Chapter 194.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Family and Capture
While Eliott was mass-producing the Contact Lenses reproducing glasses-type magic tool, we worked hard on Obaasama, our first target of the coming out.
It can be said that it’s essential to win over Annela Obaasama first.
That’s because Obaasama will be on my side no matter who my enemy is, and as an expert, she is very open-minded in many ways.
She noticed that I was controlling magical power when we first met, and she accepted it.
Persuading Obaasama whose voice carries the heaviest influence in the Christophe family will decide the victory.

That’s why we have to begin with her.
Therefore, we have been discussing and carefully preparing.
Now, let’s go. It’s time to capture Obaasama.




“… That certainly is surprising. But, yes. I can accept it. Anyhow, my grandchild has been in your care, ladies.”
“It’s fine~! I will be taking care of her in the future too~!”
“Umu. I am also enjoying having an excellent pupil. The road goes both ways.”
“I am really glad to hear that. Still… so this is what Lily-chan sees… it’s better than not seeing anything, but…”


Coming out to Obaasama was surprisingly easy.
She definitely was surprised by the existence of the fairies and was very confused about the world reproduced by the glasses-type magic tool.
She was happy because it was better than not seeing anything. However, there was no color in the world reproducing the Contact Lenses with the glasses-type magic tool. Just black and white, nothing else.



“Oh my… I can’t see anymore.”
“Yeah, that’s simply a problem of usable time. This is, in fact, unrelated to the sorcery Lily is using, but the time in the magic tool will be limited no matter what.”
“Is that so? Will Lily-chan be fine using it all day long?”
“There are no problems with that~ You can leave it to the strongest sorceress in the Forest next to the world, namely me!”
“Fufu… I will leave her in your care then.”


We have explained that nearly everything related to sorcery is being done by Kuti.
In fact, in order to show Kuti’s skill, we had Obaasama strike her defensive sorcery.
Displaying difficult defensive sorcery was the best to display Kuti’s skill as a sorceress and a guard.
Obaasama is an expert who possesses enough strength to easily shatter defensive sorcery of a 2nd-grade royal sorcerer.

Kuti’s defensive sorcery easily received Obaasama’s attack.
Obaasama was super serious too. The stone pavement in Reki-kun’s room was endowed with a crater 10 meters large in radius, and the glittering magical power within Obaasama’s body at that time was a beautiful sight I have never witnessed before.
Obaasama was too serious. Moreover that explosive power… she was totally ready to smash Kuti’s barrier to pieces, wasn’t she?

Obaasama wasn’t very surprised that she wasn’t able to smash the barrier when she put all her strength behind the strike, what surprised her very much was when Kuti replicated several of these barriers in an instant.
The single defensive barrier proved the skill that easily surpassed the sorcerers of the Lizwald Continent. Moreover, being able to activate multiple of such barriers at once, Obaasama no longer had any complaints.
Since Kuti declared that she would always stand by my side to protect me, Obaasama had no choice but to be convinced.

And then, Sani Sensei explained how much of an excellent student I am.
It was a bit embarrassing, but this was also necessary. I had to endure, endure.
Obaasama asked Sani Sensei’s many questions, to verify her knowledge.

As a result, Obaasama was safely convinced.
With regard to our travel to the Forest next to the world, Obaasama said that she would support our decision.

An invitation from the Queen who rules over the Forest next to the world.
Kuti’s defensive prowess will guarantee totally safe travels.
Despite not receiving permission from my family, I have received an education that is incomparable to the knowledge on the Lizwald Continent from a key figure of the Forest next to the world that is Sani Sensei.
The compensation was a little weird, but being request by Sani Sensei who has imparted me with such knowledge, Obaasama could only accept.
The method was a bit pushy to my liking, but Sani Sensei was able to win the negotiations thanks to that.
… I have learned many things from Sensei, but I have never been taught something like this. To be on a level where she can basically push Obaasama around, as expected of her.
But like this, we can expect a successful persuasion of the rest of the family too.
Obaasama is on our side too, after all.

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