaten away. This darkness appears to be some kind of Star Eater that allows the life on the planet to continue even in its current shape.
“A Star Eater…”


The 3D projection certainly makes it look like the darkness is eating the Forest next to the world away.
But, even then… just what is this darkness?


“Before we knew it, flotsam started appearing, and we reproduced and created many weapons to combat the darkness, but none of them were effective. Even weapons capable of destroying entire continents are ineffective.”


The flotsam is most likely from the disappearance incident that occurred in my past life.
It wouldn’t be strange if missiles and weapons of mass destruction were reproduced here.
However, I can’t help but shudder at the fact that even devastating weapons of mass destruction like that have no effect.


“We have tried many things to counter the darkness, but it all ended in vain. However, after my sister, Kuti, created the Inter-dimensional movement sorcery, we have decided to change our policy of fighting the darkness and reclaiming the Forest next to the world. We have decided to abandon our birthplace.”


Natasha’s tone was indifferent and free of any emotional blur.
The decision to abandon her birthplace must have been heartbreaking.
The sacrifice was too great.
But if it could avert the destruction of the fairies…


“A new land was discovered through the Inter-dimensional movement sorcery. That was Auriol. The world in which you live.”


Auriol is the name of the planet where the Ovent Kingdom where I was born is located.
Even on the Lizwald Continent, it is not a generally known fact that the world is a round planet. Some scholars are currently advocating that theory.
However, the fairies already know that Auriol is a planet, and have been surveying the world.


“As you know, a lot of sacrifices were made to go through the Inter-dimensional movement sorcery before you improved on it, Lilianne-sama. It’s just… I wonder whether it is a blessing that so many of our brethren pursued by the darkness can escape or does it have to be considered another tragedy in our history?”



The Inter-dimensional movement sorcery was a so-called defective product before I improved it.
But even so, in a situation where people have no choice but to put their trust in it and had no other choice but to use it, they would do that no matter the cost.
It appears to have been to such an extent that Natasha calls it a tragedy.

But this much is clear.
I wouldn’t be capable of creating the Inter-dimensional movement sorcery Kuti has created.
It was only possible for a non-standard genius like Kuti, to create it.
Even if I was able of improving it, I would not have been able to dream up the means of crossing the dimensions.
And it can be said that improvements could be made so quickly only because of so many sacrifices.
That’s how difficult it is to transcend dimensions.


“There were many who sacrificed their lives, and yet there was no shortage of people who volunteered for the investigations. Everyone here knows. That we are left with no other choice.”


They sacrificed so much, and yet they still bet on the little hope they had.
It’s such a heroic story I cannot even imagine.


“And then we found you, Lilianne-sama.”


Natasha’s indifferent tone changed into a powerful one.
Her tone contained hope directed to me, a Variation Type Two, a special class sorceress who could improve the Inter-dimensional movement sorcery.
It was a tremendously heavy hope as the fate of the entire fairy race has been entrusted to me.


“I know what you must be thinking. We, of course, don’t intend you to shoulder all of the responsibility alone. There are still six thousand years to go. It’s going to be all right.”


Her voice is beautiful, like a ringing bell just like Kuti’s, but the thoughts behind it are never the same.
Her words convey a determination to make up for the sacrifices that were made.
That is inexplicably scary.


“Natasha. Are you picking a fight with me by scaring my Lily?”
“Ne, Neesan… I didn’t mean to.”
“Nono, your words and feelings didn’t match whatsoever, alright? How about you quit while you can?”
“I, I…”


My facial expression should have not moved at all.
But, Kuti seemed to know. That alone made my heart much lighter.
The fear I had felt earlier, the weight of Natasha’s words, was instantly lifted by Kuti.

When Kuti is with me, I’m not afraid.

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