Chapter 195.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Examination and Preparation
Obaasama went all the way to the royal palace to persuade Okaasama and Otousama.
Both of them are particularly busy these days, so they are unable to return to the mansion.
But well, the whole family that came back with Obaasama that day made a big fuss.
It seems that they forcefully took a day off in their jobs, but it’s not like they had a choice because of the shocking confession of their precious daughter, I guess?


“Lily-chan, you really can see? Can you see my face properly? Ohh… lord above. No, Sanin-sama, Kulestilt-sama. I thank you from the very bottom of my heart.”
“Lily, it’s your Papa, ya know~! This is the face of your Papa, ya know~! I have not been this happy since the day you were born! It’s your Papa~!”


The two returned home, cried and rejoiced, and Otousama was no longer comprehensible.
Well, I was happy that I could bring him joy, and I was able to feel all the love his magical power was releasing.

Otousama, who saw the scenery I see with the glasses-type magical Contact Lenses, was even more surprised.
After that, the family took turns and all got surprised.
Okaasama, who was releasing the most magical power, was shocked the most.

She normally can’t see the magical power so it can’t be helped, but thanks to that she used up the entire charge of the consumable glasses-type Contact Lenses.
It cannot be used for that long, after all.
I will have Eliott make several more of these later.
That very Eliott is currently mass-producing glasses that can perceive the fairies, the glasses Scarlet is currently using.
There were some points of improvement, so we are upgrading.
I would be troubled if only Scarlet was able to see and hear the fairies, after all.
That’s why we need to mass-produce them.
Eventually, I’d like the fairies to be perceived in a much easier way, but that will take time since we are still in the conceptual stage.

After a lot of joy and fuss, Okaasama and Otousama were frustrated that they couldn’t accompany me to the Forest next to the world.
It wasn’t easy for them to return to the mansion to begin with, so there’s really not much they can do.
Okaasama who started saying: “I will stop being a Royal Court Sorceress and stay by the children’s side forever!”, received a scolding from Obaasama and Ojiisama.





After completing the first stage of coming out to my family, it was time for the aptitude of the Inter-dimensional movement sorcery.
Because improving the Inter-dimensional movement sorcery to Scarlet’s specifications will take some time, Ojiisama and the rest who were hoping to accompany me decided to undergo the test under general specifications.
Additionally, as many servants of the mansion as possible will also undergo the examination.
All servants of the Christophe family graduated from the school managed by Obaasama, so they are all capable of fighting.
Sani Sensei explained that the aptitude test for the Inter-dimensional movement sorcery has very narrow conditions, so they wanted to test as many people as long as there was a possibility of passing.

Because a considerable number of people will undergo the examination, I believe that at least one or two people might pass.
It’s possible that all will fail too, though.
No, that possibility might be actually higher.
Although I said that a considerable number of people will undergo the examination, it’s less than 200 people.

Incidentally, Ojiisama who did the test first failed splendidly.
Oniisama and Oneesama who went after him failed too.

Well, those who couldn’t give up had been tested again and again, but the results naturally didn’t change.

By the way, the aptitude test was pretend-done by Sani Sensei via the Kutipad.
In fact, the testing was done by me, using my sorcery to inspect their bodies.
There was no rationalization for this, but I became a little maid girl again for the duration of the testing.
Uh well, the little maid girl has descended onto the mortal world for many times already, but its popularity never declines.
Just what about it stimulates everyone so much? It’s still unknown to me.

As the little maid girl descended, Eliott who was supposed to be busy mass-producing the Fairy Perception Glasses, brought various accessories with him.
They were various ears, tails, and angel wings that went over numerous improvements.
However, the high-pitched shrieks get amplified each time Eliott brings the accessories.
Well, I’m used to it already as I’ve been through it many times by now.

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