Chapter 194.2

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Family and Capture
“… The result is also perfect. This is a first-class political officer exam, this…”
“Ojiisama. Are you satisfied with this?”
“No, that… I certainly understand that you are a genius. I have no doubts about the ability of Sanin-dono who taught you to this extent… in the first place, I have no place to speak now that you got An on your side…”
“That’s very rude of you, Dear. I think I am doing what is best for Lily-chan.”
“Are you serious… she’s just six, you know…”


After Obaasama, it was Ojiisama’s turn.
But, since Obaasama was already on our side, he had no chance of victory.
Still, I anticipated him to put up a resistance. Well, everything was within my expectations, so there were no problems in particular.
To resolve this opposition, I took several examinations to show how much Sani Sensei taught me. These written tests worked both as a verification of my vision and knowledge.
Incidentally, all of the tests I took were apparently being issued as the tests for the highest positions in the Ovent Kingdom.


“Then, should I do any other exams?”
“… No, there’s no need. I understand your brilliance. I also recognize Kulestilt-dono’s skill in sorcery. But, I have some conditions, alright?”
“What kind of conditions?”
“First, I will accompany you.”
“… Was it Inter-dimensional movement sorcery? There won’t be any problems as long as I pass the aptitude test, right?”
“Please understand in advance that it’s a fairly narrow door to go through. In the first place, crossing over worlds is——”


Whether it was because of my hypnotic voice or the negotiation skills Sani Sensei taught me, Ojiisama was safely persuaded.
… I certainly did ask Sani Sensei to teach me her negotiation skills after seeing her persuade Obaasama, but to think I would be able to use it so easily.

Ojiisama, amen.





“T, then, you really can see!? Oh, God! I’m so glad! I’m truly glad!”
“I am really glad for you! Lily…”
“And so, this aptitude test, what does it entail?”
“Ah, that’s not fair, Oniisama! I will be naturally taking it as well, Lily! I will protect you!”
“I will protect Lily too!”


I left most of the persuasion of Oniisama and Oneesama to Obaasama, so it ended without many problems.
They were really happy almost to tears when they realized that I was able to see, but like Ojiisama, they seemed eager to accompany me to the Forest next to the world.
Of course, they intend on taking on the aptitude test just like Ojiisama.
Making a number of inter-dimensional movement sorceries tailored to individual specifications is not worth the effort at present, and there’s also a lot of things I want to do over there, so I want to choose people who won’t limit my actions as much as possible.

Well, apart from that, I was often taken out to accompany Oniisama and Oneesama to take care of their beloved trees and flowers.
Until now, I was enjoying them by touching them directly and smelling their fragrance.
But since I now can see physical objects, the two were happy because I can enjoy it even more.
I personally have no interest in such things, but just watching the two work hard as they happily explain about the trees and flowers is very calming to me.
There’s no way I could come to hate the two siblings who dote on me so much just because they drag me with them once in a while. I can’t deny my siblings’ important hobbies.
Well, I also believe that bringing something up plays a role in emotional education.

… It’s not a pet, but that’s so like the two.

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