Chapter 194.3

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Family and Capture
“Now, now, you two. You will wear Lily out with all of that excitement. That’s why… sniff… strange… it’s a happy occasion but I can’t stop crying again… Lily… oh, my Lily… I’m so glad… really… really…”
“Ena, don’t cry… you are making me cry too… uu.”
“Ena… Ellie… sniff.”


I talked to Ena after talking to Ojiisama, at that time, she was overcome with happiness and it was difficult to stop her tears.
She’s always by my side, showering me with overflowing love, and it’s no exaggeration to say that she’s my second mother.
I also love her so much I end up getting infected with crying.
It might have been unavoidable that five people were crying for a while after.

Of course, the fifth person was Kuti.





By the way, even though I obtained a vision, there were no talks about attending school.
The greater part of it played the knowledge Sani Sensei bestowed upon me, but no matter how much vision I got, they are too worried even with the strongest guard Kuti by my side.
Moreover, they just found out that I can see, so it might be difficult for them to change their habits.
I think they will change their thought process after spending a bit more time knowing that I can see, but I was also thinking that there’s no need for me to attend school.

Going to school is a good thing in terms of networking or simply making friends.
However, as I have memories of my past life, I’m quite reluctant to make friends with six years old children. Because I tend to look at them from the parents’ perspective no matter what.
It’s not much different from Oniisama and Oneesama. Well, if I had to say then they are more like younger brother and sister I am very close with, rather than son and daughter.

The knowledge Sani Sensei didn’t teach me, mostly regarding the detailed common sense of the Ovent Kingdom is being taught to me by Scarlet.
In fact, she’s very good as a tutor.
Sani Sensei teaches in a fairly wide range of specialized fields, but she quickly skipped the stuff you would learn in the elementary school.
Well, it’s way too easy, so teaching me something like that might be too dull for her.
Therefore, although she didn’t know the details, there was really no problem in not knowing it, so she didn’t teach me about it.
Concretely, the stories told by the picture books for children are myths and legends, folklore that everyone knows about.
These stories are deeply rooted within the lands and although there’s no need knowing them, everyone knows them as they are often told to the children.
Everyone knows them, so not knowing them might be inconvenient.
There certainly are things that advanced lectures alone can’t teach.

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