Chapter 193.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Maiden’s Secret and Coming Out
There were many more matters to attend to besides the coming out.
The inter-dimensional movement sorcery is necessary in order to go to the Forest next to the world. It’s necessary to cross worlds, after all.
At present, it’s not possible to pass through the inter-dimensional movement sorcery unless you possess an appropriate aptitude or a certain amount of magical power.
The amount of magical power necessary is way too high for a typical sorcerer of the Lizwald Continent.
Needless to address my magical power, the two fairies also have no problems.
Reki-kun’s problem has also been resolved by the Aether Crystal Body he was endowed with.
But, that’s not the case for Scarlet. Her martial arts are superb, but she’s not too knowledgeable in sorcery. Far from that, her magical power itself is on par with average people.
Therefore, we will start by remodeling the inter-dimensional movement sorcery to Scarlet’s specifications.

We have already decided to take her with us to the Forest next to the world, and she also intends to go.
She’s a reincarnator and an ally who shares our secrets. There’s no way we can leave her behind. Rather, she will be sulking if we left her behind, and she’s also a prankster, so we can’t be sure what kind of mischief she would pull on us otherwise.

There’s no problem in remodeling the inter-dimensional movement sorcery.
We just have to analyze Scarlet’s magical power pattern and adjust it accordingly.
It sounds simple, but magical power pattern can’t be analyzed even with 1st-grade sorcery, so it’s not possible even for Kuti.
Well, it’s my original sorcery, after all.
The inter-dimensional movement sorcery has been improved mainly by myself, so I have a complete understanding of what to do.

The current problem with the inter-dimensional movement sorcery is suppressing the runaway magical power during the pass-through.
It’s possible to suppress it by matching the patterns of as many people as possible, this requirement is what we call ‘aptitude’.
Well, it’s a requirement only a few will be able to meet.
In other words, the current inter-dimensional movement sorcery is designed to as widely as possible.

This time, we will be changing it so that Scarlet can always pass through.
Each person has a different magical power pattern, so the runaway magical power will be modified to her specifications.
This will make it for Scarlet’s exclusive use, but she will be able to move between dimensions safely.


“——But you can’t complete it right away, is what you mean?”
“Well, this can’t be helped. Just analyzing the magical power pattern takes a lot of time and we will have to change the formula for your personal use as well. In all honesty, I don’t want to do this for anyone except you because of the effort it takes.”
“Aren’t there some people from the Christophe Household’s servants who have the aptitude since we based the general inter-dimensional movement sorcery on them~?”
“I am sorry for all the trouble.”
“You don’t have to apologize for that. It’s not like we can leave you behind, Scarlet.”
“That’s right! You are already our important companion! We don’t know what kind of prank you would play on us if we left you behind anyway!”


This means that I won’t have to be coming out to my family right away.
There are some magic tools Eliott is working on for me, and there are also modifications to the inter-dimensional movement sorcery to complete.
Even if I come out, it doesn’t mean we will be leaving for the Forest next to the world immediately.

The real challenge begins after coming out.
In fact, I have never been outside the Christophe premises.
Receiving permission to visit another world in such a situation won’t be easy.
I have to make preparations first.
Well, these preparations are mainly prerequisites for Sani Sensei to deceive my family.

We will try to get permission to visit the Forest next to the world by explaining that it’s possible to secure vision even with my Cloudy Eyes by drawing out the power of my Magic Eyes.
It would be certainly impossible to secure vision without Sani Sensei’s help, so I would like my family to respond to her request as much as possible.
Still, as a six-year-old child, I believe my family will be quite opposing to letting me travel outside. They are especially doting on me, after all.
But it’s Sani Sensei, she will surely manage. My trust in her is that high.

… And I’m guessing that Obaasama will support me. Her voice has the heaviest influence within the Christophe family.
I believe our chances of success to be quite high.
However, we should be prepared as much as possible.

Our discussion in the Reki-kun room continued.





“My Angel. This is the item you desired. Please accept it!”
“Thank you, Eliott. Thank you for everything.”
“Ahh! What wasteful words to use on me! This Eliott feels like ascending to heavens——”


Eliott, who was already holding me in his arms has already manufactured several magic tools using my formula.
But, this kind of interaction seems to be indispensable every single time.
Still, things would be much more difficult without going through him, so getting hugged for it is something within the acceptable range.
Rather, I’ve gotten used to it even if I dislike it.

What he made for me this time is one of the persuasion items.
It’s a magic tool that reproduces the Contact Lenses.
However, at present, no matter how much the formula improved the magic tools, the magic tool still can’t reproduce the Contact Lenses for long.
It’s only natural though because there are hundreds to thousands of techniques working in real-time.

A magic tool can be used to display what I see. Most of the processing is left to the latest version of Kutipad that has been repeatedly improved, but even then, it can operate only for a short time.
That’s what this magic tool is.
Nevertheless, Eliott’s skills proved to be top-notch just by making this magic tool into these small glasses.
Well, in other words, it’s like the improved version of the Silver Eye that was used to watch the matches of the Magic Battle event.
He made this huge magic tool that is Silver Eye into these small glasses, his skill has improved again.
As expected of Eliott. I thought the final product might be a little bigger, but this is incredible.
Neither I nor the fairy duo are able to compete with him in the field of magic tools.

By the way, these glasses. The cost that it requires for the consumables in the production is quite a lot.
Scarlet taught me about money and its value. It seems that this wouldn’t be possible to make if I wasn’t born in the Christophe Household, but this has apparently lowered our expenses by quite a lot.

… Well, in fact, the Silver Eye, which is a magic tool managed by the government is a consumable product, but this one is revolutionary because of its size. The world won’t know of this, though. It’s using my formula, after all.

However, we have already made several magic tools this world won’t get to see, so there’s nothing more to say.
Now then, I will have to put this to use.

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